Betting On A New Coach

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Some bookmakers accept bets on the new coach of the football team. This is a fairly rare type of bet that you can make good money on. In the list, 2-3 options are usually indicated with specific names.

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How to know when the coach will be changed?

Information about the new coach of the club or the national team begins to emerge in those periods when the current coach is clearly not coping with the tasks. Naturally, in such cases, the leadership of the team begins to look for him a worthy replacement. The circle of candidates usually consists of free coaches and those who are currently working well with other teams.

To understand the chances of a coach change, you need to review it after match interviews. The bet on a new coach, as it is not difficult to understand, is long-term. Therefore, here you have to collect information bit by bit.

What are the signs that the current coach is about to leave? If the coach knows 100 percent that he is leaving, then he will not run to the curb and shout to the players, as well as vigorously express complaints against the referees. Such a specialist is often calm and even phlegmatic. At press conferences, such coaches may even joke, but they are unlikely to be too nervous.

How do you determine who will be the new mentor? First of all, you should pay attention to those specialists who don’t have work for a long time. As a rule, such coaches often give detailed interviews during the unemployed period. It is helpful to read them. Perhaps in the comments they will tell you that they would like to work in some championship. These words should be remembered if the club with a problem coach is from this country.

The most reasonable method is to sign two single bets with odds higher than 3. Before that, you need to choose the most likely candidates. Naturally, it is necessary to correctly determine the amounts for the bets. You can bet the same amounts on two options, taking into account the size of the odds. For events with odds of 3,4 and 5, it is optimal to allocate up to 3% of the bank for each position. In this case, the bettor will receive different profits if he plays at least one bet.

You can bet different amounts for each position. The higher the odds, the lower the bet amount. With this option, the profit will be approximately the same.

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