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Heading tags are used in the HTML page to define the heading of HTML Paragraphs. Heading tags are the 6 types of heading. Heading tags is important on our website because Google Search engine gating data through the headings so, in the document heading tags are necessary for ranking.

heading tag

These are the 6 types of HEADING Tags.

As you might guess it’s h2 a big header, not H2 as big as h1 but let’s have a look there we go so it’s bigger than normal text and bold but smaller than an h1 so you can probably see where this is going.

We can have an h3 and it’s getting smaller and smaller as we go on. We’re getting smaller and smaller every time and we can keep going so h5 smaller again we’re actually getting smaller Than normal text here and we can keep going we can have an eight-six header as well I must say at this point there very rarely used the h6 header I don’t think.

<h1>This is heading tag 1</h1>

This is heading tag 1

<h2>This is heading tag 2</h2>

This is heading tag 2

<h3>This is heading tag 3</h3>

This is heading tag 3

<h4>This is heading tag 4</h4>

This is heading tag 4

<h5>This is heading tag 5</h5>
This is heading tag 5
<h6>This is heading tag 6</h6>
This is heading tag 6

Tip: if we try and use an h7 header we get back to normal text so this is actually not an h7 header because h7 doesn’t exist so we can’t use an h7 header if we try to do it’ll just give us normal text.


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