How to Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon?

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Well, if you are an iPhone user and new to this game, you must be wondering how to Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon. So, through this guide, you will learn everything in detail. So, let’s get started with more detail about Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon.

Sea Battle is a famous Battleships game which is played all over the world. Especially, youngsters love to play this strategy-based war simulation and building management game. In the battleship game, Players are the captains of their ships, and they can customize their belongings in different ways.

Well, the player can change the sails, figureheads, hulls, and masts. Plus, it has a lot of customizable than playing Tanks on Game Pigeon which gives you some ways to gain an advantage in the Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon.

How to Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon?

Well, the aim of Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon with Sea Battle is to attack and sink the ships of your opponent players or attack other players with canons. But for better play and win to your game’ you must have to use strategy and logic to attack the opponent’s ships and sink them carefully without sinking your ships.

Well, the placement of ships is also very important to win Battleships. Because the placement of the ships helps you to maximize offensive attacks and minimize defensive attacks.

How to Get an Advantage Over the Competition

so, you should always begin the game by strategically placing your ships. Well, these ships should be placed on the board, so that you can easily move your ships when you notice that there are some restrictions. However, you cannot put your ships on the board horizontally and vertically.

So, it’s better to keep them far apart enough that they aren’t sitting right next to each other. Well, this strategy helps to create a problem for other players who start attacking. Well, if you do place these ships next to each other, the boxes that are placed around the ship will change to red until you move them again. That’s why, replacement is essential.

  • You should always try to estimate where your enemy has placed their ships on the board.
  • You should also Pick one square at a time. If your land is in water, then you can see a dot icon in the box around your ship.
  • Well, if you hit a ship of another player then your iPhone will start to vibrate a little and after that, you will see a smoke signal on the screen of your iPhone.
  • If you miss the chance to hit the opponent’s ship then it switches to the turn of your enemy.
  • if you have guessed all the squares of your enemy’s ships, you will see the ship appear on the screen and all the dots around the ship will fill in.
  • You have to continue until to hit all the opposing ships, or the opponent guesses all of yours.
  • This game always needs patience and chess-like thinking because it takes a lot of time to play the game. The time duration also depends on the responsiveness of your enemy as well.

How to Play a Sea Battle Defense Strategy?

Playing sea battle games strategically is the surety that your enemy doesn’t get the upper hand. Well, it’s not always necessary to become so aggressive while Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon countering your enemy moves will lead to success.

  • You should never place everything in one corner, or one group just because people always look for patterns to exposed easily.
  • You should always Try to change the strategy every time to avoid predictability.
  • You can also place the biggest ships around the edge of the board. So that, you can easily decrease the number of free spaces available to your enemy when they start to sink your biggest ship.
  • You should always use your biggest ships as bait so that they are most likely to get hit first anyway.
  • Well, if you find large areas of open water, then it’s better to put your smaller ships here because small ships are more difficult to find within the expanse.

How to Play a Sea Battle Offense Strategy?

Well, the battleship placement of this game is key to success, simply means the right offensive movement is important. Taking the ships of other players is paramount, but playing with the right strategy will help you to win the game you have to follow these steps.

  • Must remember, that your opponent may already have the things you have done in your offensive strategies. So, you should always start around the edges and move along into the center of the board. It will help you a lot.
  • Well, so many people play in a chessboard pattern. So, you have to Pick either Red or Black squares and only purpose for those squares. In this way, you can hit more boats.
  • Some people make patterns such as an Xshapeto divide up the board even others people make + shapes to divide the board. So be careful about that.
  • So, when you hit a ship, keep hitting until you have taken it out.
  • So, when you take out a ship completely the boxes around then your boxes will start to automatically fill.


Well, if we go to the first day to Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon, then nobody has much experience to play perfectly. Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon needs logical strategic thinking to win. Well, if you want to play like a pro then you have to keep in your mind all the basic rules to play.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps. then nobody can stop you from winning. So that’s all you need to know about how to Play Sea Battle on the iPhone Game Pigeon. We hope this article will help you a lot. Happy battling!

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