7 Business Ideas For Housewives with Low Investment

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Are you a housewife with a deep and clear sense of business, if yes, why don’t you start your own business yet? Being financially independent is so important for everyone. but Financing business is a big challenge to become independent for most people, especially housewives. Well, if you choose a venture that doesn’t need enormous funding and returns profits quickly, you can become independent in a short period.

So, in this video, we will talk about these super amazing business ideas for housewives. So, let’s ready to become a rich woman.


Friends…. There are many housewives living around us who are fed up with inflation and want to help their husbands. But they have so much responsibility for housework and children that they cannot leave the house and work outside. Some of these women are not very educated.

Now the question arises, what should such women do? If we say that you can do business by staying at home and taking the financial responsibility of your husband. So many of you women will say. They don’t have money for our business. But we will still say that you can do it if you have very little money.

So let’s go، Without wasting time, we highlight the business ideas that any housewife can do with very little investment.

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1. E-tailing:

If you are an educated lady then why you don’t go to Electronic retailing? Well, it is a perfect way to sell products online. You can easily enlist yourself on e-commerce portals such as Flipkart or Amazon, which will help you handle cataloging, delivery, and payments for you. So, when you are empaneled with them, you can start selling apparel, home décor items, or anything else that you want to sell. You can also find wholesale suppliers whose goods you can sell at a profit.

2. Tiffin Services

If you are not a well-educated lady or you are a good cook, tiffin service might be for you. As we all know, Countless individuals living and working in cities and they also prefer hygienic and healthy home-cooked food. If you cook different healthy meals and supply tiffin meals for a price, you can make money from this small business at home.

So, friends, once your business grows, you can easily collaborate with your kitchen help. If you are confused and worried about the timely delivery of tiffin meals, then we have a perfect solution for you. you can collaborate with food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, Grab, Uber Eats, Food Panda, etc.

Well, if you are a good chef then say yes in the comment section below!

3. Daycare Center

Guys, you can also Open a daycare center at your home. We must say, it is one of the best businesses for housewives. Now you must be thinking Why? So. It barely needs any investment. Even if your children are small, you can start a daycare center business and let them play with other kids. You just have to start this business if you have some space inside your home.

4. Salon Services

Friends, if you are a makeup artist and have an idea about salon work, you can open a salon at home. Well, it is a startup with a small investment. You have to purchase makeup products. You can also promote your salon on social media platforms.

5. Baked Goods

One of your family members must love your baked goods. How does it not possible, that the people in your city will not love them? So, what do you say about starting an online bakery by collaborating with food delivery apps? Well, if you can receive clients’ orders, you can do it by yourself. initially, you can start this small business by placing only a few selected items on the menu.

And you can bake them in your kitchen. When you start getting better responses, you can increase your menu variety.

6. Boutique and Tailoring

70% of woman has the skill of stitching. So, if you have your fashion sense, don’t waste it. You can cash your skill by the way. Even if you’re not perfect at pattern cutting or tailoring, you can hire a tailor who can work for you. Friends, you can start a home boutique. You can also offer bespoke stitching services to your customers.

You can do it both offline and online. This small boutique will take up some space at your home, that’s it.

Well, if you like this business idea, so give a thumb to it.

7. Event planning

So, guys, there are so Many people who have no time and expertise to plan their event. That’s why they hire someone else for event planning. Well, if you’re one of those people who have a better idea of event planning then you can start an event planning business. Come down….we are not talking about big events; we say start by planning smaller events, and after getting more experience, you can move on to corporate parties and weddings.

The best thing to get clientele for your business is by networking and collaborating with caterers, photographers, DJs, and decorators.


Have a business idea but don’t have much money to invest, fret not! You can choose one of the above-mentioned ideas but smartly choose that which suits you more. Hopefully, this video helps you a lot. For this super-duper video, give a thumbs up. Do subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon to stay tuned with upcoming informative videos. Well, we will come up with another interesting topic soon. Stay blessed!

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