Why Does a Transformer Blow in a Furnace?

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Do you want to know about this common issue “Why a transformer blows in a furnace”? So, the following basic information will help you in this way. As we know, all furnace has a transformer that can regulate the voltage to increase or decrease it as needed, and it accommodates the power output of the system in your home.

The transformer is an integral part of the heating appliance, and when it becomes faulty or fails, the furnace stops working, after that, it might burn or it can blow up. , your faulty furnace transformer may cause issues with the functioning of the unit. 

But the fact to understand is why transformers blow in furnaces.  In this helpful article, we will be going to explain what the transformer is, what may cause the transformer to blow in the furnace and how can we solve this issue. So, let’s get started for further detail!

What is a Furnace Transformer?

The function transformer is a device designed to supply power to the furnace itself. The basic function of the furnace transformer is to decrease or increase the voltage as necessary of an alternating current so that the heating system becomes suitable.

It has also the ability to lower the high voltage capacity to a lower voltage output because it is required for Arc furnace operations. The furnace transforms and transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another using electromagnetic induction.

But it depends on the amount of power needed by the furnace, the transformer will amplify the electricity usage. And if we talk about the HVAC system, you can find the transformer inside the furnace it can also be located in the outdoor AC unit.

What causes a furnace transformer to blow?

Now we are going over the common causes behind a faulty furnace transformer. Your furnace transformer might fail due to some common reasons that are mentioned below!

Wiring Problems:

One of the most common reasons a furnace transformer becomes faulty due to an issue with the wiring. The vibration is a part of a normally functioning transformer but with the spending time, the vibration will lose the internal connected cables or wires.

After some time the wires will disconnect in this case the furnace stops working. The loose or faulty wires may create a short circuit which can burn the transformer. So, make sure to attach these wires properly and firmly and check that the wiring is secure and not loose to avoid any explosion.

Power Surges:

 A power surge can also be the reason for your transformer to blow and can burn the entire unit. Furnace transformer is also vulnerable to power surges and voltage spikes like other electrical appliances. The transformer is rated to set the proper amount of voltage.

So, when the transforms get much current and do not handle the amount of this voltage then it may damage the internal components of the transformer and also might burn it. It is a piece of bad news, you can’t decrease a power surge. 

So, if you want to avoid this kind of issue then you should install a surge protector in your transformer. The device connects to any manufacturer’s load center. The surge protector will protect all home appliances from surges. In this way, you can control the power surge issue.

Old Age Parts:

When we keep proper maintenance of our furnace then it can last around 15 to 20 years. It is very common for both the furnace and the transformer to fail with old-age parts. The coils, wiring, and other internal parts inside the furnace and the transformer become older and damaged.

If it is damaged then your transformer will fail before its lifetime.  Moreover, if you don’t do routine maintenance then the parts become early older. So, you just need to get the help of a technician to service the furnace and the transformer at least once a year and check the internal components properly so that the furnace becomes long-lasting.

Cooling Issue:

As we all know the Transformer creates a lot of heat, which is an issue for furnace transformers. If the internal parts become too hot, then it will affect the internal circuitry and also damage your transformer. So, it’s necessary to keep cooling inside.

To protect the device from heat-related damage issues, the furnace transformer uses some form of cooling system.

There is a system of forced air to control the temperature of the transformers. So, if the cooling system is faulty then the transformer starts to overheat and may cause it to fail or even blow. So, it would help if you made sure the cooling system is working properly.

Faulty contractor:

 A bad or faulty contractor is the most common reason for a blown transformer because a faulty contractor can affect the entire system and may cause the transformer to blow and burn if this issue becomes too much.

So, must check with the contractor, if you find it damaged then you have to replace it and also get the help of a professional.

Too much Dirt and Debris:

As we know, the furnace works by heating the indoor air, using the heat exchanger, and pushing it back into the room using the blower fan. When this air enters the furnace, it brings dust into the heating appliance.

Then there becomes an Accumulation of too much dirt and debris that obstructs the airflow. So when the airflow becomes limited, then your furnace will heat up, and it can also heat the transformer and fail it. Another thing can happen when the furnace filter becomes faulty. This will cause the dust and debris to slowly flow inside the furnace.

The dust gathers on the top of the internal components including the transformer. In this way, the dirt will trap more heat inside the furnace which becomes the reason for the transformer to fail. To avoid this issue, a furnace filter is placed at the position from where the cool indoor air enters the furnace.

Wrapping up

When you notice any problem with your furnace then you need to fix or replace it, but must remember to check the transformer of your furnace first for any malfunctions… we have explained all the possibilities behind the issue of “why the transformer blows in a furnace”? And also how to fix the issue.

By following all these easy tips and educating yourself on furnace transformers, you will surely get the results you want. We are open so this article will help you a lot!

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