Top 7 Best Cloud-based Accounting Software In 2023

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The dawn of the digital era has significantly transformed the way businesses handle their accounting tasks and you need Cloud-based Accounting Software. This transformation has been notably driven by the advent of cloud-based accounting software. Today, accounting software platforms are more powerful and accessible than ever, providing comprehensive services from simple bookkeeping to complex financial data analysis.

Here, we take a look at the top seven cloud-based accounting software of 2023, offering robust features and services to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Understanding cloud-based accounting software

Cloud-based accounting software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that helps businesses store, organize, and analyze financial data efficiently. It offers powerful services like tracking expenses, managing invoices, creating budgets, and forecasting revenues. Additionally, cloud-based accounting software provides users with a printable invoice template, a centralized dashboard to view all financial information and secure data access anytime and anywhere.

1. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online, a product by Intuit, has remained at the forefront of cloud-based accounting solutions. It offers a wide range of features, including invoice management, expense tracking, and time tracking capabilities. Its comprehensive reports, coupled with the ability to connect to many other business applications, make it an outstanding tool for SMEs. QuickBooks Online also provides different invoice templates, allowing for easy customization and branding.

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is particularly known for its strong invoicing capabilities. It offers time tracking, expense tracking, project management, and online payments, alongside a robust set of accounting tools. With the FreshBooks platform, businesses can generate a printable invoice template, reducing the hassle of manual invoice creation. Moreover, this cloud-based accounting software also allows users to automate invoice payment reminders, making it easier for businesses to manage their accounts receivable.

3. Xero

Xero has emerged as one of the primary competitors to QuickBooks Online, especially for small businesses. Known for its simplicity and intuitive interface, Xero offers real-time cash flow updates, invoicing, bill payments, expense tracking, and inventory management. It also integrates well with several third-party applications, improving its versatility. The best part about Xero is that it offers a 50% discount for the three months after purchase.

4. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is part of the broader suite of Zoho business applications. It provides a comprehensive set of accounting features, including expense tracking, invoicing, time tracking, reporting, and project management. The software also seamlessly integrates with other Zoho apps, providing a unified platform for business management.

5. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting software is a versatile tool, offering a range of features from basic accounting tasks to advanced financial management. Its functionality includes invoicing, expense tracking, cash flow forecasting, and integration with other business applications.

6. Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is an excellent option for small businesses and freelancers. The software includes invoice and transaction management, receipt scanning, and basic reporting. Wave Accounting also stands out for its user-friendly interface and simplicity, making it a great option for non-accountants. It is also a free money management tool making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their business costs low.

7. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive business management suite that includes a robust cloud accounting solution. It offers financial management, customer service, inventory control, and e-commerce capabilities. While it’s a more advanced and costly solution, NetSuite ERP is well-suited for medium to large businesses looking for extensive customization and control over their financial processes.


In the ever-evolving world of business, utilizing efficient and powerful cloud-based accounting software has become a necessity. The top software listed here offers a range of features, making your accounting tasks easier and more efficient. Choose the one that best fits your business needs and start streamlining your accounting processes today.

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