How To Setup SENNHEISER Game Zero?

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The GAME ZERO is can be called, the first-ever gaming headset to feature a number of layers or multiple layers of fitted ear padding. You can hear about all the details of your game without disturbing others in proximity if you used it. Because the Game Zero design delivers us the ultimate in sound leakage blocking from inside and from out.

It’s easily available in black and white which suits your style. The Game Zero is perfectly and easily adjusted. We won’t inform you that GAME ZERO features an all-new ear pad design for us, which SENNHEISER has further developed or added additional features from their professional pilot headsets.

Thick leatherette and dual-layered memory foam have been used to make the EAR PADS perfect. To make sure that the headset is able to completely closes all around your ear, the base of the ear pads has been made thicker. This trick will prevent sound from escaping from your headset and it will help to keep you un-disturbed while playing your favorite game.

Let’s talk about the FEATURES & BENEFITS of SENNHEISER Game Zero

  • Here you can find every detail of the game – extreme sound clarity  and accuracy with our original transducer technology will be available
  • You can assess crystal clear conversations –  which are also ensured with the pro-noise-canceling microphone, which can also  Convenient microphone mute – by using simply raising the boom arm
  • It has Intuitive control
  • This game zero has tailored leatherette triple-layered memory foam earpads to ensure the best acoustic seal and comfort for us
  • It’s easy to store and bring along with you – the foldable design of this gaming headset makes it easy to collapse and store in the supplied hard carry case easily
  • This gaming headset has exchangeable cables – for the usage of multiple platforms
  • There will be given a 2-year international warranty for this

How do we connect it to a PC?

When you wish to connect a PC & Gaming headset like Sennheiser Game Zero to a computer, then keep in mind that the cable which you used must need to be connected to the computer’s USB or dual 3.5 mm jacks, it’s depending on the connection that is available at this time. 

If this connection is achieved then you have to go into the computer settings. After that, you will select the headset as the default playback and default communication device, the device that will put all sound to you from the computer through the headset.

Typically, here adjustments are done through the control panel on your computer to configure the settings of the computer, and after that through the audio devices or sounds & audio settings.

 NOTE: Keep in mind when you are using softphone software adjustments to the softphone settings may also be required, so be careful.

The configuration will be a little different if you used the headset only for communication applications and for the other sounds of your computer (like alert tones) that need to come through the computer speakers. You will need to select the computer speakers as the playback device and you will select headphones as the communications device.

 NOTE: Must keep in mind that this level of functionality will be determined only by the configuration of the computer software/settings.

  • PC 373D
  • GSP 350
  • GAME ONE black
  • GSP 300
  • GAME ONE white
  • GSP 301
  • GSP 302

Does Sennheiser Game zero need an amp, it’s true?

As we know that the Sennheiser Game Zero is rated at 150ohm impedance yet has fairly high sensitivity. So, here we can say that if they were low sensitivity then an amp would be required although since they are high sensitivity, it’s a harder call.

Is Sennheiser game Zero still good?

Yes, we confidently said that the EPOS|SENNHEISER Game Zero is definitely an excellent option. This is will be true especially when you will need all the features of an efficient headset without all that bling.

Are the earpads replaceable?

In this sense, we will say that “ yes “, the earpads of this headset are replaceable with HZP 41.

Is the connection cable replaceable?

Yes, the connection cable for this headset is replaceable. But it’s depending on your own platform, either the UNP PC Cable or the UNP Console Cable will replace your old cable.

Does the headset come with its own software, it’s right or not?

This gaming headset is a plug-and-play headset, so we can say that it does not require any additional software. This gaming headset works optimally from the get-go, and this feature makes it compatible with a wider range of platforms.

Is the microphone replaceable for this headset?

Yes, the microphone of this gaming set is neither detachable nor replaceable.  

Can I pick up calls with this headset?

Yes, it is right that you can pick up calls or this headset can be used to pick up calls on devices, the devices that must feature a 3.5 mm jack port. As we know that this headset is analog, so it cannot be connected to phones or tablets with Bluetooth.

What is Af out Sennheiser?

AF OUT Sennheiser is “how strong the final signal exits or remove the receiver into the soundboard/PA system/recorder” etc. you can find its setting only in your receiver’s menu settings. Typically this will be set around 0 dB or +6 dB when you will try to connect a line-level input on the soundboard/speakers/etc.


To conclude we can say that the GAME ZEROclosed acoustic gaming headset is a no-compromise gaming headset. You can confidently choose it when you need outside noise blocked out and when you seek nothing but pure, clear gaming sound, without any problem. It is not difficult to Setup Sennheiser Game Zero headset, by following the above process you can easily setup this amazing gaming headset. So, when you want the best fit a closed gaming headset offers for you, the GAME ZERO headset is for you.

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