What To Look For In Gaming Mouse?

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If you’re wondering to know about that which mouse you need to get and what to look for in a gaming mouse, then you’re in the right place. Basically, the best mouse for gaming is very important for gamers because gamers can just enjoy their gaming experience if the gamers have the best mouse that is according to their playing style and is comfortable and easy to use for them.

You can use a regular mouse to play your favorite games, but with this mouse, you can never get the same great experience as you can get with a gaming mouse.  The gaming mouse and a regular mouse are different from each other, gaming mouse has many unique features that’s why it is separate from a regular mouse.

For example, if we talk about its features then we can say that a gaming mouse has improved software to customize tweaking and a gaming mouse also supports both high DPI as well as CPI. On the other hand, a regular mouse is known for high-level latency if compared with a gaming mouse.

More, for the best mouse for gaming or a gaming mouse to be useful, the mouse should use sensors, because sensors help for highly faster movements rather than a regular mouse.  Through all these features of a gaming mouse, you can easily illustrate the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. The unique features of gaming can be able to improve your gaming experience.

Some factors are given below that you must know before when you are going to buy a gaming mouse to improve your gaming experience:

Sensor’s type

This will rightly depend on your personal preference in determining the best sensor for improving your gaming experience. Most gamers are divided into both laser sensors and optical sensors. It is argued by the Pro-optical mouse that it is the best sensor to use because of the reasons that it can provide its users with a more reactive sensor and also provide a gaming experience. We see that an optical mouse does not tend to exhibit lag, unlike a laser mouse.


Firstly see what game you want to play because the requirements of a gaming mouse depend on the type of game that you play. Consequently, features will determine the game which you intend to play that you consider necessary and most important for your gaming mouse. For example, some gamers require additional buttons such as RTS and MMO gamers, because through these they can easily be assigned to alternative functions and macros compared to FPS gamers, the FPS gamers mostly focus on accuracy and fast-tracking.

Connection Wired OR Wireless

In the past times, it was considered that wireless mouse have slow responsiveness that is needed for high and fast speed, octane, and reactive games. However, in recent times wireless gaming mice have improved by technology to function greatly the same as wired.

A huge and significant difference is the price of these two. If we talk about their prices then Wireless gaming mice are high in price and considered to be more expensive compared to wired.

Dots per inch AND counts per inch

DPI refers to the rate of pixels your desktop screen cursor will move as every or per inch of movements of the mouse that you used. Consequently, the appropriate DPI is determined by your screen size.

You will need a higher DPI mouse if your screen size is larger because it directly results in a more significant mouse movement on the screen per inch of the progress of your mouse. This process will play a vital role to enhance and improve your gaming experience.

On the other side, if we talk about CPI, then CPI is the physical resolution of the camera, the camera which mice sensors’ used. This camera represents the sampling as every inch or per inch. Both the CPI as well as the DPI can determine your mouse carefully and sensitivity. However, there should be a wide range of sensitivity in your gaming mouse if you wish to improve your gaming experience.

Style of Grip

Gamers have different styles of playing games and improving their gaming experience. Most gamers use their fingertip and claw and also use palm grip styles to improve their gaming experience.

So, the type of mouse grip style is very important and essential, and must keep it in mind while you’re buying a gaming mouse because it determines both the shape and weight of the mouse that you will find for yourself to be the most relax-able and comfortable.


The weight of your gaming mouse is very important in all this and it plays a vital role to improve your gaming experience because the weight of your mouse determines your ability to enjoy your gaming style. Keep in mind the weight of the mouse that you are using will matter if you are such a gamer who flicks the mouse around.

There are some gaming mice that have comfortable and adjustable weights that can be easily added or removed depending on the preferences of the users.

Lighting AND Customization

Must keep in mind when you’re going to purchase a gaming mouse that it should be like this which you can easily and comfortably customize according to your preference. Therefore, we will recommend you that when you are shopping for a gaming mouse, must consider whether the lighting for the mouse is disruptive or not, ensuring it first. And also must consider its ability to customize both the buttons and also software to fit your preferred selection.


To conclude we can say that a gaming mouse plays a vital role in playing the game and enhancing your performance in gaming. If you are a gamer then you must choose a gaming mouse rather than a regular mouse. And if you are also in such a fix that what to look for in a gaming mouse? So, this article will resolve this issue and after reading you will be able to know all the necessary things which you must keep in mind before going to buy a gaming mouse.

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