What Is Email Automation?

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The user can set up campaigns to automatically email your subscribers with the use of email automation. So we can say that is one of the benefits of email marketing. Email automation allows the users to schedule targeted messages and automatically send them when a subscriber will perform a specific action on a website. It is a very powerful way to nurture existing leads, but the user can also use it to engage with a new audience and regular customers to remind them about your service and inform them about your new deals, promotions, your new products, etc.

Email marketing is a simple way that you shouldn’t have to take on yourself. This is a piece of good news that now you can save valuable time and save your money with email automation. In this guide, you’ll tell you about that, what is email Automation. And, how does automated email sending work? So let’s get started!

What is email automation?

If you want to grow up your business then you should stay connected to your customers. Email automation is a powerful marketing automation tool or an effective way that allows its user to send the right message to the right audience at the right time by using automated workflows. It helps the customers to learn more about your brand, the ad encourages them to keep coming back to make a purchase.

After linking your website analytics with the email marketing platform, then it will start to target the audience based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales. And you will be able to personalize the experience of every customer. And the users automate the delivery of their emails based on many conditions, like time and day, and also the actions of contacts.

tasks of email automation

  • Emails “Welcome”
  • The email of Cart Abandonment
  • New products or promotions
  • Audience follow-up messages
  • Automated email sales funnels

Benefits of Email Automation

There are a lot of benefits of using email automation. Some of the most important benefits are given below:

Marketing strategy Scalability

Email marketing is all about communicating with a large audience through messages via email and the only way for this method just to become scalable is to remove the tasks of manual.

Digital Marketing Training

Email marketing without automation is impossible or a tough task. A marketer can’t send emails to subscribers. When you set up email automation campaigns, don’t worry about the size of the list or check if messages are sent out. Don’t worry everything is automated.

Personalize the experience of your customers

Another benefit of email automation is to personalize the experience of your customers. If you send personalized emails to subscribers, it will increase the open rate of emails, and no doubt, it will be an additional benefit.

Keeps subscribers to your list for longer

One of the most important parts of email marketing is to get more email subscribers to keep them on your list. When a subscriber increases in your list, there will be no guarantee that it will stay on your list forever or not. So, we must say Email automation will help you to improve your subscriber retention by sending emails to them.

How does Email Automation Work?

Let’s have a look at how it works. For email automation to work, you need to have these things in mind:

  • The user can complete the email signup form.
  • The email is automatically sent to the user to confirm their email address.
  • When the user confirmed the email, the details of the user are added to a pre-defined list.
  • Then a ‘Welcome Email’ will automatically send to the new subscriber to your community.

Then you easily choose to enroll them into the email automation tasks:

  • There will be the date they signed up for your list
  • Whether they have opened a specific email campaign or not
  • Whether the subscribers have clicked on a link
  • Any product your subscribers have purchased from your store
  • Whether they visited your site on specific pages.
  • They took any special action on your site like adding to a cart, clicking a button, etc.
  • You will have Personal data about your subscribers.
  • Demographics data

Most Common Email Automation Tasks

There are some common and effective email automation tasks, below:

Opt-in:  Ask your users to verify their email addresses before signing up for the list

Welcome Emails: Send the new subscriber a welcome email as soon as possible after they register to your list.

Cart Abandonment emails:  A user will add a product to the shopping cart but will not complete checkout. However, you just need to send them an email with this product so that they can add it to complete checkout.

Reviews:  when the user makes a complete purchase then a fixed email will be sent to remind them to add a review or provide feedback in the comment session.

Cross-selling:  you can also send emails to all these customers based on their purchase activity. So,  by the use of emails, you can suggest to them the purchase of the new product.

Customers come back: If a customer does not renew the subscription you can easily automate emails with additional discounts so that they come back for shopping from your store.


Email marketing is a very important, effective, and inexpensive idea for reaching your target audience. You can easily engage with a new audience through email marketing also. It is effective to inform, people about your product and will help you to keep them engaged regardless of this online platform. You can easily reach both mobile and pc via email. We hope so, now you have learned a lot about email automation and how it works. We hope so, this article will help you a lot in this case!

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