Can You Take Headphones in Sauna?

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This is a common question asked by people. Can you take headphones in Sauna or not? Saunas or steam rooms provide you with highly relaxing and tranquil experiences. When you go anywhere with your friends, you will enjoy but if you are alone in a place, the first thing that comes to your mind is to listen to your favorite music with your headphones. so Can you take headphones to the Sauna?

Simply we can say, “No, you can’t do this,” You can’t take headphones in the sauna, because your headphones may be damaged or malfunction, when you take headphones in the Sauna because of the room’s inside condition.

The sauna room’s excess heat can fry your headphones and can ruin them by causing mold, bacteria growth, and rust, so don’t try to take headphones in the Sauna, it doesn’t matter what type of headphones you have like wireless or wired.

So, before going into detail, can you take headphones to the sauna? Firstly you need to know about the Sauna and steam rooms and how these rooms work to better understand the reasons for not taking headphones in the Sauna.

What is Sauna?

It’s very important for people to first know about Saunas if they have this question, Can You take Headphones in the sauna? Saunas are just small rooms, heated to temperatures between 150°F and 195°F (65°C to 90°C). These rooms often have wood and unpainted interiors and are also temperature controls.

What is Sauna

Rocks may also be included as a heating element part that is used to absorb and give off heat. These rocks create steam as water is poured into them. Both saunas and steam rooms do the same task, but they do it in different ways. Sauna rooms are built in closed spaces to make it possible to provide a sufficient amount of heat to our body in the order it sweats off toxins, burns calories, reduces stress, and does a lot of different things. 

So, it can be said, saunas are greatly helpful to the human body and offer you several benefits. With the help of their high heat, they amazingly work on the body. But not good for electronic devices because extremely high heat and moisture in closed spaces make it worse and just as hell for electronic devices. So, saunas and electronic devices can be a dangerous combination and headphone is an electronic device.

Headphones Don’t like Heat

There are a few types of headphones that shut down before overheating and can disturb your enjoyment of your favorite music. Simply we can say that your headphones hate heat as heat can fry them. Taking headphones in the sauna especially if they are wireless, will be a worse idea.

Your headphones are not just in danger of destruction, you, too are also in dangerous condition of serious damage if you’re wearing your Bluetooth headphones when the battery finally overheats. There can be a risk of serious heat. So, you can decide to take headphones in the sauna, are right or not?

why you can’t take headphones to the sauna?

Let’s go into detail, can you take headphones to the sauna? As we already mentioned, no you can’t, so you need to know why you can’t take headphones in the sauna. So, let’s dive. Following are some possibilities that can happen if you try to take headphones in the sauna:

1. Your Headphones battery Can Explode

Your Bluetooth headphones can’t be able to function without batteries, it’s true. So, the condition of the sauna or steam room can explode most batteries of headphones. Because extreme heat and humidity are very unsafe for headphones and their batteries. Moreover, your headphones can become more unstable and unsafe when they are in or over your ears.

The sauna room’s temperature can go up to 195°F (90°C) while headphone batteries shouldn’t be disclosed to temperatures transcending 140°F (60°C), so it would be a danger. Luckily, if that time your headphone battery saves from any damage in this extremely high temperature then means this temperature will impact your battery life in the future.

Shortly, if you take headphones in the sauna, their batteries must be affected if not, at that very instant, it will do damage later. So, it’s a good suggestion for you not to take headphones in a sauna because there is a possibility to turn your peaceful time into a serious tragedy within a few seconds while you have to wear your headphones on your ear and the headphones’ batteries explode.

2. Your Headphones Might Turn Off

A few headphones have a feature of automatic shutdown if the headphones are revealed to extreme ailments. Such conditions take headphones into the sauna’s room eventually in the first place. When you take headphones in a such climate that is extremely hot for your headphones then this automatic shutdown feature will allow itself automatically.

If your headphones have such an automatic shut-down feature and you take headphones in a sauna then your Bluetooth headphones will turn off automatically within just a few minutes. And then your headphones won’t turn on instantly after you shift to a convenient environment.

You can find this feature in almost all headphones that operate with batteries. So, don’t try to take headphones in the sauna, if you do that it means you put your headphones and yourself a risk.

3. Growth of Bacteria And Mold

If you take headphones in the sauna, then in its extremely hot conditions there is a possibility of developing bacteria and mold quickly on your headphones.

The following are three factors that make such expansion difficult:

  1. Your headphones could get shattered and damaged.
  2. Unpleasant odors could develop in the coverings, and unpleasant and distaste smells could create.
  3. If in your ear canal germs entered, you could mourn an ear disease infection.

So, it has been clear that if you take headphones in the sauna, then it can damage and harm your headphones. If you have faced any ear infection then you know how is it painful?. The damage is assured if you take headphones in the sauna. 


Hopefully, you have gotten the answer to Can you take headphones in the sauna. So, it’s not recommended and advisable to take headphones in the sauna, because as mentioned above the atmosphere of sauna and steam rooms is extremely hot and they can easily damage your headphones or any other electronic device. So before entering in sauna or steam rooms you need to leave your electronic devices, especially your headphones outside the sauna.

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