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With the help of Invoicing software, a freelance business can run more smoothly because you can ensure your clients get invoiced regularly if you try the best invoice. Well, invoice software helps you to create, send, and perfectly manage invoices.

As we all know, there are hundreds of new freelancer invoicing software on the market—all the software claims to be as best as others but that’s true every invoice software cannot be able to fulfill your freelance business requirements.

So to resolve this issue we have compiled a list of the top 5 best invoice software for freelance in detail. So let’s get started for more detail!

1:  Moxie

Moxie is one of the best invoice software for freelancers. Well, if you want to use a freelancer smarter, and not harder software then you should, try Moxie. Well, it is the best freelancer-focused software solution with a ton of useful features that make your invoicing process easier.

Moxie might be integrated with one of the leading payment processors to create modern and unique invoices in a short time. You just have to add your logged time from the built-in time-tracking tool, and after that, you will itemize it by time entry.

Moxie invoice software offers many features to help make your invoicing process easy, such as recurring invoices, automatic reminders, late fee notifications, and custom payment terms. Download the app for free invoices on the go and get paid with ease.

Moreover, it has so many other amazing features such as:

Key features:

  • This software lets you connect with the tools which are already used.
  • This amazing software offers you different views for different working styles.
  • It also allows you to visualize deliverables and break to-do’s out.
  • It also sends real-time updates and collaboration.
  • This software also provides some Drag-and-drop proposal-building features.
  • It also lets you calculate lifetime earnings and also check past notes.
  • It has so many templates designed to protect you.
  • The Moxie app gives you a great free trial.

2: FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another best invoice software for freelancers and it is also the most well-known freelance invoicing software all over the world. FreshBooks can help you to manage your freelance business so smoothly.

Well, this software lets you create invoices in less than 30 seconds and then it also allows you to send those invoices to your clients from the same dashboard. Furthermore, it offers some cool features built right into the software where if any client forgets to pay his invoice, FreshBooks will send them reminder or notification to that client to get paid on time.

Plus it will help you in managing Contracts, proposals, clients, and time-tracking. Moreover, it comes with many useful features, some of which are given below:

Key features:

  • This software lets you Set recurring invoices for clients.
  • You can also accept payments online via the FreshBooks portal
  • You can also customize your invoice and give it a professional look.
  • Charge late fees are also available in this software.
  • It can also send reminders for unpaid invoices to your clients.
  • This software also offers a 30-day free trial for practice.
  • It has a very simple interface which makes it easy to use.

3: HoneyBook

HoneyBook is also one of the best invoice software for freelancers. Well, this software comes packed with all the features you need to create a professional proposal for invoicing. You can also create branded proposals, contracts, and customized invoices through this invoicing software.

It also offers client tasks with alerts and notifications automatically. This software has an easy-to-use interface. Its pipeline visualization will help you see exactly where are your clients and what they need.

Moreover, it has many helpful features to use, some of which are given below:

Key features:

  • This software allows you to customize your contracts to look professional.
  • It also lets you use many unique templates because you have access to hundreds of professional templates.
  • This software also gives you a free trial for practice.
  • The options of Invoice, contract, and payment are also available all in one.
  • This software offers a client booking process.
  • It gives you Professional branding.
  • You can also Share your meeting link and get booked easily through this software.
  • It gives you Confirmation and reminder options.
  • This software can integrate with all the tools.

4: Bonsai

Bonsai is also the best invoice software for freelancers. If you have a simple business of freelance and don’t do complicated projects, then you can go with Bonsai invoicing software which is completely free to use. You can also get an entire suite of freelancers’ resources to run the business on autopilot.

It also offers you more than 100 invoice templates. You can also sign up for free to use this amazing software. This software also lets you read the full in-depth review of the software for more info. This software also lets you share all the information with the customer directly.

You can also create beautiful freelancer invoicing templates to use. Moreover, it comes with so many amazing features to use, such as:

Key features:

  • You can get paid an average of 13 days faster through this software.
  • It has 3x fewer late payments to you.
  • It can generate and fill all your documents as a new project.
  • By using this app you can easily Work from anywhere.
  • It offers Global payments, 180 currencies, and International contracts.
  • It also gives you a 30-day free trial to use.

5: Harpoon

Last but not least, the harpoon is also the best invoice software for freelancers. This is the best great platform for sending freelance invoices and it works as a great motivator and stats tracker. Harpoon app knows how much you need to be making as a freelancer as well as how much you’re insurance costs.

It will also tell you what your expenses are and how much you get profit. Simply H, harpoon keeps you on track. Moreover, it has so many amazing features, some of which are given below:

Key features:

  • This software also lets you Calculate an annual revenue goal.
  • You can use the Harpoon software to reverse engineer your goals.
  • It offers Dynamic monthly goals which let you adjust each month to stay on track.
  • It has a free trial for practice.
  • This software helps you to set, track, and achieve the perfect financial goal for your freelance business.
  • It also can track tracks your team’s project activity automatically.
  • You can also convert it into an accurate forecast.
  • This software also helps you determine the potential value.


As we all know, invoice software is essential for freelancers. But it does not mean you can trust any invoice software for your freelancer business. So you have to use one of the best which can fulfill your requirements. So we have tried our best to recommend the best invoice software for freelancers.

Now you can easily choose one of them according to your desire. So that’s all you need to know about the “best invoice software for freelancers”. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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