What Is An ACM Monitor?

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Many people want to know about an ACM monitor. Basically, the ACM monitor setting is available on Acer monitors, but many Acer users do not know about it. So, we are just telling you about the ACM monitor and its setting.

Actually, ACM stands for Adaptive Contrast Management, it is a technology present on certain Acer monitors with the aim to improve and programmatically adjust the contrast ratio with picture quality while limiting energy consumption.

This technology will increase the color quality of images by inspecting picture frame-to-frame. Then it generates sharp blacks and white. In spite of this, it can also decrease the power consumption of monitors. Let’s take a look at this detailed guide on the topic of “what is ACM monitor?”

What Is An ACM Monitor?

Adaptive Contrast Management Monitor or ACM monitor is basically a monitored setting that is available on many laptops. This setting will help you to automatically improve the picture quality by adjusting the contrast ratio of the image. 

Through this setting, the Color quality of the picture is analyzed frame-to-frame in order to create whites and blacks.  It can also consume energy in LCD monitors when you sharpen the image quality. 

The master key of the Adaptive contrast management monitor technology is to continuously alter the brightness according to the need of the content that shows on the screen. However, you can get high-quality content on the screen of your pc or laptop with this Adaptive Contrast Management monitor settings.

Is the ACM Monitor Setting helpful?

 The ACM monitor setting is very useful for you, especially for a gamer.

  • it changes the color contrast of pictures and also other content. This makes them smoother.
  • It’s also an energy-saving setting.
  • The setting is also a good match for eco-friendly gadgets.
  • The ACM setting allows the monitor to modify the intensity of the picture on the screen.  If you are a gamer then you can easily enjoy the immersive gaming experience with ACM monitor settings.
  • You have to turn off the setting of ACM when your watch movies. So, it can have a better movie experience.

Is ACM the same as the Super Sharpness monitor setting?

No, these are two different things. Acer Super Sharpness sharpens the picture to make a crisper, more dominant, and more defined image, the ACM adjusts the brightness of the monitor’s screen based on the displayed content.

Basically when doing Super Sharpness on LCD monitors, then this technique will display resolution which is set by the number of pixels on the screen of the monitor. Every pixel is made of three sub-pixels and this sub-pixel are red, blue, and green.

They are so tiny for our eyes to see individually at normal viewing distances. Acer Super Sharpness adjusts every sub-pixel to sharpen text and the endpoints to provide a clearer picture on the monitor’s screen.


The ACM monitor setting is an amazing option to get an ultra-sharp picture and content. You can enjoy high-quality pictures if you do ACM setting on your LCD monitors. It will make clearer content and provides an eco-friendly setting that consumes energy. Hopefully, now you fully understand ACM monitor settings after reading this guide. We Hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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