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It is not an easy thing to stay updated with new technologies flooding every day, so Blogs are the best way to keep up yourself with all the updates with recent innovations. So you can be communicating with fellows, so the same thing is applied to software development blogs but there is no doubt.

It is difficult to find the best developer blogs out there. Don’t worry, here are the top popular and best blog for software engineers from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, and social media followers. So let’s get started with more detail about these best blog for software engineers!

1. Coding Horror

It is the most popular and one of the best blogs for software engineers. Well, Coding Horror is written by Jeff Atwood, who starts in 2004, and ever since he has been writing with a lighthearted tone and succeeded in keeping his readers entertained through his hilarious posts.

Coding Horror is full of information and entertaining facts also because Jeff Atwood always sprinkled fun-to-read posts about the cloud and computer security. Throughout the years, Jeff took has also grown as a writer and software developer. Currently, he posts about software engineering that is easy to read and understand.

Basically, coding horror is one of the best blogs for software engineers because you enjoy hard topics in an amazing and easy way and can easily read them after a hard day at work with full interest.

No doubt Jeff Atwood is the best blog writer and also a co-founder of the Stack Exchange Network of Q&A sites, formerly Stack Overflow. He also created a question-and-answer website for professional coders. Atwood says that the blogs must be a “two-way conversation” and he also engages with on-topic emails and comments too.

2. SEI Blog

SEI blog is also the best blog for software engineers which highlights the SEI’s experience developing cybersecurity challenges and development knowledge with a wide range of software engineer’s community, and also developer’s professionals. So, SEI launched a blog that has a library of above 500 technical articles.

Well, all these articles discuss how cybersecurity assessments help you in critical infrastructure organizations so that you can easily improve cybersecurity with help from free assessment tools that are designed by the SEI.

All the posts also explore the topics such as the balance of cybersecurity and proper privacy concerns opening a new window or detecting mismatches in machine-learning systems opens a new window too in easy and simple language.

 SEI’s most popular post is the 12 Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities in Moving to the Cloud Opens a new window that makes it the perfect choice for software engineers to read this SEI blog.

Moreover, this blog post also presents 5 best practices from the industry on implementing a zero-trust architecture and discusses why they are significant and how to do the best things in this field in deep detail.

Plus the post also highlights research examining the collaboration challenges also which are inherent in the development of machine-learning-enabled systems as compared to traditional software development projects.

3. Hackernoon

Hackernoon is also another best blog for software engineers that covers all the latest news on AI, gaming, python, software development, blockchain, and startups. Basically, it is a free online technology blog that was launched in January 2016 under the name Hacker Daily by ArtMap Inc.

Founder and CEO David Smooke, who also serves as HackerNoon’s CEO. However, this works under a team of eighteen. There is no doubt, this is one of the most popular sites which draws 3 million curious readers each month.

Moreover, there are up to 15,000 contributing writers from every corner of the world. So many people come to this site just to learn about technology, cryptocurrency, start-ups, etc.

Well, we can say that the HackerNoon website is built for technologists to read, write, and publish informative posts. Moreover, after a great struggle, hacker noon would go on to raise $1,070,000 in crowdfunding and be awarded a $100,000 hosting grant from Google Cloud by the end of the year which is so amazing.

Well, its unique posts make it different from other blog sites and also make it the best choice to select this web for reading. So we can say that it can be the best blog for software engineers.

4. Fingent

Fingent is also the best blog for software engineers and also a custom software development company, which has all the latest trends in the world of software world. It is a New York-based SaaS platform. Fingent blog offers packages of content that has the ability to engage people.

This blog site is so informative and surprisingly more than 20,000 visitors come to its blog each month. Sreejith Omanakuttan the associate technical manager at Fingent, said about this blog site “The unique thing is that each blog, topic, idea, and thought is the brainchild of one of the many talented software engineers aboard our team,” Team members always focus on that blog topics which are more educational and where there’s not much information already available on any other blog site.

 Fingent’s most popular posts are Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is Driving Decision MakingOpens a new window and Function Point Analysis – Introduction and Fundamentals Opens a new window.

Moreover, this blog covers the advantages of Custom Software Solutions also which simply help you to save your valuable time, and cost and also improve revenue. There are so many people who love to read the blog post of fingers blog sites.

5. MartinFowler

Martin is a platform for “loud-mouthed pundits on the topic of software development.” The author and speaker begins bliki in 2003 to engage people with more informal writing. Well, it covers a variety of topics such as agile software development, software architecture, and refactoring.

This blog site has a lot of hot topics in engineering. Well, we can say that it is a firm that helps Software companies transition to Amazon Web Services. Well, the theme of work and writing on this site can interplay between the shift towards agile thinking and the technical patterns and practices which can help to create agile software development practices.

 Basically, technology has changed rapidly in the profession, fundamental practices, and patterns but the most important and amazing fact about this site is that its old articles that are published several years before, they are still as relevant as the fresh posts. So we can say that runs as a developer’s machine which is providing value to the customers according to software.


People who want to keep themselves self-updates with the latest and trending topics must come to the blog site. And if we talk about software engineering blogs then everyone wants to read many informative blogs which must be full of information and knowledge.

There are so many blogs for software engineers but choosing one of them might be tricky. So we have mentioned the best blogs for software engineers in detail. Now you can go to one of the best blog sites according to your interest. However, that’s all you need to know about the best blog for software engineers.

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