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Top 10 AWS Services You Need To Master

There are many services that AWS offers to its customers. All of these services solve different problems. So here is a brief about the top 10 AWS Services you need to master to become proficient in AWS. 

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is one of the most prominent services of AWS that helps its customers to create virtual machines and helps in managing other server features like storage, ports, security, etc. Which earlier took much time to buy and configure a server, now with Amazon EC2, you can create your preferred number of servers within minutes with your chosen operating system. This service from Amazon helps focus more on business and projects rather than wasting time in setting up and maintaining servers. If you wish to master all these AWS services, then check out the AWS Solutions Architect course. 

Amazon RDS

It is a distributed relational database service offered to the customers by Amazon to help them reduce the complexities involved in managing database instances. With Amazon RDS, customers can now have their dedicated database instances within minutes that are fully managed by the AWS support team. This fully-managed database could support multiple database engines such as SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc. 

This free’s up from the job of maintaining and supporting the database servers. 

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Well, we all know the lengths and breadths that each cloud service provider will go to secure its customer’s data. Because customer data security means reputation and trust, that is hard to come by. AWS is PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP compliant, and many more. What this means is that the data is safe with AWS. Now speaking about the famous Amazon S3 service, it’s a storage service offered by Amazon. This storage service is highly available, offers zero latency, and is very cheap at the same time. 

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which provides a globally distributed network of proxy servers that cache various contents like photos, videos, documents, and other bulk media, which helps in improving loading speed that enhances user experience by loading all contents with minimum latency. This service comes with high integration with other AWS services. With this service, Amazon will be responsible for managing all of the contents along with delivering and presenting them. This service from Amazon helps you reach your target customers and offer them the best customer experience. 

Amazon VPC

This service offers customers a commercial cloud computing service that is private and not public. Typically companies or organizations that require a private connection that will help them reduce latency to a great extent and keep their data secure by authorizing the data access to few people who they authorize. This Virtual Private Network from AWS will help you establish a secluded or isolated IT environment from the outside world. This way, you will be secure from the majority of attacks on the public cloud. 

Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a notification service developed by Amazon and part of its portfolio since 2010. It helps in providing low-cost infrastructure solutions for delivering bulk messages. These messages or notifications could be sent to any customer to any platform, to any operating system, and both system and mobile devices. This service could be integrated into any application like Python, PHP, Node, etc. 

AWS Beanstalk

AWS Beanstalk is a service that is offered by Amazon which orchestrates all the other AWS Services like S3, EC2, SNS, CloudWatch, etc. Because it is a tedious task for developers to manage the infrastructure of the website. With this service, developers need not worry about infrastructure maintenance, and you can focus on building applications or software based on the requirements. 

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a service that offers you serverless computing when you run the code. It will respond to the events and manages the underlying compute resources automatically. It is a useful service when it comes to a point that your servers are saturated with requests and you as a developer are worrying too much about the infrastructure and less about actual development. 

If you arrive at a point where your server architecture is such that it’s not supporting new developments. Then AWS Lambda is perfect for you, as it will take care of the provisioning part, and you just have to handle or deal with the coding part. This service will make sure that AWS is responsible for offering the necessary resources to run your code

AWS Autoscaling

Autoscaling from AWS is the perfect solution to the scaling needs of businesses. This service from AWS helps you manage a fleet of servers without worrying about them. We just have to develop applications and then Autoscaling will take care of the traffic needs. This service is charged for the time instances run and no extra charges. 

AWS Elastic Cache

This service from AWS is here to improve the performance of web applications through the use of fully managed in-memory data and cache store service. They improve the performance by retrieving information from in-memory caches and not from databases. 

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