9 Benefits of User Generated Content For Your Brand

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful for brand owners to hear from their clients about their personal experiences after using their products or services? 

It surely would be a delightful experience! Because such honest feedback from the clients helps brand owners be aware of their brand’s performance in the market. Consumers also benefit as it allows them to make informed buying decisions. Technically, we call this user-generated content in the area of marketing.

Brand users, employees, and other social media users create user-generated content in the form of reviews, posts on social media, and website blogs. In short, it is similar to the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. 

Nowadays, businesses leverage user-generated content as consumers find UGC to be more authentic than any other brand-generated content. If you want to use UGC to promote your brand, seeking help from Trollishly will help your promotional efforts.

Which Platform is UGC-friendly?

The best social media platform to use UGC is TikTok because of its ability to make video content go viral. The first video you post can also go viral though you have no content previously posted on your page.

TikTok also has a considerable user base. Hence, we can imagine the reach and visibility TikTok helps us gain through the content we post. 

A recent study conducted by Real Eyes revealed that TikTok UGC videos perform better than brand videos. Since the users create UGC, it is highly authentic. UGC is also known to grab the user’s attention for a long time than Facebook ads and other videos of brands on TikTok.

Now that we have pretty much understood what UGC is let us now delve into the seven key benefits of User Generated Content on TikTok for your brand; the benefits are as follows:

1. Consumers Find UGC to be More Credible

User-generated content on TikTok helps clients trust a brand more quickly because it represents a third-party opinion about a product or brand. A study indicated that marketing campaigns incorporating UGC made 90% of consumers believe more in a brand.

Most importantly, UGC will not have an advertising tone to it. Instead, brand users convey their thoughts and feelings about a product straightforwardly. Hence, there is a great deal of genuineness present in UGCs. Also, people find it more appealing than other brand-generated content.

2. UGC Help in Understanding the Mindset of the Consumers

UGC helps understand consumer mindset better because users post content regarding their perspective of a brand or product. These perspectives allow businesses to know how happy consumers are with a product. How has a product benefitted them? and is there a need for product improvisation?

UGCs also help brand owners to tap into the demographics of the consumers. Consumer demographics include the user’s age, occupational status, the content they watch, and the content creators they follow. In addition, UGC allows businesses to keep a tab on similar themes and trends that emerge from user videos.

3. UGC Help in Improving Your Sales

TikTok has served as a fantastic platform not only for marketing brands or products but also has helped with revenue generation. For example, 50% of the users have reported their desire to buy a product after watching a TikTok video. Hence, if videos are created and attractively presented to the audience, generating sales on TikTok would get easier.

4. Helps in Building Your Community of Brand Loyalists

Featuring user-generated content related to a product or brand conveys a brand’s trustworthiness and credibility. Hence, inviting the users of a brand to share a few words about the products and services can go a long way. 

User-generated content in the form of collecting client feedback and posting it in your TikTok account helps in attracting new clients. In addition to that, UGC also helps build a community of brand loyalists that can fill your TikTok account with some good user-generated content.

5. UGC Stirs Strong Emotional Responses Among Audiences

When product users put out content lacing it with emotions, it can become super impactful. For example: Featuring a video where a  brand user tears up while sharing how life-altering a product was and how well the customer service team has treated them.

Such videos can elicit positive responses among audiences. As UGCs with an emotional element strike a chord with the audience and help relate to your brand better.

6. Using Employee-generated Content

Getting your employees involved is one of the most potent user-generated content forms. For example, when your employees share a few words about your brand or product, it can elicit favorable responses among the audience. As people always don’t prefer listening to brands bragging about themselves. 

Employee-generated content(EGC) makes your brand endorsements sound less promotional and business minded. 

Ex: Sharing employee-generated videos where an employee shoots a video detailing the processes that go into making a product exuding a lot of care will be helpful. EGC gives the audience an impression of how client-centric your brand is. Such videos will help your EGC to get more reach and engagement.

7. UGC Offers an Excellent Option for Reposting

Reposting client reviews and feedback which entails a desirable opinion about your brand or product can help promote your brand image. While choosing to repost content, ensure to pick the ones with more engagement and reach. You can also buy tiktok likes, to get more engagement for the content you post. 

8. Capitalise on TikTok’s Algorithm to Help Your Ugc Go Viral

 If you wish to get your users or employees to generate content related to your brand, ensure to pick and post video content of superior quality. As good quality content helps in driving engagement, this further prompts TikTok’s algorithm to promote the video and make it go viral.

9. UGC is a Cost-effective Marketing Strategy

Promoting user-generated content on TikTok is cost-effective because it does not require paying for your marketing campaigns. It is also one of the super powerful strategies for your brand to get the visibility, awareness, and reach it deserves.


Subtle promotional methods such as using user-generated content help your marketing efforts appear genuine and increase sales as well. UGCs are the best because, here, the information provided by the users about your brand and products is honest and raw. Furthermore, UGCs help your brand get more visibility and reach and attract new audiences.

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