5 Best SEO Software For Your Small Business In 2023

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If you want to drive organic traffic then you need to use the best SEO software for your small business to perfectly manage and improve your business SEO strategy and work. When you write content without working on your SEO aspects, then you will not score high rankings.

So, to high your ranking score, you need to have some SEO software for guidance. However, there are so many software tools but only the right tool can help you to improve your SEO strategy, rank your business higher and drive more traffic to your page. Here is some Best SEO software for your small business.

1. Google Analytics

Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

Google Analytics is the Best SEO Software For Your Small Business to analyze site traffic. It is commonly used by small business owners, they apply GA tags on their websites. You can easily find out where your website visitors come from and navigate your site.

Through this tool, you will analyze your website visitor’s activities on your page and also make almost 100 Analytics accounts to use. It is a freemium service but google also provides a paid version of Analytics 360 with many advanced features. Well, if you want to use an easy tool for SEO then Google Analytics is the best choice.

Key Features:

  • It allows one to see which channels visitors come from like organic traffic from Google and other social media platform.
  • Through this software, you can view physical location data like city and state.
  • The users can explore how visitors are using their site, such as which web pages are viewed by visitors and also how long they stay on their site.
  • Well, you can connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics to see insights for pages and keywords.
  • You can also set up Goals in Google Analytics to track the conversion actions.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

Google PageSpeed Insights is another amazing software that provides a quick check of the page load speed of individual site pages. You can also see any performance issues through this tool. Well, it is a direct ranking factor that can be useful for both Google Search and Ads.

You can also check how Google views your page performance which is important to understand for improvement. Well, Google PageSpeed Insights is free to use, so if you want to use the best SEO software for free then we recommend Google PageSpeed Insights to use.

Key Features:

  • This tool allows you to use easy ways for your site pages can load faster, like resizing images found on the page, page caching suggestions, and other recommendations for optimizing CSS or java.
  • Through this tool, the user can see third-party code that’s processed as the page loads.
  • It will show you Display suggestions so that you can optimize your website’s performance deeply.
  • It also provides links in the extension to use and improve websites’ performance.
  • It allows the users to install the mod page speed Apache module to configure.
  • PageSpeed Insights also allow users to create a report based on the results of the analysis.

3. SE Ranking

Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

SE Ranking is one of the most powerful all-in-one SEO tools. It has a daily rank tracker, detailed site audits, AI-driven content optimization, and high-ranked keyword & competitor traffic insights.

Well, it is an amazing SEO tool with a low price point. It provides 3 plans with a monthly or annual subscription. The users can choose any option according to their needs. SE Ranking also offers a 14-day free trial for practice. So, if you want to high ranked your website then it is the best choice to use.

Key Features:

  • It has amazing features like In-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink sources, and search traffic estimates.
  • It provides a detailed site-wide audit tool that provides many recommendations, on-page audits, and an AI-driven content editor so that you can improve rankings.
  • It has a unique page changes monitoring tool to set up alerts about any changes that suddenly happen to your website.
  • Data-rich SEO report generator tool allows users to make custom-branded SEO reports.
  • Social media tools allow users to make a plan, schedule, and post updates on other social media platforms.

4. SEOquake

Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

SEOquake is also one of the best SEO software which is a free Google Chrome browser extension by Semrush. We can say that SEOquak is also an all-in-one SEO software platform that allows users to use free tools for checking their website SEO metrics.

It is currently available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Well, it is a useful free way to get the high-level domain of Google’s search results and perform basic web page audits.

You can use this tool if you want to use a free plugin for your browser to enhance your website.

Key Features

  • It provides a free basic SEO audit to diagnose any website page to see if there are no critical issues on your business’s website.
  • It allows you to see the keyword of a website page to analyze keyword phrases of the site pages.
  • The SEOquake browser extension can also be used to scan competitor pages for all the above SEO insights which makes it so amazing.
  • It also provides one-click access to SEO data from a web page.
  • It provides Analyze the backlink profile of any webpage.

5. Semrush

Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

Semrush is a complete package of keyword research tools, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site auditing, and keyword rank tracking. Well, it is also called the market leader. It has many features of SEM, SEO, and PPC data provided.

Well if your business is related to amazon that means this tool is just for you because this software provides you with some Sharp tools that are so useful for your Amazon business. Semrush has three options fixed monthly or annual plans.

If you choose the Pro plan then you have to pay $119.95 per month but if you go with Guru then you need to pay $229.95 per month and if you select the Business plan then you have to pay $449.95 per month. It also gives the users a 7-Day Free Trial for practice.

Key Features

  • It has an amazing database for researching new keywords that might be helpful to up your business and industry because it has local estimated search volumes and also information about how competitive keywords are to rank.
  • It provides a detailed on-page website audit to optimize your page or website for ranking.
  • The users can also Search, analyze, and compare competing sites according to their niche or industry.
  • It provides Gap analysis features to discover the topics and keywords. So that you can improve your content and your site.

FAQs Of Best SEO Software For Your Small Business

What is SEO software and how does it work?

SEO software is a tool designed to help businesses optimize their website and improve its visibility on search engine results pages. These tools work by analyzing your website’s content, identifying areas that need improvement, and suggesting changes that can help improve your website’s search engine ranking.

What are some of the best SEO software options for small businesses?

Some of the best SEO software options for small businesses include Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Yoast SEO. Each of these tools offers a range of features designed to help businesses optimize their website and improve their search engine ranking.

What features should I look for when choosing an SEO software tool?

When choosing an SEO software tool, look for features such as keyword research and analysis, backlink tracking, competitor analysis, on-page optimization tools, and reporting and analytics. Additionally, consider the cost of the tool, its ease of use, and whether it offers integrations with other tools or platforms.

How much does SEO software cost?

The cost of SEO software can vary widely depending on the tool and the features it offers. Some tools offer a free version with limited features, while others charge a monthly subscription fee that can range from $50 to $500 or more per month.

Do I need to be an SEO expert to use SEO software?

While some SEO software tools can be complex and require a certain level of expertise, many tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to small business owners with limited technical knowledge. However, it’s still important to have a basic understanding of SEO best practices to get the most out of your SEO software tool.


In the end, we must say SEO software tools are so helpful to save you valuable time, and resources. They can also help you to improve your business visibility in local searches. We have mentioned some of the top SEO tools for small businesses to set up a solid SEO strategy and foundation and track progress. Now you can easily choose one of them according to your requirements. So that’s all you need to know about the best SEO software for your small business. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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