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Redragon Gaming Mouse is a more advanced gaming mouse for gaming. I believe that gamers will love this mouse. Redragon Gaming Mouse includes the number of programmable buttons. Redragon Gaming Mouse provides beautiful shapes in different colors and it provides a long gaming period with less strain.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M908

Redragon Gaming Mouse

The DPI can be freely set from 100 to 12400. A professional gaming mouse with 18 buttons and programmable switches. This increases productivity and efficiency to meet all your gaming needs. Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 includes powerful units. Give custom actions to most keys to get a combination key.

You can set the click time and blocking delay. Register up to 59 actions and submit with one click. Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 has 7 Chrome Light Effects: Breath, Rainbow, Full Light, Wave, No Trace, Catchy, Flash. Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 comes With 16.8 million available color options, Redragon Chroma lighting makes your mouse look like any other.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 Compatibility. Windows 2000 / ME / KSP / 03 / VISTA / 7/8/10 systems for programmable use, and Mac OS for normal use. 1: 500/1000/2000/3000/6200 adjustable DPI switching mode using mouse button Switching to DPI 2 switching mode. DPI can be freely adjusted from 100 to 12,400 to 100 using the software.

Voting frequency:

  • up to 1000 Hz
  • portable: 125Hz / 250Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz (default 500Hz)
  • Buttons: 18 (18/19) can be customized
  • Tracking system: optical
  • Interface: USB 2.0 top speed.
  • USB length: 6-foot optical cable.
Model NOM908 impact
HardwarePC, Mac
Operating SystemWindows Xp , me, vista,2000
Weight9.9 ounces
Dimension4.81*3.62*1.65 inches

The Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 is a professional gaming mouse with resolutions up to 12,400 DPI and five adjustable DPI levels (500/1000/2000/3000/6200 DPI) for a variety of needs at work or at home. This software can freely adjust the DPI in the range of ± 100 from 100 to 12400. The 1000Hz voting frequency, 30G acceleration, and Pixar PAV3327 precision sensor make you more competitive.

RGB backlight and soft keys: 16.8 million RGB color LED options (LED backlight can be turned off). Eighteen programmable keys, five memory profiles, each in its own bright color for quick identification. It includes eight weight settings (0.08 oz. to 8), so it’s easy to adjust the weights to suit your game. Comfortable and precise with your fingers. The Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 is a necessary accessory for a keen computer thanks to its aggressive design.

You will be amazed by the incomparable comfort, incredible precision, and incredible precision of our robust laptops and desktops. Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 has a great design. The Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 mouse has 7 buttons and 12 programmable MMO side buttons. A soft and durable Teflon pad for better game control. 6-foot braided cable with gold-plated USB connector for reliability.

Whether aiming, aiming, or attacking, the weapon is a professional gaming mouse. Your mouse will be your ideal partner. Compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / KSP / 03 / VISTA / 7/8/10 for programmable use, and Mac OS for normal use. Software/driver link (

5 Adjustable DPI Level:

The Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 Influence supports up to 12,400 dpi and provides five modifiable dpi levels (500/1000/2000/3000/6200 dpi) to meet different speed requirements in different applications.

High Laser Sensor:

With a tracking speed of 200 IPS, a polling rate of up to 1000Hz, and an acceleration of 30G, the Picart PMV3327 sensor is competitive with your opponents.

19 Programmable Buttons:

There are 12 side buttons on the mouse. After installing the software, you can customize all 19 keys for different functions. You can also use the macro editing function to modify the mouse.

16.8 Millions Customizable Color Options:

Select from a full range of 16.8 million colors and custom properties to modify your mouse and provide you the liberty to generate spectacular illumination effects and enjoy interactive in-game effects.

Ergonomic Design:

The molded shape, sweat-proof, and skin-friendly surface ensures maximum comfort and support. The finger rest gaming mouse is very snug and comfortable in your hand so you can use it for a long time without fatigue.

Why I Choose This Product?

