Why Does My Turtle Beach Keep Turning Off?

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Turtle Beach headsets are solidly made by pieces of kit. However, it can be said that there are times when things may not always work as they should. This has become or is always going to be an issue with modern technology. But don’t worry, most of these issues can easily be resolved, thankfully.

Wireless headsets have a feature of auto shut-down which is designed to save the battery life of your headset when you do not use the headset for a long period of time. The Turtle Beach headset always has a running “timer” in it which is listening for the following two:

  1. Audio from your game console when you’re gaming
  2. Input from the microphone of your headset.  However, any time it picks up either audio from the game or audio from the mic, the timer will reset.

If you will see that the timer does not detect your game audio or audio from the mic for a set period of time, it means the headset will enter its auto shut-off mode. And this situation will issue a warning.  If you notice that it still has not picked up any type of audio through the audio of the game channel or from its microphone during that time, then it will turn itself off.

So it is clear that after a few minutes of receiving no audio from the game or mic, then the headset will turn off automatically. If you forgot to turn off your headset after a long day of gaming, then it’s not a big loss! You are only wasting a few minutes of your headset’s battery life instead of an entire night’s worth!

Keep in mind, if you are not using your mic, then to prevent this feature from engaging there is the best way that you should play some music (like the game’s soundtrack) through the headset. By doing this your headset will detect that music or audio, and will not power off.

Why Does My Turtle Beach Headset Keep Disconnecting From Device?

We will see that in most cases of resetting, your turtle beach headset will resolve your issue. When you’re connecting your headset to your device by using a transmitter then this transmitter may simply need to be unplugged and also re-plugged to your console to establish a good connection with it.

You just have to need to unplug your transmitter and also re-plug your transmitter (If you are pairing with the transmitter)

The Turtle Beach headset might have trouble establishing a connection to your USB receiver like all other wireless devices. Simply, you can solve or fix your issue by unplugging and re-plugging your device back into your console. 

If this trick doesn’t solve your issue, then don’t worry, you will re-pair your device to your transmitter to fix the issue. 

  • First of all, you have to turn off your Turtle Beach headset. And then you will unplug your transmitter from your console.
  • After that, you have to press and hold the Pairing Button on the Transmitter until your Transmitter’s Pairing LED begins to flash, as you see that then release the button.
  • Now you will press and hold the Power Button on the Headset, and you will see that your Headset’s Power LED will begin to flash for 5 seconds, then release the button.
  • Here you will observe that after 10 seconds, your Headset and transmitter’s LED will remain solid, indicating that your Headset & transmitted have been successfully paired.

How do you turn off HS70 Pro?

How to reset an HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

  1. First of all, make sure your HS70 headset is powered off.
  2. After that, you have to hold down the Mute button on the headset for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. Now you will hold down the Power button until your headset turns on.
  4. Now you will test your headset and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Why won’t your Turtle Beach 700 turn on?

Firstly you will unplug and restart your headset” when you will over the process then unplug your headset and now click “OK.” Make sure that you have Turtle Beach Audio Hub already downloaded. Now you have to connect your headset and transmitter to your computer, then open the Audio Hub.

easiest way to stop your headset from shutting down automatically

Firstly download ICUE, and after downloading open it on your system. When your headset is attached to your system you will see the option of the headset icon. You will click on that icon and by doing this a check box will appear which says enable auto shutoff, you just need to uncheck that box and your headset auto shutdown problem will go away easily.

Why does your headset keep turning off?

When the battery of your headset has busted or is not functioning well then your Bluetooth headphones will keep turning off. Also, outdated drivers or corrupted file paths may be the cause of making it turn off. Sometimes, when your headphone runs out of power and the headset needs a recharge then it may turn itself off.

Why do your turtle beaches keep cutting out PS4?

 When you’re using your headset and the game audio from your PS4 is fading in and out then it simply means that the PS4 Settings may not be configured correctly. Here the issue is that the ‘Output to Headphones’ setting, which controls the audio that is sent via USB or through your PS4 Controller, is set to ‘All’ by default.

How do you turn off the auto shutdown on Turtle Beach Stealth 600?

If you want to shut down auto shut off from your headset, then all the following you need to do:
You have to tap or blow into the mic when your headset starts issuing the warning. The sound or audio from doing so will reset the timer and give a few more minutes to you.

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