What Latency Is Good For Gaming?

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Latency is essential to gaming and you must have to know what latency is good for gaming. While latency is not very crucial for many gamers, it still plays an important role in seamless gameplay. Mostly everyone else is simply wondering, “what latency is good for gaming?” in fact, in this modern age, everyone loves to play online games. People would like to play multiplayer games with other players over the internet. But to play an online game the most important thing is to have a strong connection to the internet.

So you should have a fast internet speed which means transferring the data that will help to keep the gameplay seamless. But there is nothing more irritating than to get into a gaming groove with other gamers when suddenly during the session of your fps waterfall and then your game will start to lag.

Then the first thing to understand that which thing affects your game. So the latency is behind it, now you must know about that what latency is good for gaming.  So let’s have a look at this detailed guide that will help you to understand the basic thing to make your gaming experience much better.

What is Ping Latency?

If we talk about Latency, so it is mostly referred to as ping which means latency, also called ping and measures the timing that your computer takes.  It will be the total time that will take the gaming device. The time of sending data to the game server, and then coming back on the device.

The latency is always measured in milliseconds, in short, we call it ms.  For example, if your ping is 80ms, then it will take 80 ms from the time you click a button for the console to receive that information, and also the display to respond accordingly to this process. Shortly, 80 ms from the input to action.

What latency is good for gaming?

Basically, latency is a technical term for the leg but the question is, what is good latency for gaming? So, high latency means a delay in the transmission of data. The good latency for gaming is about 100ms. However, the range of data transmission between 20 ms to 40 ms is considered optimal. So we can say that low latency is good for gaming. It is acceptable latency for a smoother gameplay experience.

Difference between high and low latency

If you want to know what latency is good for gaming then you need to understand the difference between high and low tendency first. It is true, low ping can cause a short circuit and higher lag. However, lower latency is ideal which means just equates to a smoother, better gameplay experience. When the lag Reduces, then you reduce load times.

And it will automatically improve the overall gaming performance, and also your gaming experience. The noticeable latency for gaming is around 40-60 ms and the speed of about 100ms is pretty fair for a noticeable lag in gaming. On the other hand, higher latency, or 1000ms, will be the reason to start glitching or disappearing. It will make the other players online angry. High latency will make the reason for time lag and makes gaming far less enjoyable.

What causes latency?

Online gamers can be irritated by latency, just because of the causing delayed game response. So, there are a lot of reasons why you may face latency issues while gaming. Some reasons include:

  1. Internet connection type
  2. Geographical location
  3. Equipment

1. Internet connection type

The type of internet connection can play an important role in experiencing low or high latency. Such as, DSL, cable, and fiber internet give fast speeds for online gaming.

2. Geographical location

The physical distance between the internet router and the server can affect latency.

3. Equipment

if you have an outdated router that may also weaken your internet connection. So, you have to Upgrade to a new router, it will help you to decrease latency in gaming.

How to Improve Latency?

If you want to improve the latency then you have to do as you read in this guide:

Wireless Signal

Firstly you need to stop the Internet Service Provider problem.  Most console manufacturers are 3Mbps for a good gaming experience. If you have a 5G modem or router then it is a good option, you can use that to connect.

Reduce Latency

You can also reduce latency for a better gaming experience. Wireless routers and devices are going to be acceptable for day-to-day browsing and streaming, but it is true that these routers and machines do not stand up to the constant bandwidth that online games require.

The simple and more effective fix is a wired connection from the console into the modem or router via Ethernet.  But keep in mind that you’re connected to the 5G option if you have the 5G modem and then you have to again and reset the modem or router.

If this trick will not work, then it is me that the speed of your internet might be failing you. Then you just need to contact your provider’s customer service to find out the issue, if you’re having signal troubles.


For most people, latency does not matter but if we talk about gamers and state inter-user, so this latency can be the reason that makes activities a drag for them. So, at the end of this article, we must say low latency is good for gaming because it is a strong and reliable network connection that will help to reduce the loss and delay of internet connection. We hope so, now you have a better idea about the latency and also good latency for gaming. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot!

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