I found Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 because I am looking for something that can be played in PC games that require multiple connections. I don’t know what to expect. I mean a budget mouse. So the mouse came two days later and surprised me to see it.

I opened it and the mouse looked great. Let’s say you feel better. It’s too big and my hands are the other way around, so I hope it doesn’t fit in my hand, but it’s attractive. Redragon Gaming Mouse M908 has a very comfortable plastic lining on the top and is very comfortable in the hand. RGB also allows you to change different colors and adjust settings.

The keys are everywhere except the hips and are very pleasant to the touch and sound. The mouse has very comfortable and convenient thumb support, as well as very nice support for the little head and ring finger. Move the mouse side. It certainly has cheaper plastic, which has more fingerprints, but I personally don’t care. The twelve side buttons are harder to press and require more force than the top buttons and require the least force to press the top buttons.

Overall, I recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a high quality mouse at an affordable price!


  • The mouse is designed to fit in your hand for longer use. The included cable is quite long, about 6 feet.
  • RGB lighting can be adjusted using the Red Dragon software.
  •  In addition to the different monochrome patterns, there are several other light effects with the pattern, such as breathing patterns and waves.
  • DPI settings are easy to adjust during different usage cycles. This is done using the preset DPI profile software and can be changed using the buttons at the top, below the scroll wheel.
  • In addition, this mouse has a quick-release button next to the left mouse button.
  • There are 12 hotkeys on the left side of the mouse, which can be programmed using the software. Tilt these buttons slightly in the opposite direction for each row.
  • This makes it easier to understand the key to pressure without looking at it.


Not so many … there is a closed box on the lid to increase or decrease the weight. This is a nice feature that many mice don’t have, but I hope it’s a bit heavier.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra

Redragon Gaming Mouse

You can freely change the DPI from 100 to 10000. A 7-button professional gaming console mouse with programmable switches that provide high performance and efficiency to meet all gaming needs. Hard Disk Perform one action on multiple keys to get the combined key. You can set the snooze key by pressing the time key.

Record 59 events and get started with just one click.7 RGB lighting effects breath, rainbow, full light, wave, traceable, reagent, flash. Redragon RGB Lighting creates a unique 16.8 million usable mouse color options. Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra Compatibility: Windows 2000 / ME / KSP / 03 / VISTA / 7/8/10 systems for programmable use and Mac OS for general use.

  • Set the switching mode 1: 500/1000/2000/3000/5000 DPI according to the mouse button settings.
  • DPI Mode Setting Switch 2: DPI can be freely set from ± 100 to 100 to 10,000 by software.
  • Request rate: up to 1000 Hz
  • Switching: 125Hz / 250Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz (default is 500Hz)
  • Key: 7 (7 of 9) can be used
  • Tracking system: optics
  • Interface: USB 2.0 full speed. 3.0 3.0
  • Size: 5.0 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches USB
  • Length: 1.8m braided optical cable.
Model NOM711
Operating SystemWindows 2000
Weight7.2 ounces
Dimension5*2.6*1.6 inches
Voltage1 Volt

Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra comes with 5 customizable DPI settings and features and 5 customizable DPI levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000), you can meet your daily work and play needs. The DPI can be freely adjusted from 100 to 10,000 within ± 100, and DPI shift-on-the-fly is used to instantly match mouse points to game speed requirements. In addition, software speed settings make it easy to change the mouse speed to suit your needs.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra has 7 programmable buttons and 16.8 million chrome lamps. Programmable RGBLED-7 buttons (7 of 9) provide exceptional performance and efficiency to meet all your gaming needs. Light RGB LED backlighting provides natural light and allows you to play in a unique gaming environment. Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra has 5 adjustable DPI settings: 500/1000/2000/3000/5000, quickly adapt to different game situations. 5000 fps, maximum tracking speed 100ips, acceleration 20g.

With comfortable, accurate hands and an aggressive portable design, the Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra is an essential tool for passionate gamers. The professional gaming mouse is incredibly comfortable, accurate and accurate for both desktops and laptops. You can enjoy good success without disturbing others. It is a great choice in the office, library, bedroom, or just about anywhere.

