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According to Internet Live Stats, there are nearly 1.8 billion websites active today. Most users will never visit the lion’s share of them. But each site contributes to the new web development trends of 2021. In addition, the number of IT-sector workers in recent decades is growing at a fantastic pace, which makes it necessary to keep abreast of the latest changes and trends to remain competitive in the labor market.

It is noteworthy that the standards of web development sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. And the developers themselves, in doing so, must be one step ahead. To this end, it is necessary to keep abreast of web development trends. What awaits this sphere in the foreseeable future?

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are not a phenomenon this year. However, the technology is catching the attention of most investors and developers because of its ability to provide a quality user experience.

What are PWAs suitable for? Their primary purpose is to allow users to browse websites in a mobile browser with the same speed and convenience as on a computer.

The distinctive feature of PWAs is the ability to send push notifications without downloading additional apps. That said, push notifications are one of the digital marketing trends.

Already today, PWAs have improved the quality of the following services:

  • Uber;
  • Twitter;
  • Smashing Magazine;
  • Pinterest;

Progressive web apps are changing the way we use the Internet. They load quickly, but they also allow services to be used offline, performing the functions of native apps.

Artificial Intelligence Development.

Today, artificial intelligence mimics human behavior at a high level. It is capable of performing many cognitive functions, such as:

  • learning;
  • data collection;
  • analysis;
  • automation.

Today, many users are not even surprised to learn that AI is involved on most websites, such as write my paper for me services. It has created a new dimension in web development and online learning.

So, today you don’t have to spend weeks brainstorming when developing functional websites. AI simplifies most processes while providing just as much service.

The most common way to use AI today is to add chatbots to a website. But this relates directly to functionality and user experience. Along with chatbots, you can partner with Python development companies to implement other things for your website improvement. Some of them are personalized recommendations, semantic search, quantitative usability testing, etc. In website development itself, AI is applied at virtually every step, from deployment to testing.


The first thing that should never get worse in Web development is performance. But JavaScript makes extensive calculations slow. This significantly degrades the user experience.

This was one of the reasons WebAssembly was born. This technology allows you to compile programming language code into bytecode that runs directly in the browser.

WebAssembly has the following advantages:

  • Independent of programming language and platform;
  • independent of hardware;
  • it executes code quickly;
  • provides a high level of security.

It all comes down to a triangle – compactness, cross-platform, speed. And all three of these components are essential in modern web development. That is why today, WebAssembly is necessary for the lion’s share of web development.

Voice Search & Navigation

Most of the devices that are now in your environment can hear you. They include phones, watches, laptops, and tablets. Your voice can also control many car functions. It all comes down to the fact that we need less physical contact with a device to perform a task.

This is how we develop a habit. Every user subconsciously expects any service to provide a similar capability. Web developers are obliged to respond to this.

Voice search and web page navigation are:

  • ease of use;
  • high speed of task completion;
  • excellent user experience.

A person prefers to spend as little time as possible typing different commands. That is why he is increasingly using voice searches. And therefore, web development will be closely linked to the implementation of such functionality.

Mobile-First Approach

For a long time, the primary trend of web development has been adaptability. But today, it is a mandatory component of any site. Because without it, the user experience deteriorates and reduces the indexing rating in search engines.

Today, the cell phone comes to the forefront rather than the desktop. Thus, one of the trends in web development is to develop the functionality of the site or application primarily for the smartphone.

PWA is one implementation of this approach. Another solution is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). These pages load much faster than HTML, allowing the site to be saturated with rich animated content.

Already today, AMP is used in all web applications whose users actively use smartphones to log in to the sites.

Motion design UI

Motion is one of the main trends in web design. Minimalism combined with complex animations looks good and attracts the user’s attention. With motion design, elements such as:

  • page header transitions;
  • diagrams;
  • pop-up windows;
  • drop-down menus;
  • page scrolling;
  • backgrounds.

This will all help to display the unique style of the website, entertain the user by improving behavioral factors, and increase search rankings.

With AMP, a motion design can be implemented without losing load speed. So if you want to keep the user on your page, start thinking about animations today.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless technology is the result of finding ways to avoid system overload, data loss, or expensive development. Thus, one solution has been cloud computing, which can replace conventional servers.

How will this help web development?

  • reducing the development and support budget;
  • strengthening the architecture of applications;
  • increase flexibility.

With serverless technology, tasks such as uploading backup files, delivering notifications, and exporting objects will be high-speed. In other words, serverless architecture is another trend that will change the approach to web development.

RAIL Model

Like most of the trends on this list, RAIL was not invented today. The concept first appeared back in 2015 but didn’t gain popularity until 2019. It involves faster page load times and provides high site performance.

What does it consist of?

Response. Each request will receive an almost instant reply. Feedback will be provided within 100 milliseconds.

Animation. Animations should be provided with two elements – scrolling and dragging. The task is to provide completion of each frame within 16 milliseconds.

Idle. Not all elements need to be loaded at the same time. Essential page elements that the user wants to access instantly should be loaded first. The rest of the blocks can be loaded after in the background.

Load. The first second should load the main elements of the page, both the navigation bar and the home screen. This will ensure an experience where the user cannot get distracted and go to another site.

This concept implies instant response, a sense of inextricable animation, and quick execution of all actions. The most prolonged period in this concept is 1 second, which is needed to load the first screen. All other actions will be completed within milliseconds.

Single-Page Web Apps

Today there is no need to get hung up on the approach where every action performed on a page (e.g., clicking on buttons) leads to loading another web page from the server.

SPAs are one of the trends of recent years that help eliminate the need for constant communication with the server. They provide better performance and a high level of data protection.

Why are single-page applications gaining popularity? Because JavaScript frameworks will grow strongly in 2021. And SPAs use this same language to load content. Such apps require no additional wait time, giving users instant feedback.


Most of the above trends cannot be implemented without a specific technology stack. But today, there are hundreds of frameworks and libraries. So which of them will be used most often?

First of all, it is the MEAN stack, which includes:

  • MongoDB – database management system;
  • Express.js – a framework that provides excellent functionality for mobile and web applications;
  • Angular.js, a front-end framework;
  • Node.js – runtime, which allows you to work with both the front-end and back-end.

Also, the React library plays a significant role. Very often, it is used as a replacement for Angular in the MEAN stack. It provides a simplified and fast implementation of changes, so more and more developers prefer it to Angular.

Relatively young framework Vue has already taken its place in the global market after giants like Xiaomi and Alibaba switched. It’s a very compact front-end solution. And, similarly, it often becomes a replacement for Angular in MEAN.

And the last popular solution is Flutter for Web. It helps ensure that web applications work well on any device, which ranks high in web developer ratings.

Sometimes it is tough to follow all the trends because they change pretty quickly. But, most of the current trends do not appear today. So why not try them on your site?

Remember that despite changing approaches, technology stacks, and ideas, the main goal of web development is to provide a quality user experience. This is the trend that will remain forever.

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