What Is Ghosting On A Monitor?

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The ghosting on the monitor is a frequent issue that appears on any display. It is a common monitor issue. If you play an online game then you start to face the display issue that destroys your gaming experience. The ghosting on a monitor appears while video editing or during fast-paced actions.

You can easily identify this ghosting on a monitor issue and you can also fix this display issue by following our guide. We are going to tell you what is ghosting on a monitor. , why ghosting issue happen to monitor? And how can we fix it? Keep reading this helpful post for more information!

What is monitor ghosting?

Monitor ghosting also known as screen ghosting can happen with any kind of display. Monitor ghosting or screen ghosting is a kind of distortion on the monitor where an image artifact or ghost image appears as a trail of pixels behind an object that starts roaming. Although their presence is less visible. 

It appears like a blurry ghost that follows the object moving on your screen or monitor. Or you can also notice the hazy trail without causing any harm to the screen or the picture on your monitor. Nevertheless, visual ghosting may cause irreversible harm.

 You can notice the monitor ghosting when blurry trails start to follow the moments of objects, when discolored images appear, the recent image is blurry and the last image frame stays on the monitor for some seconds when you click for the next image frame. Ghosting on a monitor is most noticeable during gaming because games play fast-paced.

Why the ghosting on the monitor occurs?

The most common misconception on any display is ghosting on monitor or display ghosting, like dead pixels and screen burn-in. and the dead pixel is a permanent issue and you can’t fix it. But when it comes to ghosting on the monitor during gaming but you would not be worried about that because monitor ghosting isn’t a permanent issue in gaming and you can easily fix this issue.

Ghosting on a monitor appears when the monitor has a slow response time or low refresh rate and is trying to keep up with everything that is happening on the screen of your monitor.

When you refresh the image, then the physical pixels can be updated at the same rate as the image, resulting in ghosting the monitor and the image effect on the monitor. Some low-cost monitors may also show ghosting, but this is not common. Another reason is also behind the ghosting on a monitor like a faulty monitor cable, other gadgets placed close to the monitor, might interfere with it.

A whole range of things can be the reason for this problem, but the most common are given below:

  • Poorly optimized monitor settings
  • Interference of monitor
  • Overdrive configuration
  • the  specs of monitors
  • Outdated graphic drivers

How to fix ghosting on the monitor?

The monitor ghosting is easy and quick to fix after how to go about it. Here, we are going to tell you the most common fixes for monitor ghosting.

Turn On Overdrive

The easiest way to fix the issue of monitor ghosting is to turn on the overdrive of your monitor. This setting will improve the response time speed. To access overdrive to turn it on, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Open the display menu.
  • From the menu, look for the setting of “overdrive”.
  • Now switch on the feature that allows you to customize the overdrive level.
  • Next, adjust the level of overdrive.
  • Use the test of monitor ghosting to see the results.
  • Play around until you will find the “optimal” result.

Change Monitor Display Settings

Poorly optimized monitor settings may also be the reason for ghosting on the monitor. You can fix this issue with the settings. The adjustment of settings includes:

  • Dynamic Contrast
  • Smoothing motions
  • Noise Reduction
  • Black and dark Equalizer
  • Motion Blur Reduction
  • Game Mode

Inspect Monitor Cables

Faulty cables may also be the cause of performance problems and interfere with the monitor. Check connected cables carefully, if you don’t find any problems, then it’s a good way to troubleshoot by replacing each cable with a new one.  This cable is expensive, you should borrow someone else’s cable if you can. We must say, you should invest in some cable protection measures to last longer and issues won’t arise.

Check Connected Devices

 Connected devices or sometimes even wireless ones may also be the reason for interference, especially when the connected devices are close to your monitor. So, you have to move any nearby devices away from your monitor to see if it makes a difference or not.

Update Drivers

You should download the latest drivers; outdated drivers always bring about performance issues. They also make the reason for hacks and malicious software.  So if your driver is outdated then updating your drivers as soon as possible will help to prevent high ping.

Check Monitor Refresh Rate

 To must check if your display is running at its highest refresh rate or not. Some monitors are set on a lower refresh rate by default.

So, change the monitor’s refresh rate:

  • Open the device’s settings by clicking the Windows “start” button.
  • Now you will see “system,” then “display.” 
  • Next, you have to click on “advanced display settings.”
  • Here you can see the “refresh rate” option (you can check and change the refresh rate).

Invest in a New Monitor

If none of the above ways have worked, then you should invest in a new monitor. Your current monitor is at fault, or it doesn’t have a high refresh rate. In this way, you cannot fix the issue of ghosting on the monitor.


Ghosting is an irritating side effect that you commonly see with lower-cost displays. But this is a good thing that the ghosting on the monitor is not a permanent issue on your display. Ghosting on the monitor can ruin your gaming or movie experience, but you can easily fix this issue. Hopefully, our post has provided you with a better understanding of what is ghosting on a monitor, how to identify it, and then how to fix it. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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