How To Clean A Gaming Chair? Best Tips in 2023

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You must have the need to know about to clean a gaming chair because We gamers adore our gaming accouterments, and gaming chairs are especially significant for gaming accouterments. On the other hand, gaming chairs are not inexpensive; therefore, to guarantee that they last longer, you must maintain them by cleaning them correctly regularly.

The type of gaming chair you have will determine how you clean a gaming chair. The manufacturer should provide advice on cleaning and maintaining your chair regularly. Cleaning procedures include vacuuming, washing the covers with warm water and a suitable cleaning solution, and scouring the casters.

clean a gaming chair

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry because, in this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to clean a gaming chair.

Best Steps to Clean a Gaming Chair Easily

The gaming chair’s material

The Upholstery on the gaming chair is available in a range of styles. As a result, the first thing you should do is check the upholstery material. Here are some examples of commonly used materials:

  • PVC Leather
  • PU Leather 
  • Mesh 
  • Fabric

Once you know which one makes up the majority of your chair, you’ll be able to clean it strategically. It’s usually stated on the chair’s label, manufacturer’s instructions, or product description.

You should also verify if your chair comes with extras like armrests, wheelbases, cup holders, and even the wheels themselves. They are usually made of plastic, which is quite easy to clean. It is advisable to clean it using a different material, composed of steel or another substance.

Obtaining the cleaning supplies

To clean your gaming chair, you’ll need to acquire a few stuff. First, gather a pail of hot water and a clean rag that you don’t mind getting soiled. Depending on how thoroughly you want to clean your gaming chair, a sponge and brush of various sizes may be necessary.

These can be combined to remove grime, deep clean stains, and rinse away any cleaning chemicals that have been applied to the chair. Cleaning chemicals such as dish detergent and rubbing alcohol will also be required. Dish detergent is an excellent item to have on hand because it can be blended with warm water to create a solvent that can clean almost anything without causing damage.

Stronger materials can resist Alcohol-based solvents. You’ll need rubbing alcohol to remove any deep, stubborn stains that won’t come out with the other ingredients.

Cleaning dust and debris on the surface

You may do this using a variety of materials. A microfiber rag or a vacuum cleaner can be used. Vacuum your mesh or fabric-upholstered chair to remove any dust that has become embedded in the fabric. Vacuum your mesh chair using a standard attachment. If it’s cloth, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to massage it gently.

The brush attachment will pick up little particles that the vacuum’s suction won’t pick up. Don’t press too hard at this point; a little message along the entire surface of the chair should suffice.

If your chair is made of PU or PVC leather and you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a microfiber rag or duster would suffice. To sweep the dust off the chair’s surface, the static properties will cling to the dust and lift all of the particles off the surface with ease.

Cleaning the Upholstery

After that, clean the Upholstery to eliminate any spills or stains left marks. Check the chair’s care tag, which should be found on the back, before you begin. Clean it using a solvent-based solution if the care tag has a ‘Smark. If it has a ‘W’ mark, you should clean it with a water-based solvent. You can use either if you notice an ‘S/W’ mark.

Cleaning with a solvent first, then rinsing with water is recommended. Even “W” chairs can typically handle a little dish soap in the water. Seats with W-marked fake leather are very popular. When using the cleaning solution, take care not to damage the chair.

If you scrub too hard, some color may come out, inflicting more harm than good to the material. On the other hand, the fabric can survive extensive washing and will look better if scrubbed with a brush or cloth. Mesh should not be scraped; instead, a little touch should be applied until it seems clean.

More resistant stains

The previous approaches may not be sufficient for persistent stains. If certain filthy spots remain visible after washing with a water solution, you may need to spot clean them. Use rubbing alcohol instead of water, but don’t splatter it all over your chair. Alternatively, a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol can be used.

Choose a location on the chair that isn’t easily visible, such as the seat’s bottom. Allow a few minutes to see whether there is any harm. Alcohol should not be used to clean a chair that has been harmed by it. You’re good to go if the region, on the other hand, works properly.

Dab the places in the chair again with cotton balls soaked in a little alcohol. Don’t go crazy with the alcohol; even if little amounts didn’t harm the Upholstery, repeated use can dry it out and reduce its longevity.

Consider this a follow-up to the water and solution cleaning you conducted previously. It should only be used on stubborn stains that refuse to come out no matter how hard you scrub at them.

Detailed cleaning

Disassemble the chair and clean the little components that hold it together and operate if you want to be extra thorough. Remove the casters by turning your chair over, unscrewing them, and then cleaning the area where they were previously positioned. This is one of the most common places for hair and debris to accumulate.

After vacuuming the wells, wipe them down with a moist towel and cleaning solution, rubbing them clean. Then clean the wheels themselves in the same way, rubbing as hard as you can to remove all of the unwanted floor debris.

Before replacing them on the chair, you can grease them with something like WD-40. This will ensure that they function smoothly and that you have a good time while playing. Finally, liberally apply to rub alcohol to any filth that won’t come out with soap and water. The casters differ from Upholstery because they can endure the alcohol’s abrasiveness.


Now you know how to keep your chair clean and maintain it in the future. This should result in a more fun, stress-free gaming experience without the need to clean up after yourself.

If you do not clean your gaming chair properly, it will have a short lifespan. The appropriate cleaning of a gaming chair, on the other hand, can be confusing, especially if you’ve misplaced the manual that came with the chair. As a result, we’ve created this step-by-step tutorial to assist all gamers in properly cleaning their gaming chairs.

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