[2023] How To Fix Dark Screen On TV?

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If your TV screen is too dark and you cannot be able to see the picture, so, there are some possible reasons. TV is constantly evolving, and with the latest time, the newest models of TV feature amazing cutting-edge technologies.

Such as the televisions that have High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, But why does a TV screen go too dark at random, and how do you fix it? So, the reason behind this issue and their fixes we’ll going to discuss in this helpful guide. Let’s take a deep look at why this problem appeared and go through the effective solutions so that you can get your TV like it’s new.

What Causes a Dark TV Screen?

Generally speaking, if your TV screen is too dark, there are some basic reasons behind the dark screen issue. To know what causes are behind the TV dark screen issue, first of all, you must have an idea of how screen brightness works. Your screen can go dark if your TV has poor reflection handling and also it has low HDR performance, especially when your room is bright.

TV has a higher luminance level that will help to make pictures brighter, which comes in handy in an already-bright room. HDR can make small highlights more visible while watching TV.

If you adjust the backlight setting on the TV, and on the other hand some TV models alternatively call brightness, gratefully it will not affect the picture quality but it can decrease the brightness level. Some of the reasons are given below:

1. Poor Reflection Handling

Reflection handling reflects the light that is directly failed on its screen from the surroundings. When your TV has poor reflection handling capabilities then it can make the picture dark and then your TV screen goes too dark if your TV is in a bright room. And if the sunlight is putting on your TV then you can’t see the screen properly.

2. Low HDR Performance

Low HDR performance is another common reason that your TV screen grows dark if you’re watching in HDR. Because your TV needs to have a high level of brightness for an authentic HDR experience.

But some TV will hide their HDR failings by darkening images anyhow. The light output of a 4K HDR TV is just like standard non-HDR TVs. This is a common issue of cheaper TVs, even though it can also occur with some mid and high-TV models that skimp on brightness.

Why Is Your TV So Dark on Full Brightness?

Sometimes the issue of a dark screen occurs when you have the highest brightness setting.  Well, these are the reasons your TV screen becomes so dark at full brightness:

1. Ambient Light Detection Lowers Brightness

However, Modern TVs have sensors that will help to measure the light in surroundings then these sensors will adjust the screen brightness accordingly to the surrounding.

In day time and also in a brightly lit room, the sensors direct the TV to turn down the brightness and reduce glare automatically. At the night, or in a dimly lit room, these sensors of your TV will increase the brightness automatically. You can adjust or disable it by backlight setting of the Picture menu.

2. Cinema Mode

Sometimes you put your TV in the ‘Cinema’ or ‘Movie’ mode to have the best picture experience. so when you set it, then the picture presets to Cinema mode which will make the image too dark in a brightly lit room, and the screen will automatically go darker.

3. Power Saving Mode

Infect, Some TV have the feature of power-saving mode that parameters set to high by default. This mode can also reduce the screen brightness, and make your screen too dark. So sometimes, however, you have activated the power-saving mode by chance.

4. Wrong Picture

Sometimes, the TV screen goes dark because of incorrect picture presets like sharpness, color, tint, etc. so you need to check your tv manual and try different combinations.

5. The backlight might Be Faulty

As we all know that the backlight controls the brightness of your TV, and the screen will inevitably go too dark if the backlight becomes faulty. The pixels of the screen might fail, then they can lead to a static, dark image.

6. Weak Signal

Your TV screen will dark if there’s a weak signal. This signal can be weak due to damaged wires, faulty antennas, or wrong connections.

How to Fix A TV That Has a Dark Screen?

There are some easy fixes that will work. You can try them before getting the help of any professional. 

1. TV Power

First of all, you must have to check the power source of your TV if your TV is plugged into the correct outlet and also see that the connection is secure. If you’re using a power strip, then must check that it’s switched on.

2. Cable Connections

So, you have to see the cable connection and must check if there is a proper cable connection. The Loose connections can be the reason for dark screens and other TV picture issues. So if you find it loose then connect the cables firmly and properly.

3. TV Brightness

You can also change the contrast and brightness of your TV and check if it improves the picture. You just have to adjust the contrast and brightness settings on your TV and see if that makes a difference or improves. When the contrast was turned up in the TV settings then the TV picture becomes dark. Adjust the TV contrast to resolve the problem.

4. Picture Mode of TV

When you turn on the picture mode then your screen could be dark. So, you should Check the picture mode and make sure that it is in the correct format for the type of media you are viewing. If your TV screen remains dark after changing the picture quality mode, then you need to go to settings and change the backlight, brightness, and picture to fix the issue.

5. TV Picture Settings

You can also check the TV settings to check that if they’re at fault. So, turn off the power-saving. Eco mode will make your TV dark after a certain amount of time.

6. Backlight Brightness

All TVs have a backlight that controls the brightness of the TV screen. So, you can change the setting to check if it improves the picture’s darkness.

7. TV Image Retention

 The screen might appear dim because of image retention when you keep it on for a long time. so you can shut off the TV for a few minutes to resolve this problem.

8. TV Screen Burn

If Your TV is experiencing screen burn then the screen will go dark. You can also be fixed by changing the image or turning off your TV. So, go to settings and set up a screensaver to resolve the issue.

9. TV Reset

If none of these solutions work, then you can reset your TV. This resetting can restore the default settings and may resolve the issue. So, unplug the AC power cord for some seconds then go to TV factory settings and reset it.


That’s all you need to know about the dark screen. We have mentioned what are the reasons behind the dark screen and also how to fix the TV screen that is too dark. You just follow these steps to resolve the issue. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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