Resume Worthy Skills of Stay-At-Home Moms

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Many women often debate whether it’s better to remain home after having children or head back into the workforce. It’s a rational discussion and one that even the government can’t wrap its head around. The fact is that many mothers don’t return to their jobs. They may lack flexible work options or don’t want to contend with the high pay gap between men and women. Another factor to consider is high childcare fees. 

Homemakers Will Benefit Any Organization

Many women don’t feel confident heading back to work after maternity leave or a few years at home. But that shouldn’t be the case at all. If you’re a stay-at-home mom considering a change, here are some essential skills you’ve developed while caring for your kids.

Moms Understand Time Management

Many adults admit that they don’t have sufficient time to perform all their daily tasks. A parent like you who has to feed their kids, get them dressed, and drive them to school (and numerous activities) will surely possess excellent time management skills. Most jobs come with tight deadlines and evolving requirements, and you’ll be capable of dealing with them swiftly. 

Women Are Excellent Planners

In many families, mothers are the ones handling the holidays, meals, and chores. The planning that goes into these activities is extensive, to say the least. For mums, all of this comes naturally. They know in their heads what they need to purchase at the grocery store and cook for dinner. They are highly aware of each family member’s dietary preferences. Every company will pay an employee with such planning skills a good salary. 

A SAHM Knows How to Prioritize

As a mom, you know what you need to do first. Other family members (and we’re not naming them) aren’t as capable of doing so. As such, they end up performing tasks that aren’t urgent and important. Every mom knows that her list of duties doesn’t end, but she prioritizes them naturally.

A Mother Can Handle Any Crisis

Caring for a child isn’t easy. You have to deal with them falling sick, getting injured, and more. The ability to adapt to any situation is a must in any organization. Being able to handle emergencies and unexpected challenges calmly is what being a mom is all about.

Moms Solve Problems Left and Right

Any mother will attest to this: she’s solving problems every minute of the day. From fixing broken toys to finding the best ways to potty train a toddler, her head is constantly coming up with solutions. A day job comes with its own challenges, and mothers can use their skills to overcome them. After all, they mediate disagreements all day long!

SAHMs Are Excellent Communicators

Women, in general, are great at expressing themselves. Mothers are even better at communicating their opinions. Why? Well, try explaining something to a toddler, and you’ll understand how challenging it can be. That’s why they frequently participate in free paid online surveys when they have little pockets of spare time. 

Moms Are Persuasive

From encouraging their children to eat their greens to making them complete their homework, moms do it all. They know just the right things to say to elicit a positive response from their children. Therefore, if you’re updating your resume, make sure you mention that you’re an excellent influencer.

Mothers Handle Countless Projects Flawlessly

You may not consider something as small as preparing a meal a project, but truthfully, it is. The same goes for planning a holiday, from booking tickets to packing suitcases for the whole family. All these events have prepared you for a position filled with concurrent projects. So if you want to ease back into the job market, how about becoming a remote assistant? That way, you get to work from home!

SAHMs Are Some of the Greatest Mentors Around

Moms are teaching their children crucial skills from the time they’re newborns. They are usually the primary caregivers, which means that the responsibility often falls on them to teach kids how to share, communicate, and be independent. So moms, don’t hesitate to apply for jobs that include a mentorship element!

Moms Need to Be Creative All the Time

Mothers design the best Halloween costumes and create beautiful lunchboxes that impress their children and the world. They often do so in a time crunch. As a mom, you must be creative at bedtime and come up with stories on the spot. You wouldn’t be able to do so if you didn’t boast extreme creativity skills, so put that on your resume right away. 

Stay-At-Home Moms: An Untapped Resource

Moms, don’t believe for a second that you aren’t a valuable member of society. Without mothers, the world would be rid of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. Any SAHM can rightfully boast of having the skills listed above. Therefore, their resumes should always go to the top of the pile of every hiring manager.

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