Powerful Player Choices-Professional gaming mice are the best weapon, whether you catch, shoot, or attack. The mouse will be the perfect companion. Fully compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8/10 for programmable use and Mac OS for general use.

5 DPI Options & Customized Function:

Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra includes five customizable DPI levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 5000) that meet a variety of needs in both daily works and play. DPI can be freely adjusted from 100 to 10,000 times ± 100, and DPI Shift on the fly is used to instantly adjust the mouse speed to suit the game’s demands.

In addition, the pointer speed settings in the software make it easy to change the mouse speed to suit the way you like best.

7 Programmable Buttons & 16.8-Million Lighting “Breathing” RGB LED:

7 out of 9 programmable buttons provide the best performance and efficiency for all gaming needs. Five color-coded memory profiles for quick identification and 16 million RGB LED lights emit ambient colors to create a unique gaming feel.

A Professional Programming Software:

Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra has the latest AVAGO game chip, recording and managing a complete and fast system. You can configure 5 changes DPI-500/1000/2000/2000/1000/2000, quickly switch to different game modes. 5000 Fps, 100 IPS maximum tracking speed, acceleration 20 G. Software use.

Comfort & Precision at Your Hands:

The Redragon Gaming Mouse M711 Cobra is an essential accessory for obese gamers with an aggressive and portable design! You’ll be amazed at the unprecedented comfort, deadly precision, and deadly precision of our powerful gaming mice, desktops, and laptops! You can enjoy a great click experience without disturbing others. This is the best choice in the office, library, home, or any other place you need it.

The Choice of DIE-HARD Gamers:

Whether you are aiming, aiming, cutting, or fighting, the professional toy choice is your best weapon. Fully compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / KSP / 03 / VISTA / 7/8/10 for programmable use and Mac OS for general use.

Why I Choose This Product?

I thoroughly researched everything I was going to buy. I’m looking at many great popular models that will wow the world with their programs and games, not the clunky and clunky Logitech G300. I use my best computer for work and play, play mostly competitive shooters, but play a lot of RPGs and CMAs.

Firstly, I want my mouse to be comfortable, and secondly, it was very nice and very nice, with a high DPI. I wrote about Death Adder that it looks like it, but after looking for some negative reviews, I thought I should keep looking. They are similar in size, but it is better if the cost is the same.

The upper match featured two cutaways for easy access to the higher frets. It will be a nice gray box (I can throw it away, but this box is still a good first idea). It was more than buttery and sweet to me. The stand is better than I’ve ever seen and all parts of the key are in perfect condition. This size is great but affordable. No need to look anymore, buy this size.


  • Price
  • Design. I’ve only had it for a few months, but I don’t know what the problem is. The cables are now developed and I hope they will last for many more years.
  • Aesthetics.
  • I love the simple RGB cables on the back and back of the mouse. Simple, but very good. I love the RGB feature.
  •  The main mouse ring rotates well and is very comfortable. It is difficult to press, but you will not be able to suddenly squeeze it when you reach your fingertips.
  • On the side is a perfect lock. Since I first got a mouse with two side buttons, I couldn’t imagine a game without them.
  • The RGB icon on the middle / top mouse behind the steering wheel is perfect. It’s a little comforting and brooding.


  • None.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M602  

Redragon Gaming Mouse

Redragon Gaming Mouse M602 RGB is an incredibly designed and Adjustable wire game mouse. Mouse designed for eSports Gaming Pro wants the best performance.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M602 is stylish and comfortable with a rounded shape Slim and ergonomic design and fine and precise movement Thanks to the high precision sensor. This will make the mouse A long gaming session for maximum comfort support.

Redragon is perfect for 7200 DPI Fps games. Optimization for toys with high and high tracking Motion detection for control line. Specify intellectual ability in profile Adjust the DPI color display so you can always do the right thing can move and focus on the game.

