How to See Through a Marker on an iPhone?

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Do you want to see through a marker on an iPhone? Maybe you have a photo that has some parts marked or probably you received a photo on your iPhone in which one part, is too personal and has been covered by a marker.

If you are straining to see through a marker on an iPhone, then you must find a way to reveal the hidden information in the photo. Well, take it easy.  There are several ways to do so.

Through this guide, you will learn some pretty easy methods of how to see through a marker on an iPhone. So, let’s dive into the realm of solution!

Different Ways to See Through a Marker on an iPhone

Removing markers from a photo on your iPhone might be challenging, but there are some easy ways that you can take to help minimize its impact.

However, some people don’t believe it and they might wonder how it is possible to see through a marker on an iPhone but believe it or not, you can do it with below the several improved visibility options.

Method: 1 Adjusting Screen Brightness and Contrast

It might be one of the most common and easy ways to see through a marker on an iPhone. Make sure, your screen is thoroughly cleaned, then you have to adjust the screen brightness and contrast on the iPhone to improve visibility. Here is how to tweak these settings to change Screen Brightness

  • First of all, you have to go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Then you have to click on the option of display& brightness.
  • Now simply drag the slider of brightness to the right side to brighten your screen.
  • Next, you have to adjust the contrast of your screen.
  • In the setting, you have to scroll down and tap on the option of Accessibility.
  • Here, you have to choose the option of Display & Text Size.
  • Now, enable the option of Increase Contrast.
  • Finally, increase the brightness of the screen and contrast on your iPhone screen to enhance the discernibility of the underlying text or marked image.

Method: 2 Using Accessibility Settings

Different accessibility settings may enhance the ability to see through a marker on an iPhone. You may invert colors that can easily reverse the colors on your screen. It could also make black ink appear white and lighter. Here is how to do this

  • First of all, you have to go to the Settings app
  • Now, tap on the option of Accessibility.
  • Next, you have to click on Display & Text Size.
  • Finally, switch on Invert Colors.

Alternatively, you can also use this useful setting to see the marker. This is reducing transparency. It can minimize the transparency effects on the screen of your iPhone and reduce obstruction.

You can also increase contrast to see-through markers. It may help you to differentiate elements on your screen and make the black ink stand out less. You can do it by going to settings and following the same way as before but you have to select the Increase Contrast option instead.

Method: 3 Edit Picture from the Photos App

You can also see through a marker on an iPhone by following the below-mentioned simple step-by-step guide

  • First, come to the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Now, choose that wanted marked photo.
  • Next, you have to tap on the Edit button that is located at the top right of your iPhone’s screen and adjust the settings.
  • You have to Increase the Exposure and Brilliance settings to 100 because it will make this image brighter and reveal the hidden under the black marker.
  • Now, you have to set the Contrast to -100. It will decrease the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of the photo.
  • Here, you can also Increase Highlights and Shadows to 100. It will help you to lighten the dark and also expose the black marker.

Note: these steps can only work if the marker layer is this. If it’s too thick then it might still be challenging to see through.

Well, if you wish to prevent others from seeing through your marker photos in the future, so here is a simple solution

  • You can use the pen tool instead of the marker when editing screenshots.
  • You can also add multiple layers of the marker on the image.
  • You can also use different colors to blackout the text.
  • By using these unique techniques, you can easily see through a black marker on your iPhone and also prevent someone from doing so.

Method: 4 Use the Google Photos App

However, you can also use the Google Photos App to see through a marker on an iPhone. Here is a step-by-step guide to do so

  • First of all, you have to launch the Google Photos App on your iPhone.
  • After launching it, you can choose the image with the black marker.
  • Next, you have to click on the edit icon, it will open many options that will help you see through the marker.
  • From here, you can easily adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows to make the markerless visible and reveal the image underneath.

Note: keep in your mind that the key is to experiment. You must play around with different settings until you find the best working option. It is right, it might be a little time-consuming, but after spending more time you will be able to see through the black marker on your iPhone.


Well, if you want to see through a marker on an iPhone, then you can do it by using different methods.  We have mentioned a few ways above, you can try one of them to do so.

However, it is important to follow all the steps carefully without skipping each step. You can also prevent others from seeing the marked photo by trying the above-mentioned tips.

So that’s all you need to know about How to see through a marker on an iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case!

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