How to Bypass Blizzard Phone Number?

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Are you want to Bypass Blizzard Phone Number? If we talk about entertainment, then we all have different personal tastes. If you love gaming, then you must have an idea about Blizzard. It is a way of verifying your number to get access.

Some people don’t have much idea about Bypass Blizzard Phone Number so if you are one of them who is tired of getting stuck on phone verification when trying to access your Blizzard account?

Then Don’t fret, you’re not alone who facing this issue. Many users experience the same issue, but luckily, we have a solution to your problem. With SMS, you can Bypass Blizzard Phone Number verification process and access your account without any issues.

Why Blizzard Requires Users to Verify Their Phone Numbers?

With spending time the internet world rapidly welcoming new and advanced robots. That’s why Blizzard has a reason to ask you to verify your number to get access. They don’t let a robot with mind-blowing AI ruin all their game algorithms. Despite the access, there are many Other reasons Bypass Blizzard Phone Number. Some of them are given below:

  1. The customer base’s data analysis
  2. Specific Marketing purposes.
  3. Enable to make payments.
  4. Blizzard account recovery
  5. Loose hacking attempt

How to bypass Blizzard Phone Number?

Blizzard is the world’s most loved computer game such as Overmatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, World of Warcraft, etc. But to play games, you need a fully verified Blizzard account first.

With your Blizzard account, you can access the gaming platform that allows you to play your favorite game. It also lets you connect with other gamers, and you can also get access to other company services. So here is how to Bypass Blizzard Phone Number. Well, you can use real numbers and also virtual burner phones.

First of all, you should know that Blizzard’s phone number verification is in place to ensure the security of your account. However, it might be frustrating to access your account urgently. Well, To Bypass Blizzard Phone Number, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download a Free Texting App

There are a lot of free texting apps available online. So firstly, you have to select the one that suits your needs and download it.

Step 2. Enter the Blizzard Number

After downloading the app, you have to open it and enter the Blizzard phone number then you want to bypass it.

Step 3. Send a Text

After entering the number, you have to type in an SMS message and send it. Now, you have to Wait until to receive a verification code.

Step 4. Enter the Verification Code

Now, you have to Enter the code in the Blizzard phone verification box, and you should get access to your account.

Why Many People Don’t Want to Use a Real Number to Confirm Their Blizzard Identity?

If you are a gamer then you want to have more fun, you’re gaming with others online. However, the fact is that most of these gaming friends except for the online names and unlikely claims. That’s why you want to limit the information you give out to such platforms because of some reasons. Some of the basic reasons are given below:

Privacy: The company declares that it uses your info for different purposes, such as sharing it with third-party services or targeting you with personalized ads.

Hacking: Although Blizzard offers many ways to protect your account, cybersecurity criminals can also gain access to your phone number if they succeed in hacking it. And hacking is something that you never want to experience.

Robocalls and spam: Well, a robot can also try to gain access to your Blizzard account, and if you put your primary email and your real phone number. So must don’t want to deal with robocalls or email and SMS spam.

Selling account: well, if you need to sell your account to somebody else, then you better remove your real phone number before completing such a transaction.

What Options Can You Use to Verify Your Phone Number?

Well, there are a few other ways to verify Blizzard Phone Number. Some of them are given below:

1. Use a Friend’s or Family Member’s Number

When you get the phone numbers rejected by Blizzard or you see any “invalid number” error, then they opt to try another real number belonging to someone else. While it will work.

2. Buy a Physical Burner Phone

You can also get access to a temporary phone number by spending more than 50 dollars to get a burner phone from Walmart.

3. Search for a Free Virtual Number on Google

It is a risky process that can necessitate you to reveal the real number or email address before you get a free fake number. Well, it’s free, after all.

Well, if None of the options will work, Then you can create DoNotPay burner phone number, which is a hassle-free Blizzard phone number bypass method. DoNotPay Burner Phone is so helpful to Bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification. Here is how to do this:

  1. First of all, you have to Open the mobile app or DoNotPay Site.
  2. Next, you have to find the option of the “burner phones” menu and select the company to get authenticated.
  3. Then, you have to Generate your one-time-use disposable phone number.
  4. You have to Issue the phone number for the Blizzard verification form and submit it.
  5. Now, Get the verification code.
  6. You have to put this code.
  7. Finally, you can enjoy your Blizzard games.


Bypass Blizzard Phone Number verification process is simple. Well, we have explained a few ways in detail. You just have to follow all the steps carefully. So that’s all you need to know about “How to bypass Blizzard Phone Number”.  We hope this article will help you a lot.

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