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Frame tag is used to specify the web page that will be displayed in that frame. <Frame> tag is used within the frameset tag. The <frame> tag is not supported in HTML 5. Frame tag defines the specific area of the web page where displays other website pages.

Attributes of Frame Tag

Some important attributes of the <frame> tag are as follows:

Attribute Description
SrcIt specifies the page to be displayed in the frame.
MarginheightIt specifies the amount of space to be left at the top and left side of the frame in pixels
MarginwitdthIt specifies the amount of space to be left along the sides of the frame in pixels
NameIt specifies the name of the frame
Noresize It makes the frame un-resizable
ScrollingIt specifies the appearance of horizontal and vertical scrollbars of the frame. The possible values are yes, no and auto
BorderIt specifies the width of the frame border in pixels.


<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Frame Tag in HTML</title>
	<frameset rows="33%,33%">
		<frame src="" name="top">
		<frame src="" name="center">
		<frame src="" name="bottom">



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