How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better?

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A visually beautiful gaming setup not only looks nice but also gives the gamer a unique experience. Because gaming is all about having fun and being entertained, your gaming setup should reflect these feelings. It’s no joy to have a completely uninteresting setting. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of eight ideas to help you improve the appearance of your gaming setup:

  • Maintain a tidy setup.
  • RGB and ornamental lighting should be installed.
  • Posters should be hung.
  • Plants can be added to the setup.
  • Use eye-catching wallpapers.
  • All cables should be hidden.
  • Show off your computer.
  • Maintain a color scheme.

Maintain A Tidy Setup

A gaming setup that is cluttered with unneeded bottles, cables, PC equipment, and other objects looks absolutely unpleasant. Make sure to clean out your entire gaming space of superfluous objects and useless equipment to make your gaming setup appear a lot better in only a few minutes. This will drastically transform the appearance of your desk and will undoubtedly make a better first impression when some of your friends drop by for a visit.

If your gaming setup includes a wooden plate, make sure to clean it at least once a month and use wood care solutions to keep the surface in good shape. Wood that is in poor condition can be easily identified, and it is likely that the surface can split or lift.

Cleaning your PC, monitors, mouse, and keyboard, in addition to having a clean desk, is strongly suggested to have a clean setup. Cleaning your keyboard, in particular, can aid with hygiene.

RGB and ornamental lighting should be installed

When compared to absolutely no light, proper lighting makes a huge difference. Installing RGB strips behind your desks produces a whole different environment, which is why so many individuals take the effort to do so. Add RGB to your complete setup and connect it to Alexa to control all lighting with your voice, if you want to take things to the next level.

Installing some Nanoleaf Light Panels can make a huge difference even if money isn’t an issue. These plates can display millions of different colors, making them suitable for nearly any gaming setup.

RGB, on the other hand, isn’t always required for a good-looking gaming setup. You may create a relaxing ambiance simply by putting on a cool-looking lamp. RGB light bulbs can be used in various lamps, which is useful if you don’t want too much light in your home.

If you don’t like RGB lighting, though, you can improve the appearance of your gaming setup by placing it near a window.

Posters should be hung

Posters are a great way to give a gaming setup some individuality. Hanging up some Star Wars posters might look fantastic if you’re running a specific theme, such as a black/white Star Wars theme.

Instead of one or two large posters, you might use several smaller ones, depending on your topic. You may also buy metal posters online, which are far more durable than conventional posters if you want high-quality posters.

Plants can be added to the setup

A common technique to give the setup some life is to add a few small plants. Real plants look fantastic on a tidy build, but they aren’t required. Fake plants are popular since they don’t need to be watered or cared for. Simply wipe away the dust from time to time.

Little terrariums with a small artificial plant are also popular, but if you only have a few minutes each week, genuine plants are advised.

Use eye-catching wallpapers

Having stylish wallpaper on your computer may make a great impact, especially if you have many monitors. There are thousands of free wallpapers available online, so having a dull desktop is not an option.

All cables should be hidden

Many cords strewn about a setup not only appear unattractive but also make it difficult to maneuver the mouse. Cable management is difficult for everyone, but when done right, it makes identifying cords practically impossible. A neat and tidy setup is one that is free of unnecessary cords.

Keep in mind that all of the cables beneath your desk must be managed as well. You run the risk of stepping on a cable, disconnecting it from the PC, or damaging other items on the desk.

Using Zip Ties, cable wraps, and cable channels, anyone can easily conceal their cords. Furthermore, such things are inexpensive, with some only costing a few dollars on the internet.

When your displays are mounted on the wall or you utilize a monitor stand, it’s also rather easy to hide cords. You can either use cable sleeves to construct one larger pipe that runs underneath the desk and links to the other wires, or you can put them in cable channels to establish a connection to the PC.

If you want to show off your PC on your desk, I strongly suggest you work on the PC wire management as well, particularly if the PC has RGB lighting that illuminates the case’s inside.

Show off your PC

The PC is the heart of any gaming system and should be highlighted, especially if you put a lot of effort into it. Fortunately, a PC can be made a lot more exciting by simply using specific connectors for more colors or installing RGB lighting and RAM. Colored wires and RGB RAM are both reasonably priced, making them accessible to the general public.

Sure, having a unique casing and GPU contributes to the whole build. Some folks took it a step farther and mounted their computer on the wall, exposing all of its components. On the other hand, you’ll need adequate space on or beside the desk to display your computer.

If there isn’t enough room for the case to fit correctly, it’s generally best to place it beside the desk. If everything is crammed into a limited space, the overall product is likely to be unappealing.

Maintain a color scheme

Make sure everything looks clean by choosing and keeping to a color theme. If there are too many random colors, the whole thing looks jumbled. You can use any colors you want for the theme, but I recommend sticking to 1-3. If you already have a gaming setup with a theme in mind, make sure that any new equipment or things you buy go in with it.

You can modify the color of your walls in addition to the gaming equipment and other stuff on/near your desk. Or at least, that’s what I did to make my setup look a little nicer.


We conclude the above article by saying that there are a number of things you can do to improve and simplify your gaming setup. If you’re going to be sitting at this gaming setup for an extended period of time, it should be something you enjoy. While everyone’s preferences and interests are different, we’ve discovered a few different ways to create a fantastic gaming setup for beginners in just a few simple steps.

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