5 Best Rendering Software For Sketchup In 2023

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These days, SketchUp’s 3D modeling platform has a wide range, and looking for Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. This is designed to create 2D and 3D projects spanning architecture, design, landscaping, video game design, etc. It might be a blank canvas.

Well, you have to use the most powerful tools in the 3D rendering and home design software industry. Because the features and design are something that fits the unique needs of your customer, in this way, the users must look for a 3D rendering solution, so that they can use the Best Rendering Software For Sketchup to make renders from their designs.

So In this article, we’ll mention some Best Rendering Software For Sketchup for professional designers, builders, and contractors. So let’s get started for further detail!

Best Rendering Software For Sketchup

If you’re still looking to purchase or use a Best Rendering Software For Sketchup, then you can choose one of the following mentioned according to your requirements:

1. V-Ray

Best rendering software for SketchUp

V-Ray is fully compatible with SketchUp as a user-friendly plugin. If you want to get photo-realistic renderings out of SketchUp, VRAY is the better choice. It has a material editor feature and all the other useful tools to produce pro-quality images and animations.

However, it brings real-time, photorealistic rendering and a suite of sophisticated design tools into SketchUp and helps to make your 3D models outstanding. Well, VRAY allows you to use some tools and materials for free. You can find many tools like global illumination, light mixing, adaptive lights, etc. 

Through Real-world cameras, you can control white balance, exposure, and depth of images also. But keep in mind that V-Ray isn’t for everyone. Well, it is tricky to understand and might be expensive. Because to use all the features and its tool, you have to pay for SketchUp, too.

Well, if you want to use the rendering software V-Ray for SketchUp then you have to pay $350 per year.  Now let’s take a look at its amazing Features:

  • It brings Real-time rendering
  • It comes with CPU, GPU, and Hybrid Rendering
  • It has Smart 3D assets
  • V-Ray has Real-world cameras
  • This software has also VR presentations
  • It has amazing lighting tools including Light gen, light mixing, adaptive lights, sun, and sky
  • It is a Lighting analysis
  • It has also a Materials Library
  • Here you can also see Texture map
  • It has Aerial perspective, environment fog, and also volumetric materials.

2. Brighter 3D

Best rendering software for SketchUp

Brighter 3D is also another Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. It has noiseless rendering technology and the most important fact is that it has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create renderings from a SketchUp model, easily and fast.

Brighter 3D gives you many different lighting features such as daylight, artificial, and HDRI lighting. Well, the field feature allows you to focus on specific points within a scene which is so amazing. The feature of PBR textures helps the user to make realistic-looking material, and fly-by animations.

You can also see an Ambient Occlusion mode that helps you to create images without setting up the lighting first. However, you have to pay $149 to use this service. Here you will get a 7-day free trial for practice also. Well, it has many amazing Features, such as:

  • It has artificial lighting
  • It has the feature of Daylight
  • You can also find ambient occlusion
  • It has a Depth of field to make the image more realistic.
  • It allows using 360-degree cameras
  • It has an Animation feature
  • You can use its Customizable materials library also.
  • You can see GPU-based tone mapper

Other Helpful software:

3. LightUp

Best rendering software for SketchUp

LightUp is also the fastest, simplest Best Rendering Software For Sketchup that is used all around the world. Basically, LightUp is outdated but still, but has some useful tools. As Lux analysis tool helps the user to reveal the distribution of direct light in the model and it also allows you to take spot measurements.

You can also add light sources to any SketchUp component. You just have to place it in the right position. However, you have to pay $189 for an annual license, and $349 for a perpetual license. Plus, you can use a 30-day free trial for practice also. It has also some amazing Features, such as:

  • It has Real-time walkthroughs
  • This service has Light sources
  • You can find Lux and Insolation analysis too.
  • LightUp also has Hi-res renderings, stills, AVI, and panoramas.

4. SU Podium

Best rendering software for SketchUp

SU Podium is one of the Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. Basically, it is designed to extend the value of the platform’s built-in features. Its SketchUp models have photorealistic images with realistic lighting, materials, and reflections.

If you want to cover both indoor and outdoor renderings with impressive lighting effects, then it is a better idea to use it. The platform has a photon-mapping algorithm to make photorealistic images.

SU podium offers the users GPU or Hybrid rendering also. If you want to use this excellent software then you have to $259 for a permanent license. Well, it has very useful Features, such as:

  • Raytracing available
  • It has also global illumination
  • This service has some amazing Realistic materials
  • It provides Sun and sky, and artificial lighting to make your creature more attractive.
  • It has also panoramic rendering
  • It gives you HDR image-based rendering.

5. Keyshot

Best rendering software for SketchUp

KeyShot is an amazing real-time 3D rendering Best Rendering Software For Sketchup.  It can help you to reduce the time to make high-quality renderings and animations. The service has fast render speeds and a clean, intuitive interface. Well, you can use almost 750 materials to create your own using this platform’s tools, images, and lights.

It has also manufacturing and documentation tools so that you can create technical specs for a unique design. Well, marketing and sales tools help you to create visuals to attract more customers and get many proposals. KeyShot might be a good option for users that supports the entire development cycle.

So you have to pay $995 for its license. It has many unique and interesting Features, such as:

  • It has also CPU and GPU rendering.
  • Global illumination is also available.
  • This service has also HDRI and physical lighting
  • Scientifically accurate materials are also included.
  • It has also Denoise
  • Material, texture, environment, color, and 3D model libraries are also available.
  • The users can find Material templates
  • It has a Camera control
  • Walkthrough mode is also available.


Basically, there are many Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. But we have mentioned some Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. You can choose one of them according to your requirement. So that’s all you need to know about Best Rendering Software For Sketchup. We have mentioned everything in detail. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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