Top 7 Best Roofing marketing ideas in 2023

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If you are running a roofing company then you must have to know about Roofing marketing ideas. We know that roofing is an excellent job and career for many people. But Marketing your roofing company shouldn’t be an afterthought once you have started your roofing business. Roofing marketing ideas will be more useful and beneficial if you are well-planned before starting your roofing business.

Have you any idea about digital marketing? It’s not a big deal if you don’t know about it. We are here to guide you even if you’re starting from zero, you can get the useful tips, perfect tools, and profitable roofing marketing ideas you need to grow your roofing business or services.

Roofing marketing ideas

The basic thing is that you just need to understand your customers’ needs and preferences to exceed their expectations. So that they keep coming back to you.

The following marketing ideas are perfect ways to get your roofing business at the top of your town. We’ll help walk you through these unique and super affordable marketing ideas and give you all the tips and tricks you need to get started with roofing company marketing to take your business to new heights.

So let’s get started with the most profitable Roofing marketing ideas

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Referral program
  3. Paid advertisements
  4. Be active on Facebook
  5. Connect on LinkedIn
  6. Stay current with seasonal specials
  7. Answer Question on your website

1. Email marketing

Email marketing gives you an opportunity to build the trust of customers by providing useful tips, tricks, your work’s pics, discounts, trends, and industry updates. The basic thing is that you should focus on collecting email addresses from your client list.

Then it will be very useful if you offer discounts, useful guidance, or other incentives to sign up for your email list. And forget to commit to sending at least one monthly email newsletter. It is very important to build up the trust of your targeted audience.

No doubt, email marketing will help you to promote your roofing business if you follow the instructions.

2. Referral program

This is the age of digital technology and most people want to know what others have to say about your services and company.  Referral programs can encourage your customers to spread the word about your good work.

These days, the referral is divided into two-part of processes:

First is that ask if you are satisfied customers to provide positive feedback, reviews, and compliment about your work.

The second is that post the feedback on your emails and social media web pages.

By providing quality service you will definitely get positive feedback, and you will create reasons for someone to refer your roofing work when someone looks for a good roofer. 

3. Paid advertisements

If your budget allows you to invest in creating ads online it will be good for your roofing Marketing goal. Many people discover roofing companies by looking up queries like, “best roofers” — “near me” queries are examples of local searches on Google.

When these people search the terms are more likely to become customers, and you have to target these customers with paid advertisements. It would never be wrong to say that Google Ads and Facebook are great places to start marketing your roofing business.

4. Be active on Facebook

First of all, you should try to upload before and after pictures of the beautiful roofs you’ve done. It’s a very simple idea to attract new customers. Don’t be shy and just show your work to the world! Upload photos of your work on Facebook so that people can see your incredible work and they can take benefit from your work.

You just have to Record the pre-existing conditions of a roof. It could be about 10-15 pictures. Photograph all sides properly. Then when the project is complete, take more photos and upload these photos on your Facebook account.

Secondly, your roofing marketing posts shouldn’t be on a personal social media page. You should try it on the website and by email. Make sure to keep these pages up to date because your photos and status updates will make you more appealing to online visitors.

5. Connect on LinkedIn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform you should try to market your roofing business on this platform. LinkedIn should be part of your digital marketing plan. The site provides a lot of profitable opportunities for people that hire you to let others know they can trust your work.

 Don’t forget to ask the people for recommendations!  It’s totally free to do, and it just takes a couple of minutes.

6. Stay current with seasonal specials

As you already know that Roofing Company owners may have a slow time once winter arrives in many parts of the country, but you can still gain new customers with seasonal deals announced and discount through your email list and social media pages. This is a very profitable marketing idea to promote your roofing company by giving some special seasonal packages.

7. Answer Questions on your website

This idea is so simple, easy, and useful to promote your roofing services. Most people don’t do this because they don’t consider it useful. It is totally wrong though because customers have tons of questions, as you know.

They want to know “How much will their roof cost?”

“Should I repair my roof?

 “Should I buy a new one instead to repair it?”

If you hear questions like these from customers, then it is safe to assume that they are asking these questions on Google as well.

Being a Roofing contractor better know the answer to these questions. I will suggest you try answering all of these common questions on your website in the form of a blog post from people. The traffic is easier to get by delivering knowledgeable answers to these long, specific questions. This is also a good source to build up the trust of people. Readers will begin to trust you and warm up to the idea of inviting you out to give an estimate.

Final thought

Roofing marketing is not always easy. You can promote your roofing business by taking useful strategies at the right time. You should follow the instruction incorrect way. You can take advantage of the box of marketing ideas from this article which can help you to improve the success of your roofing company.

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