Dimension4.92*2.87*1.57 inches
Weight4.6 ounces
Model NoM602

Wired Gaming Mouse designed for Gaming-Redragon M602-RGB PC “Griffin” RGB with up to 7200 DPI (800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI configurable), 10G acceleration backlight. High-precision sensors provide outstanding accuracy, and high-quality gaming micro blocks offer durability, increased reliability, superior feedback, and even greater advantages than competitors.

RGB backlit programmable MMO for PC games. 7 MMO programming programs. Five storage compartments, each with different color options for quick identification. 7 different rear light modes. (The backlight can be turned off) The Redragon M602-RGB Mouse Gaming allows you to completely configure your computer screen and laptop.

The ergonomic mouse GBA Cha mouse provides a very enjoyable and real PC gaming experience. The ergonomic design of the Redragon M602-RGB gaming console is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the buttons are adjustable to reduce fatigue while operating.

High-quality PC gaming mouse features: The Redragon M602-RGB mouse incorporates precision balancing hearing aids, non-slip scroll wheels, and a soft, durable Teflon pad for maximum gaming control.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M602 has 7 programmable buttons. It has total 8 buttons. The framework well with a keyboard with a Redragon game board and mouse. It comes with a fast 3.5mm braided cable and a corrosion-free gold-plated connector for a reliable connection.

Computer-fighting mouse compatibility: Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows PC, Mac OS limits. This works well on all major types of gaming computers and laptops.

Main Features:

  • 7 action buttons (8 in total)
  • 1 set of 15 grams for weight adjustment
  • 4000 ETT
  • Switch to durability: 10 million clicks
  • Smooth contact wheel
  •  Maximum 7200dpi (800/1200/1600/2400/7200 dpi custom)
  • 7 RGB color settings, lighting, breathability
  •  DPI color indicator
  • 10g acceleration
  • Durable TEFLON legs for smooth and accurate movement
  •  6-foot high-speed cable woven with small sails Filter loss to reduce electromagnetic interference
  •  Gold-plated anti-corrosion USB port for reliable communication
  • Product size 5.×3.2×1.65in, product weight: 5.32oz
  •  System requirements for computers with USB port Windows 10, Windows 8 Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows PC
  • Supports optional plug-and-play software downloads. Available at

High-end PC Gaming Mouse Features:

Features of Redragon Gaming Mouse M602; Load-packed, non-slip scroll pad, TEFLON Sturdy good foot for maximum game control. 7 programmable buttons. There are 8 buttons in total. It works well with Redragon game keys and keyboards. Comes with durable 3mm and 3mm fiber optic cables with gold-plated connectors for a reliable connection.

Ergonomic Gamer Mouse:

Redragon Gaming Mouse M602 provides a complete and accurate experience of computer games. The ergonomic design of the Redragon M602-RGB PC Gaming Mouse is designed for comfortable, manually adjustable listening buttons to reduce fatigue.

PC Gaming Mouse Compatibility:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows PC, limited support for Mac OS works well with all major brands of gaming PCs and laptops MSI, Dell, Corsair, Alienware, Razer, Xbox One, Asus Mass.

Why I Choose This Product?

This mouse is perfect for any casual gamer. It provides two additional programming buttons as needed. For me, it’s automatic walking/running and running. For competing gamers, this is a great fallback if the top mouse breaks or the battery runs out.

The kettlebells are properly weighted, with beautiful left-to-right / right-to-left transitions in the game, and beautiful and smooth movements. Most games have more than two standard inputs, so no driver is required. The LEDs are a bit soft, but it’s still nice to play in the dark.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M901

Redragon Gaming Mouse

Mouse gaming cable; Designed for PC-Redragon Ergonomic readers M901 PERDITION Optical gaming mouse backlight, up to 24000 DPI (1000/2000/4000/8000/12000/24000 DPI software configurable, 12000 fps, 1000 Hz detection rate, 50G acceleration.

