Top 5 Best Database Software For Mac In 2023

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MacOS is commonly used by developers. It is so popular all around the world and we can say that it is the developer’s first choice to work. There are a lot of developer tools but one of the most important is database software. Well, you can be able to manage, track and store your data safely and quickly by using database software for Mac.

These tools allow you to use Excel or Google Sheets for storing information according to your requirements. But which is the best database software for Mac, is a frequently asked question. So we are going to mention the best database software for Mac and even each has many features to use. So let’s take a look at the detailed guide!

1. TablePlus

Best Database Software For Mac

TablePlus is the best database software for Mac. Basically, it is a multi-purpose database that is compatible with Windows and MacOS. It has also support for different database systems like MySQL, Postures, SQL Server, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle.

TablePlus has a simple interface that is easy to use. It is the most powerful tool that can fulfill all your database management needs. however, It allows you for easy data edits, data visualization, and connections.

This software can be used to view your database, run queries and organize data. Well, it supports NoSQL systems like MongoDB and Redis.  This tool allows you to make a backup and restore data. It has so many features such as:

Key features:

  • It provides you with some amazing security features such as TLS and multi-step authentication.
  • It allows you to customize the appearance of the app
  • This software is a native GUI
  • It can support inline editing too.
  • It allows using some advanced filters.
  • It has also a safe mode.
  • It has a seamless and simple interface that can easily understand.

2. Microsoft SQL

Best Database Software For Mac

Microsoft SQL is another one of the best database software. Basically, SQL stands for Structured Query Language used by databases. This allows you to manage the information via tables and shows a language to query.

Well, this software is commonly used to run Microsoft Access databases, Web databases, and stored procedures perfectly. Microsoft SQL is free database software for Mac without any concern in open source format.

Well, it has a very unique and simple interface that is very easy to use even a beginner can also use it easily. Moreover, the open-source nature also makes it very easy to use on the Mac. Well, it has so many features, and some of them are given below:

Key features:

  • This software provides you with some amazing advanced security features
  • It is very simple to install and configure
  • It has many advanced options like Compression
  • It has a User-friendly interface.
  • It has Compatibility with other new technologies
  • This amazing software provides Storage, Availability, Stability, Scalability, Security Data, and Manipulation Query Language.
  • Its maintenance features provide Data Migration, Backup, and also Recovery Multi-User Environment.
  • It is absolutely free to use.

3. MongoDB

Best Database Software For Mac

MongoDB is also the Best Database Software For Mac users. It is also free software. Basically, this cloud-based software has a seamless interface that can be easily used and this helps to understand programming languages, such as Java or Python.

It is a scalable, flexible database platform designed to manage the relational databases approach and the limitations of other NoSQL solutions. It is very popular for horizontal scaling and load-balancing capabilities.

It allows you to use their products on every operating system. It is fully compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Well, MongoDB gives you many useful out-of-the-box capabilities. It has so many amazing features. Some of them are given below:

Key features:

  • It always provides Easy data restoration
  • This software allows the making of globally distributed clusters
  • It gives you Document-based information
  • It has the ability to integrate with a JS-based backend.
  • It has no in-built analytics functions
  • It also provides Ad-hoc queries for optimized and real-time analytics.
  • It gives you an Indexing appropriately for better query executions.
  • It provides Replication for better data availability and stability. …
  • It also has the amazing features of Sharding and Load balancing.
  • It is very free to use.

4. OrientDB

Best Database Software For Mac

OrientDB is also an amazing choice for Mac users. Basically, it is an open-source solution so that you can easily manage the database on Mac. Well, if you have no idea about database management and application design, even it allows you to work easily and handle databases on your Mac.

OrientDB gives a flexible, expandable, and efficient database that can be able to fulfill your business requirements. Well, it is designed to analyze the size of businesses, from small businesses to big international corporations. You can also use it for document storage and information management.

It can also help you to understand complex financial models and inventory tracking. It is a managing business process that can be used to project management software. Well, it comes with so many features. Some of them are given below:

Key feature:

  • It can be used for quicker deployment.
  • It provides a Multi-model database.
  • It has free clustering support.
  • It also offers you to enhance your query planner.
  • It also provides a Learning curve.
  • It has fast speed and it can be installed and run in almost 1 minute.
  • It also supports ACID transactions.
  • It has a Graph structured data model for native management.

5. DBeaver

Best Database Software For Mac

DBeaver is also Best Database Software For Mac. Basically, it is a multi-platform database software that can help you in managing and connect to different database systems very easily and quickly.

This software is free and can be able to work with popular database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Serve. The UI is designed to increase usability. DBeaver has an enterprise edition for advanced users.

DBeaver PRO has some useful extensions for use such as Couchbase, Amazon DynamoDB, Google Bigtable, InfluxDB, Apache Cassandra, Redis, and Apache Hive. Well, it has so many features, and some of them are given below:

Key features:

  • It’s free to use.
  • This software allows you to import and export your data.
  • It also allows you to Move data between databases.
  • It has a Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • You can run this software on any platform
  • It has many themes to use.
  • It has Office formats and Vector graphics support.
  • It also allows SQL debugging framework to Mac users.
  • It also provides Advanced SSH algorithms.
  • It has a very simple interface that can be easily used.
  • You can also generate random data through this software.


Well, choosing one of the best database software for Mac is an important part. There are several database software in the market. But which is the best database software for Mac, it should be learning. It is important too. If you have no idea about which can be the best for you then we have mentioned above the best database software for Mac, now you can choose according to your needs. So that’s all you need to know about the best database software for Mac.

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