What Is A Game Server?

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We all have to face that the video game that started to load slowly, hanged, lagged, and dropped. Well, in this situation no one can have fun. It comes off the game server remotely. The most common question that is asked many times is that “what is a game server“? So we are just going to share a deep detail on this question in this guide, you just need to read it carefully, so that you can clear your mind about the game server. So take look at this helpful detailed guide!

Game server

 All gamers try to control and customize the environment of games while playing multiplayer games. We say the game server is just a local or remote server that can be used by the clients to play several games over the internet. The gamers who hosted remotely will access the world and the gamers who hosted locally will access the local internet. In simple words, we can say that a game server can be your pc that acts to describe the current state of several games over the internet both locally and remotely. It will provide the management of the game server cluster.

So it is easy to connect and disconnect clusters from the game server’s management at any moment. A lot of games can be played online by connecting to a game server.  The game server is just like a managed game service that is built to manage global game service fleets. The game sessions can never be interrupted just because of the game server.

What is game server hosting?

 Game server hosting is very common in the world of gaming. And the gaming server host is a physical server that helps to host the server-side copy of the game over the internet. Gaming server hosting allows gamers to connect to the hosted service from different locations. The players join the same game platform and start to play together at the same time.

What is the Game client?

A game client is just a software program that will help to connect to the game server. It will provide the connection and then it will send the information to the client. So it is very easy to connect many clients to the game server at the same time.  The game client will also manage to maintain an overview of the game world. No doubt, every client has to game a new perspective on the world of video games. The video game is a program of pc that is created to entertain gamers. But the gamers have to interact with one player of many players by using an electronic device. So this electronic device can be your pc or smartphone.

The video game is designed in this way that the gamers can control one or more characters to get their target. If we talk about the division of games so we can say that these are divided into genera such as act, role, action, goals, strategies, advantages, and much more.

Types of a game server

So let’s talk about the different types of the game server, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a server that operates without supporting the direct input or output of the client. It can be operated by individuals but is just operated on a dedicated pc located in data processing centers, which provides higher and dedicated processing power.

The dedicated server is the preferred method for hosting game servers for most computer multiplayer games. The multiplayer online games run on dedicated servers operated by the software company, this software will allow them to control and update the content. It will also help to create huge environments and large numbers of players in the world of games. A dedicated server costs money to run and is met by the developers of games.

If we talk about the advantages of the dedicated server then the suitability for hosting in a professional center is the foremost advantage. There is some best-dedicated game server for gamers such as, google clouds, IONOS, A2 hosting, liquid web, OVH cloud, and Amazon Game lift.

2. Listen to the server

Listen servers are operated mostly by individuals and it suns in the same process as a game client performs. Listen server performs like a dedicated server but it has the disadvantage if it has to communicate with remote players. Listen server has the advantage of free and forwarding planning to set up which makes most common in LAN parties than through the Internet, where latency issue does not matter.

3. Migration of host   

Host migration is a very helpful feature in listen server. Without hosting migration, the player’s hosting disconnects, and the server stops functioning. The host migration feature allows the player to continue the game.

4. Peer-to-peer

If we talk about the peer-to-peer model then there is no server. Every peer receives the raw input streams of every player and determines the results. Peer-to-peer is considered an action game which is very common in the real-time strategy genre just because of its suitability for gamers.

Why do we need a game server?

We need a game server for some reasons that are mentioned below:

Good performance

The game server will help us to enjoy a good performance. Just make sure that the gaming server is fitted with unique hardware and a stable net connection, it is a guarantee that the game will not interrupt.

Managing High Traffic

 We can also change the settings to limit the number of players in gaming so that there is no overcrowding. 

High-Level Security

When we play by using a gaming server, then we must be assured of high security. Because we have to take full control of the security features, programs, and hardware that we are using. So the game server is necessary for high-level security.

Incorruptible files

When we use remote game servers, then we will never have to deal with corrupt files. Syncing is done automatically and all the progress is stored in real-time. In simple words, we can easily pick up the video game from where we left it.


The dedicated gaming server is your pc that hosts a video game for the client. So, we must suggest that you should try to use a remote gaming server if you want to change or make better the gaming experience. Dedicated servers are also an amazingly great way to take the most from multiplayer online video games over the internet. So we have explained everything and basic information deeply and clearly. Hopefully, now you fully understand “what is a game server“.  We hope so this guide will help you a lot!

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