Picart PMV3360 high precision, while the Omron microswitch offers long life, excellent reliability, and excellent response, giving you a greater advantage over your competitors. Register mouse toys with RGB LED. Great game ergonomic design; Quality Function Muse PC GAMING PC Game Check: Limited support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows PC, Mac OS keyboards.

Dimension4.65*2.95*1.54 inches
Weight3.5 ounce
Model NoM901

Wired Gaming Mouse; For PC Gamers: An optical gaming mouse that delivers up to 12,400 DPI, 12,000 FPS, 1000Hz voting speed, and 50G acceleration via software. Precision sensors provide accurate accuracy, and microswitches guarantee durability and durability.

Redragon Gaming Mouse M901 is a programmable mouse with RGB LED backlight. 18 programmable buttons, 5 memory profiles, and a wide selection of LED colors for quick identification. Equipped with 8 weight adjustments (0.08 oz k 8) and breathing effect.

The LED backlight can be turned off. Redragon Gaming Mouse M901 offers an ergonomic Mouse Design: The ergonomic shape fits your hand naturally and reduces stress with high productivity and efficiency. Redragon Gaming Mouse M901 provides a great gaming experience during the session.

Top features of Redragon Gaming Mouse M901: 7 mouse buttons and 12 programmable MMO side buttons. A total of 19 buttons. The power button, bright host pulse mode, and breathing. Soft, durable Teflon cushions that are the most comfortable of the game.

PC mouse extension: Support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows PC, Mac OS keyboard limited. For a reliable connection, a 6-meter high-speed cable is connected to the USB cable to prevent damage.

Wired Gaming Mouse:

Created for PC gamers-Redragon M901 LOST Ergonomic backlit optical gaming mouse, up to 24000 DPI via software (users can use 1000/2000/4000/8000/12000/24000 DPI), 12000 fps, turnout Acceleration of 1000 Hz, 50 G.

The Picard PMV3360 precision sensor delivers high precision, and Omron’s micro wheels offer long life, high power, long response, and more digits than competing products.

LED RGB Backlight Programmable Gaming Mouse:

Redragon Gaming Mouse M901 has eighteen programmable buttons, five storage profiles, each with different color options for quick identification. It has 8 modes (2.4G x 8), over 16 million RGB LED colors, and breath results. (LED backlight can be turned off) Redragon M901 updated mouse takes it to the next level.

Ergonomic Gamer Mouse Design:

The ergonomically redesigned Redragon M901 PC Gaming Mouse is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and reduce stress, providing superior performance and efficiency.

It provides players with a great deal of fun, even during the most trial-and-error gaming sessions such as League of Legends, Steam, Fortnite, PUGB, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

HIGH-END Gaming Mouse Features:

The updated Redragon M901 has 7 mouse buttons and 12 MMO program buttons. There are 19 buttons in total. Guns, host mode, and light. Durable and ready-to-go Teflon for better game control.

The mouse works well on the Redragon keyboard. 3m high-speed cable and gold-plated USB cable for a reliable connection.


Windows 10, 08, 07, vista , Xp . Limited Mac OS.

Why I Choose This Product?

I have been with Razor Naga for a long time. I had a first-generation dragon a few days after the end of 2009, and for years I called it World War II. That day I was a strong driver and the mice were training.

The mouse hit me for 6 years. Since then, we have experienced two generations of dragons, more than a year before they left. They cannot use it for less than 2 years. I didn’t bully or insult the mouse.

Obviously, something happened to Razer that completely undermined the identity of the product. I decided it was time to try something new, but the guy was happy with what he did.

This mouse is much cheaper than its dragon equivalent and has a much better texture and size. The side buttons are fixed for easy searching and pressing.

Don’t be afraid to press the wrong button or press two buttons with your thumb at the same time. Plus, this mouse fits much better in my hand and is actually much more comfortable than any dragon mouse for a long period of time. So far there are no problems, and I am very pleased with this mouse. If you are looking for an MMO mouse, we advise you to spend some money here.

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