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CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing which improves the precision of a manufacturing process. It is a computerized process that helps the user to create, modify and optimize any design. Well, it also involves the manufacturing of a computer-controlled machine.

CAM is designed to communicate the code of that machine which performs manufacturing functions like cutting, drilling, or milling. CAM software is a software package that provides its users with the functionality of both CAD and CAM software. But there are so many CAM software for CNC in the market, and which can be the best among them, is a big question.

 Well, we are going to cover the top 5 best CAM software for CNC. So let’s get started for more detail!

1: Fusion 360         

Fusion 360 is the most popular and best CAM software for CNC. It comes with both CAD and CAM functionalities, which makes it more popular among people. Well, this software is free to use. One of the most important parts of this software is the settings of CAM software which is the best for milling and laser techniques. This software also has support for different kinds of file types, such as 3MF, DXF, and STL.

This software also helps you to connect your design to other manufacturing techniques like profiling, mill-turning, and also turning. It also allows you to perform 2.5-axis milling, 5-axis milling, probing, and 4-axis milling.

Moreover, Fusion 360 also aids the user in decision-making and also makes a proper balance between performance and cost. It can also predict the cost of manufacturing the design. Well, it is the best free CNC software for beginners also. Well, it has so many other useful features such as:

Key features:

  • It is compatible with Windows and MacOS.
  • This software is Integrated CAD and CAM features
  • It also provides Third-party add-ons
  • This software provides a Simulation of the G-code before post-processing
  • It allows Post-processing
  • It gives you so many tool options
  • This software Offset for cutting compensation
  • It has Spindle-speed customization

2: Free CAD

Free CAD is another best CAM software for CNC. Basically, it is primarily CAD which comes with efficient CAM capabilities. The CAD part can be used for making both 2D and 3D designs and also the 3D operations allow you to use pockets and water lines.

It has features of both mechanical and fluid simulations. You can use the CAM feature of Free CAD just by selecting the Path Workbench. Free CAD also allows you to select many tools like mills, laser cutters, and lathes. This software also lets you generate the G-code within the Workbench for transmission to the CNC machine.

Additionally, free CAD is best the software for beginners which can easily run on different operating systems, such as Linus, Windows, and macOS. It also supports different file types, such as SVG, STEP, STL, and DXF. Well, it has so many useful features, such as:

Key features:

  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • This software has a Wide range of 2.5D CAM operations such as contouring, drilling, and engraving.
  • Free CAD has the ability to work with different tool types.
  • It allows the Process simulation
  • This software has the same advanced operations such as profiling, helix, slots, and V-carving
  • Its 3D operations have pockets and waterlines
  • This software gives G-code operations to add comments, stops, or custom G-code lines perfectly.

3:  Solidworks

SOLIDWORKS is also the best CAM software for CNC. It is made by Dassault Systems, SOLIDWORKS, and also primarily CAD. But the CAM functionalities featured are limited in SOLIDWORKS. You can use full functionality by add-on which integrates your design and manufacturing.

Well, it has four versions of this CAM add-on, and each comes with different functionality. Well, this software needs to determine the ideal version to use from standard, professional, machinist professional, and machinist standard. It helps to cover simulation, design, cost prediction, and manufacturability checks.

It also has the ability to perform other functions, like data management and working on Windows.  SOLIDWORKS, allow one to work simultaneously on any design with one or more persons. Well, it has so many useful features, some of which are given below:

Key features:

  • It gives you amazing options for Drawing and Modeling
  • Visualize Rendering 3D/solid modelling is also available.
  • It offers many amazing tools such as Drawing Tools, Editing Tools and Rendering tools.
  • It allows you to import your File.
  • It also provides the features of Push and Pull, Views, Grips
  • Collaboration is available in Annotate, Documentation and also Data Extract.

4: Carbide Create

Carbide Create is also a popular and best CAM software for CNC. It has also CAD and CAM functionality, which help you to create the best design and manufacturing software. This software also can combine many different functionalities such as CAD, CAM, simulation, and G-code sender.

It supports many different file types, such as DXF and STL. It allows the creation of a design directly using Carbide Create, converts the design to G-code, and transmits it. This software is compatible with macOS and Windows Operating systems.

You can do 2.5D machining with the free version and also create the 2.5D dimension between 2D and 3D. Moreover, it comes with so many features to use, some of which are given below:

Key features:

  • This software is compatible with Windows, MacOS
  • It also allows you to make Sketch from basic shapes, splines, or base images
  • This software gives Boolean functions to combine, divide, or subtract shapes
  • This software also allows Auto-alignment
  • You can Import your file into DXF and SVG.
  • It has features of V-carving, contouring, and engraving
  • This software gives you so many different tool options.
  • 3D simulation of the CAM process is also available.

5: Exocad

Last but not least, Exocad is the best CAM software for CNC. This software offers so many applications in industries, like dentistry. It comes with CAD and CAM functionalities which make it easy and amazing to use. Well, it provides a of process high volumes of data.

Exocad has a user-friendly interface that allows you to toggle between various modes, Wizard and Expert. Being a dental CAD software, it aids in the production of a lot of dental products, such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and removable veneers. This software can also improve efficiency in the dental industry.

This software also offers several applications in several dental fields, such as design, orthodontics, implant planning, production, and scanning. It is also compatible with Windows and it can also accept file types such as .sdfa, .eoff, and .xyznb. Moreover, it has many useful features such as:

Key features:

  • This powerful dental CAD software helps products and modules in seamless digital workflow
  • It also helps you to save time while working.
  • It has a simple interface to use.


Through this page, you must learn some Best CAM software for CNC in detail. Well, all the software’s fully featured.  Well, we have mentioned the top 5 best CAM software for CNC. Now you can choose one of them which suits your requirements.  We hope so, this article will help you a lot to choose one of the best CAM software for CNC.

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