What Does OP Mean In Gaming?

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If you are curious and want to know about OP mean in gaming, you are not alone in this situation. Different people have different opinions or there are different opinions about what the acronym means.

It can mean opportunity, as well as on other hand it can also stand for the operative. But most people used it, on most occasions, to refer to someone who is overly powerful.

To know better what does OP mean in gaming? Let’s read this article!

What does OP mean in gaming?

If talk about the abbreviation OP mean in gaming is Overpowered, and it usually and commonly means well. The reason is that you can take mean for it as different things in different places, you use the term mostly. However, this OP term is just used for this purpose in sports, different anime videos, and most video games like WoW, PUBG, LoL, etc.

We may also say that OP mean in gaming also refers to the most powerful items and characters relative to other items and elements in the game. In a game, a player who trounces others can also be described through this term.

Sometimes, players during a game use the term OP to applaud another player’s performance (OP Gameplay) or use to elevate a situation (OP Kill).

Different types of OP

Maybe it can be strange for you, but there are other different OP types within the game and you should know about these OP types. We can truly say that in almost all video games, certainly Multiplayer fighting or Battle Royale games like PUBG, the term OP must be found.

You should not make this mistake to believe in the strength and the ability to win the game and to defeat your enemy make a character OP. There are also many other states, things, and situations where OP can be used rightly. Following are a few examples of OP types:

1. Intelligence

It means the strength, power, intelligence, and sharpness of your mind. You can also refer this to as the intelligence level or the IQ level. It can be said that a widespread type of OP is intelligence. You can use it to create different characters or people that are most intelligent rather than enemies.

2. Luck

An unusual type of player’s OOP is Luck which isn’t liked with power, intelligence, and also strength. You may feel strange to read that sometimes you might get fewer items or weapons in games than it is just luck leads you to be a winner.

3. Emotion

Emotion is the much strong and more powerful OP in all of the games. When a player of a game is already strong, intelligent, and powerful then OP also increases the power of the player. As we see that a video game allows a hero to be more powerful, strong, and aggressive by allowing him to see the villain.

When to Use OP?   

It can be called, that if a player, a character, or a weapon in-game is considered overpowered (or OP). It means that there are some weaknesses and these weaknesses require more strength, power, and many techniques to defeat them. So that they can dominate the game and can be the most successful.

This is how in a game you can easily identify OP whenever you come across to meet such characters or items. When a player displays an excellent and extraordinary performance, like the player destroying the whole enemy team with only one hand then this term can also be used.

Examples of OP Things and Characters in Games

In recent games, Kratos, Starkiller, and Torbjorn are a few examples of the characters of OP. There is another weapon called the Gjallarhorn, a strong, powerful, and overpowered rocket launcher. For PUBG there is an OP Sniper Rifle which is AWM. No other sniper rifle tries to come close to this powerful rifle. This special Spiner rifle will OHKO (One Hit Knockout), for most of the players, so you don’t try have to practice your aim.

Moreover, some cheat codes are allowed by many games, to create different vehicles or items that go beyond the normal level of the gameplay.

In Age of Empires 3, if a player enters the cheat code tuck-tuck-tuck, it will summon the Tommynator monster truck, which can wreak havoc on your enemies’ villages. This monster truck is extremely strong and powerful and can be able to kill your enemies in just a few seconds.

Other Meanings for OP

Apart from gaming OP also stands for some other things, OP can also refer to a few useful things that are easy to remember for us.

OP stands for Original Poster, on the internet, this is the most popular term (sometimes Original Post). This usage among people on the internet is very popular on discussion boards and also forums such as Reddit and 4chan.

We can say more about the Original Poster (or OP) that it is the one that initiates a thread on a certain forum. If other users already have to address the OP, they have to type OP instead.

The OP term can also especially refer to Operation and Operation Post within Military realism games. Sometimes, OP can be used to refer to something or some item that is so dominant or has much strength in a certain game that it’s the first pick.


To conclude we can say that there are several meanings to the word OP mean in gaming. And besides gaming, it also refers to something or terms which are popular. The definition of OP is depended on the game which you are playing.

The first letter O is also highly used as a popular abbreviation for overpowered. In this sense, you can take a means of OP that a player is too much strong and/or powerful in the game.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this article if you are a lover to know about different things. If you want to know anything about OP then this article is very helpful and useful for you! 

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