How to Clean Headphone Earmuffs?

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If you have headphones then it’s necessary for you to Clean headphone earmuffs, but why do you need to do it? Your headphones indeed become dirty, smelly, and sweaty, and all these reasons can spoil your listening experience and your headphones experience certainly if you use your headphones for exercise or sports.

When your headphones get to smell and dirt, they make your headphones uncomfortable for you to use and become the cause to spoil your headphone experience. So, it becomes a need to clean the headphone earmuffs.

To have the best and most great listening experience, you need to keep your headphones with great care and keep them clean. Some users don’t keep clean their headphones even though they never clean their headphones earmuffs and because of this, they have to face a lot of issues.

So, how do you clean headphone earmuffs? Don’t worry in this article you will get a complete guideline to know about how to clean headphone earmuffs. After reading, you will be able to clean headphone earmuffs or clean pads properly.

How to Clean Your Headphone Earmuffs?

Required Cleaning Tools

To clean headphone Earmuffs you need some cleaning tools that are following:

  1. A piece of clean cloth/microfiber cl0th
  2. Rubbing alcohol or home-used used hand sanitizer
  3. A few cotton buds
  4. Any soap or detergent
  5. Warm Water to wash
  6. Multipurp0se adhesive
  7. A glue – Blue-tack

Clean Your Headphones

Because of the reasons that have been mentioned above such as dust, dirt, and moisture, your headphones need proper cleaning. So, the following method will help you to clean your headphones:

  • Firstly, you need to get a damp cloth.
  •  And after that, you have to pour or add some alcohol to this soft piece of cloth.
  • After that, you will gently wipe the metal and plastic parts of your headphones using this alcohol and cloth.

As we know headphones have different designs, so if your headphone has such a design that is challenging for you to clean then you have to use cotton buds to clean those places where you can’t able to clean with a cloth.

Clean Your Headphone Earmuffs

It’s slightly difficult to clean headphone earmuffs, but no need to be worried, you just have to follow these steps and can easily clean headphone earmuffs:

  1. First of all, you have to get a small glass dish and then fill it in the half.
  2. After filling it you have to add the detergent, any hand sanitizer, and soap to it.
  3. , Now you will mix them very well, so the cleaning tool that you used spreads evenly.
  4. After that start rubbing with the gentle hand and cushion of your, headphones which are mostly made with leather fabric. 
  5. Now you need to get a cotton bud and then you will dip it in the water a little bit, for the purpose to clean the earmuffs’ inside part, especially for places that are tuff to
  6. real leather rather Conditioner: Keep in mind you must use a leather conditioner if earmuffs are made of leather. You should use leather conditioner because using it will prevent any damage and cracking of the headphones. Moreover, it will also expand its lifespan and will remain them fresh just as when you bought them from the market.

Why You Should Clean Your Headphones?

Why do you need to clean headphone earmuffs? If you clean your headphone and their earmuffs then you will get some benefits which are as follows:

  • If you clean your headphone then they will look brand new
  • If you clean headphones earmuffs then headphones will smell very good
  • If you keep your headphone clean then they will last longer

Can You wash headphone ear pads be washed?

All it involves is wetting a soft washcloth with warm soapy water. Just get it damp, don’t soak it. Then, wipe down your headphone pads. Don’t try to wash headphone ear pads directly, you have to take a soft washcloth and after that wet this cloth with warm water. Keep in mind that only get the washcloth damp, don’t soak it. After doing that you have to gently wipe down headphone ear pads. Be careful don’t press hard or don’t scrub, just gently wipe over the pads just a few times.

How Do You Clean Headphone Earmuffs, If They are Non Removable?

If you can be able to remove your headphone earmuffs then don’t worry still you can clean headphone earmuffs if they are non-removable. You can wash or clean headphone earmuffs with mild liquid detergent or soap in warm water. So, firstly wash them with a liquid soapy solution in warm water and after that, you have tense them in clean and clear warm water.

But keep in mind and be careful that the sound-attenuating material in the inner side of your headphone’s ear cushions does not get wet. Then you have to use a soft brush so that you can remove skin dirt and oil that can harden your headphone’s ear cushions.

Why is Your Headphone Cleaning So Important?

You should clean headphones and Clean headphone earmuffs because there are many benefits of cleaning and taking care of them. Such as the following:

  • If you keep clean headphone earmuffs then this cleaning will keep them in a good shape for a long time, it means that you won’t need to replace them as often and in this way, you can save money.
  • If you keep your headphones with great care then the longer your headphone will stay in good and high-quality condition. means you will get the same high comfort level from beginning to last.
  • Each type of headphone gets dirt, dust, sweat, and bacteria. So, dirty and unclean headphones become the reason for many ear problems. If you adopt a proper cleaning routine for your headphone and regularly clean headphone earmuffs then it will help to prevent your headphone muffs from becoming smelly, dirty, and moldy.


Hopefully, you have fully known about clean headphone earmuffs and also about the importance of cleaning and taking care of your headphones. You should clean your headphone earmuffs and your headphones at least three times a week. If you clean headphone earmuffs then it means you will be safe from facing many issues related to your headphones.

 Why You Should Clean Your Headphones

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