How To Make A Macro With Logitech Gaming Software?

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You can use clicking a large number of keys and mouse buttons to perform particular actions in a game at the same time if you are an avid gamer. But, sometimes in a few scenarios, it becomes too hard to make it work, particularly during intense and certain situations in a game.

Its time is exactly where macros kick down, as they handle and manage to do a good job in offloading the tasks and works that you otherwise have to physically or manually perform just by clicking several buttons or keys.

If we talk about definition, macros include a series of mouse clicks, keystrokes, and also delays that can be able to play back to assist uninteresting tasks. Usually, to record a macro, the software is simply used in addition to supported hardware.

Well, if you want to own a Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard for yourself, you’re lucky as the company itself provides its software that can be simply used to record a multi-key macro only within a few seconds. If you’re interested in creating for you, your one for gaming, let’s come to see how to create a macro on Logitech gaming software or mouse and keyboard:

Create a Macro for Logitech Gaming Mouse

To create macros, you will be simply making use of Logitech Gaming Software that this software can be downloaded for free from the official support website. Make sure, as you installed it that you’ve perfectly connected your mouse to the wired of your computer or wirelessly depending on the mouse.

Now simply follow the following steps, if you want to create a macro in a jiffy:

  • First of all, you have to choose your mouse from the section of devices in the Logitech Gaming Software and then you will click on the mouse icon.
  • After that, you will right-click on the button that you want to assign the macro function to, and after that, you will click on “Assign New Command”. It may happen that only a few buttons will have support for macro function assignment and they’re commonly placed on the sides in Logitech mice.
  • Here, in the next pop-up menu, you have to head over to the section of “Multikey Macro” and then you will click on “Start Recording”. Before recording, you can also select to record all delays between events.
  • Once your recording has been initiated, then you will need to press a key series as per your needs and requirement which are based on the game that you’re playing and after doing this you have to click on Stop Recording. Now simply click on “OK”, orderly, to finally assign the macro.

Create a Macro for Logitech Gaming Keyboard

The process or all the steps are identical to the one which we have just discussed in this article for the Logitech mouse, except for a few minor changes. So, simply you have to follow the following steps if you want to assign a macro for your Logitech gaming keyboard within just a few seconds:

  • In the Logitech Gaming Software, firstly select your keyboard from the device section and then you have to click on the G key icon.
  • After that, you have to right-click on any one of the 12 function keys that you want, the keys that are placed at the top of your keyboard, and now will click on “Assign New Command”.
  • As the next menu pops up, you will head over to the “Multikey Macro” section and then you will click on the “Start Recording” icon. Here at this time, you can also select to record delays between events before you really start the process of recording.
  • Now, you have to need to press a key series as per your needs and your requirement which depends on the game that you’re playing and once you’re done with this process, you have just clicked on Stop Recording.

There’s also one optional and additional option here for you which mostly you didn’t notice or see while you’re assigning the macro for the mouse, and that’s the Repeat Options icon. You can either also select to repeat again all the macro functions while the key is pressed or toggled, which helps so much for many game lovers and gamers out there.

How to use Macros to Perform Actions Faster?

The keys are significantly reduced in that you need to press, with macro functions. Thereby letting and allowing you to perform your actions much faster than your original opponents in a game. This will make a big difference in fast-paced video games where counts each second or every second counts. Well, we feel pleased that we could help all of you guys out with the easy and simple macro set-up process. So, now after reading this you will be ready easily to assign a macro to your new Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard to offload your tasks comfortably and easily.

How do you make a macro for gaming?

How do you create macros? Easy process….

  • First of all, using the mouse that you want to configure, you have to start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  • Now, you have to select Macro, in the list under the button that you want to reassign. 
  • Here you will click on Create a new Macro. …
  • After that in the Name box, you will type the name of the new macro that you want to create.
  • Now in last, you have to click on Editor and enter your newly created macro.


To conclude we can say that sometimes it would be difficult for some gamers to make a macro with Logitech gaming software, but don’t worry if you are one who also faces this issue, in this article, you will find a very easy process through which you can easily make a macro with Logitech gaming software, you just have to follow above-mentioned steps!

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