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When did someone call you a pleb? And you don’t know about Pleb what does Pleb mean in gaming or what does Pleb mean in gaming? Then don’t worry if you do not know what it means, we have listed for you the meaning of pleb from different dictionaries. So, you can easily find out what it means and how people use it in gaming and sentences.

Simply PLEB means “Low-Class, ordinary or Common person.” The term PLEB is a short form for Plebeian, which means common person. We can say that the Plebeians were the general body which was free residents or citizens of Roman who had no rights like the right to vote.

These common person’s identity Plebeian may have firstly been shortened in the term of PLEB by English public school pupils in the 18th century when it was used as a derogatory term for students who belong to lower and ordinary social classes.

If we talk about modern times then in modern usage, the term PLEB is often used as a point to insult to imply that anybody lacks intelligence and memory, is unsophisticated, or belongs to ordinary and low social standing.

If the question is that what does Pleb mean in gaming? Then it can be said that in the circles of online gaming, PLEB is commonly used as a derogatory term for all those gamers who are inexperienced or has no more experience with the game. And pleb also refers to those players who do not have the latest version of a game which they want to play or other gaming equipment.

Moreover, we can say that “Low-class or common person” is the most common and mostly used definition by people for PLEB on popular Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Pleb Definition & Meaning | from Dictionary.com

What does mean by pleb? A pleb is a short form for plebeian, a plebeian is a person who is considered too typical and ordinary or a thing adjudge commonplace (e.g., basic and normie).

1. Another definition is that

pleb is the short standard form for plebeian which means of or feature and characteristic of the lower class r/leagueoflegends – Breaking news for you: China officially announces to ban online gaming Bit more respect for non-subs on the twitch channel, please.

PLEB also means “Commoner, ordinary, inferior person”. Or PLEB is a short form, acronym, abbreviation, or slang for different things and meanings.

2. Pleb – from Urban Dictionary

It’s short for plebeian, someone who has very basic, boring, uninteresting, or generic taste. The plebeians have no heed and interest in the artistic value of different things. 

PLEB also means “Low-Class or Common and person and working-class person”. The term PLEB is used as a short for Plebeian or common person. In online gaming circles, if we take its meaning then, PLEB is used as a slighting term for an inexperienced person or thing…

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Some examples of Pleb in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Marie – If you play like a pleb! You’re gonna lose the game!
  • Chris – You’re just a sour loser! In a game, you’re playing

Example 2

  • Dennis – If you won’t win or got the first number. You’re a pleb!
  • Misha – Just watch and see! In-game

Example 3

  • Kim – Funny how you’re so bad and your performances are so bad at this game.
  • Riley – Through your performance, are you implying that I’m a pleb?!

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Some examples of the term PLEB in Sentences

Here are some examples of PLEB being you used in your conversations:

  • One is Boris: Great and wonderful idea! Call an election to crush and defeat the opposition.
  • Michael: Yeah! “Strong, powerful, and stable!” PLEB!
  • Another is Interviewer: So, it means after his first one hundred days in office after joining what’s your impression of him?
  • Interviewee: simply, PLEB!

People Also Ask

What does free the plebs mean?

Freebase. Plebs. Actually in ancient Rome, the pleb which is called for a common person was the general free body of free Roman citizens, who have no rights especially to vote but these persons were neither slaves nor patricians, as determined by the census.

Where does the term pleb come from, in real?

The term Pleb comes from Roman times in actuality when plebeians or these ordinary persons were any tribes without any advisers to the King. However, in time, our word – which is related to the Greek word for the crowd and also pathos – came to mean the ordinary, low-class, and common people. 

Is there another word for pleb?

The Pleb has different synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and also some related words. These related words for Pleb are ” common, hoi polloi, Used in plural: common, mass, commonality, mob, ruck, populace, public, third estate, and also over.


To conclude we can say that if you are also in a fix to know, what does Pleb Mean in Gaming? Then this is the right place for you because in this article you will easily fully know about this term.

We can say that Pleb is a derogatory short form and slang for all those gamers who are less in experience or inexperienced or first-timers in a certain game. It is a form or a point of insult and shaming used when a gamer with less experience is hyped while playing the game and is discouraging the opponent.

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