Why My 144 Hz Is Monitor Running At 60 Hz?

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If you are wondering to know that “why is my 144z monitor running at 60hz?” then it is very easy to see why your 144 Hz monitor is showing 60 Hz. You can easily find the issue and resolve your problem at home.

There are some reasons for showing 60Hz on your 144 Hz monitor. You just need to read this post carefully, so that you can find out the main issue of your monitor and then you can solve this problem. So, let’s take a glance at these reasons!

Incompatible cables

 When you connect cables to your monitor then what cabals you have plugged into your monitor, matters a lot. When you connect the wrong cables that means the 144 Hz monitor start running at 60 Hz just because the cable has the limited ability to run above 60 Hz.

If you have plugged in HDMI cables then you must know that these cables do not support 144Hz. So, you have to change these cables and use compatible cables for a 144Hz monitor. You can use HDMI 2.0 cables for a 144Hz monitor. But if you just purchased a new monitor then these cables are in their original packing then you can plug them in. This cable is also compatible. So, in this way, you can resolve your issue.

Outdated graphics drivers

One of the main reasons should be the outdated graphic driver. Just because of the outdated graphic driver,  your 144 Hz monitor can start running at 60 Hz. Bad or outdated graphic drives can also affect the Hz. This can occur when you have not used your pc for a long time and you have not updated your system. So try to update all the GPU drivers with GPU software and solve this issue.

The monitor is set at 60Hz by Default

One of the main reasons is that the monitor could be set by default at 60 Hz. Then your 144Hz monitor starts running at 60Hz. So if you find this reason for setting then you have to change the setting. Follow the guide to change the setting given below:

First of all, you should go to Settings, then click on System, next choose the option of Display, and then click on the option of Advanced Display Settings now you have to press the button of Display Adapter Properties. In the end, you should click on “Monitor” and then pick the refresh rate of your monitor from the drop-down menu.

Now, you can choose the different types of refresh rates that the monitor supports. If you have connected the HDMI 2.0 cable in the right ports, then you can see 144 Hz if your monitor supports 144 Hz.

Monitor Supports 144 Hz

You must make sure that your monitor supports 144Hz or not.  Maybe you have a 60 Hz monitor. In this situation, you need to check that your monitors support 144Hz or 60Hz. You just need to Google the model of your monitor and find out its specs on the internet websites. You can easily check it at online services like manufacturers or Amazon.

There is another process to find out if your monitor supports 144Hz or not. You can do it by checking out the settings. You just need to follow the instruction, which is given below!

For Windows 10, you have to go to Settings then click on System, next click the option of Display, next, go to Advanced Display Settings, and last click on Display Adapter Properties. Then, you have to go to the Monitor Tab and pick the refresh rate of your monitor from the drop-down menu. Finally, Here you can see on that list what you can get with your monitor.

Console Supports 144Hz

If your 144Hz monitor running at 60Hz shows, then another common reason may be despite your monitor supporting 144Hz, the console might not. If all models of the PS4 have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. This is the same for the Xbox One and all of its models. So it should be the reason behind your 144Hz monitor running at 60 Hz.

Connecting the Cables in the Wrong Ports

And finally, perhaps the most common problem is that you did not plug the cables into the wrong ports. You should plug the relevant cables into the different ports. Most people do this silly act. So be careful about it. And when your 144Hz monitor runs at 60Hz so first of all make sure that you have not plugged the cables in the wrong ports.

When you plugged an HDMI 2.0 into a normal HDMI port because that is impossible. It is just a stupid act. To get prevent the 144Hz monitor from running at 60Hz, you should connect the HDMI 2.0 to your GPU port.


Hopefully, with everything mentioned above, we have tried our best to describe the issue of the 144hz monitor running at 60hz and also the solution to your problem. You just have to find out the reason and solve it. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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