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Logitech G Pro provides the best gaming mouse for gamers. These mouse enable to play for hours with minimum fatigue. Logitech G Pro will be the best choice for gamers. Here is some best mouse of Logitech G Pro.

Logitech G Pro 910-005270 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G PRO Wireless Mouse has been in design for two years, combines the first-hand opinions of many professional sports players, and is built to the world’s best professional standards.

The Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse is designed for maximum performance and incorporates the latest and most advanced technology available.

Thanks to Light speed technology, Logitech G Pro Wireless goes beyond the limits of delay, connectivity, and power to provide an extremely fast and stable connection with a reporting speed of 1 mm.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse also features a next-generation HERO sensor. The HERO 16K is the most dominant and effective gaming sensor Logitech has forever made for precise pixel targeting in fps and mobile games.

  • Designed for professional gamers: The Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse is the result of two years of work with professional sports gamers, combining cutting edge technology with an ultra-lightweight design.
  •  Wireless Speed: Professional performance exceeds traditional wireless limitations, connectivity, and power for 1mm stable and ultra-fast connection.
  • Thanks to the Hero25K GHUB Sensor Software Update, this update is freely available to all players.
  • Logitech sensor with resolutions up to 25,600 dpi and 10 times more energy-efficient than previous generations.
  • Wireless games, accuracy, and responsiveness.
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM The ultimate skeleton’s very light-innovative design creates a very thin but strong outer casing, resulting in a very lightweight and agile bodyweight of 2.82. Ns.
  • Ambidextrous Ergonomic Design: Developed using eSports, the competitive mouse reaches up to 50 million clicks for comfort, control, and durability. 4 removable side buttons for great customization. Cable length: 5.9 feet
  • Note: Please refer to the User’s Guide before use
  • 1 year limited hardware warranty
Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro has Most Accurate Gaming Sensor:

Just as sports experts strive to be faster and more accurate than ever, so is Logitech G Pro. A new leader was born with the invention of the new HERO25K gaming sensor.

For Wireless Logitech G Pro, HERO 25K is optimized to track abnormal controls at speeds above 400 IPS without any modification. HERO 25K delivers maximum performance in all directions with no anti-aliasing, acceleration, or filtering from 100 to 25600 dpi.

HERO 25K uses up to 10 times less power than previous versions such as the PMV3366, helping to reduce battery weight and extend battery life. The experts are looking for the best, and that’s HERO 25K.

Logitech G Pro has Light Speed for Wireless:

Cable cutting is essential for professionals. Pulling on the cord causes friction and distraction, which is not acceptable in professional email.

This innovative end-to-end technology overcomes latency, connectivity, and power limitations, ensuring low signal speeds and stable connectivity without a 1ms wireless connection.

Logitech G Pro is Ultralight Weight:

The new Logitech G Pro Frame design gives an unrealistic 80g weight. The 1mm ultra-thin body features an innovative steering frame design for tournament-ready structural strength and support.

Advanced Lipo Battery offers ultra-long-lasting, lightweight, hassle-free and hassle-free wireless gaming. Charging before the tournament can make you forget about the battery during the competition.

Logitech G Pro includes 4 – 8 Programming Buttons:

Removable left and right keys make the Logitech G Pro Wireless completely ambiguous, and experts determine the number of side keys needed from 0 to 4. Logitech G Pro Wireless May be used outside of the preset keys, or can be completely customized for specific settings using the Logitech G Hub.

Logitech G Pro has Onboard Memory:

With built-in memory, you can use the G Hub to save your settings directly to your mouse for quick and easy use on your tournament system. Mouse settings are the same from home to stage. Skip installing special software or changing the settings. Start the game straight away.


Based on Logitech’s 35 years of experience in designing, building, and testing mice, Pro Wireless is designed to withstand the support of professional sports players in training and competition.

The Logitech G Pro surface is coated with durability and grip, and the feet have been tested for over 250km of use.


The Logitech G Pro Wireless (GPV) is an 80g RGB wireless backlit mouse with detachable side buttons that slide on all sides for a smooth finish, not the button you need.

At the bottom there are only 7 buttons and a DPI button that are not related to my calculations. Its HERO3 sensors are between 100 and 16,000 dpi in 50 increments.

This sensor should have no acceleration or zero leveling, and should be the most advanced optical system on the market. Expectations from this mouse were very high and after initial frustration (perhaps due to very high expectations) it took me a while to grow up, but it worked.

I loved this mouse. It has a perfect restart: wireless connection, long battery life, lightweight. Unfortunately, like the latest Logitech models (G703, G903, etc.), my original G Pro Wireless was designed and replaced by the derogatory LMB “double-click” problem after a few weeks of use.

The double-click problem I raised with both mice was that I accidentally moved the mouse up and down while holding the LMB. You can easily see this by clicking and dragging something.

Logitech G Pro


  •  Push arms, without squeaking. Due to the high quality of production, safety is a welcome feature.
  •  Appears convenient and safe for most users. First, I stopped to stretch the mouse while my wrists remained tight. Because it can be adjusted by removing the side button of the little finger, it responds in a 17.5 cm hand with your finger, as well as the palm.
  • Handles with claws less than 19 cm can fight here. Users with large toes, middle palms, and very large claw hands will be happy with GPV.
  • Clicks are light and responsive, closer to G303 than G403, and just heavier. For me, it’s like breaking a very thin glass film with every click. Satisfied and tactile. There are no trips before and after the trip. At first, I didn’t like G403, but now I can go in one direction.
  • Wireless networks have no visible input delay. He won.
  • After the code, the mouse seems to be very maneuverable. The TT Ventus R is the latest mouse to impress with its weight and looks. The GPV hits the Ventus R, but the shape is great … nothing else. The combination of 80 grams weight, smooth mouse feet, great sensors and well-positioned sensors gives you a very clear image.
  • Battery life out of the box was 28 hours with full light, 1000Hz output and 48% charge. Paint.
  • A mouse does not make you a better player, but at least a mouse like you does not stop you on the road to victory. One of Logitech’s notifications refers to this when it shows a mouse disappearing from a player’s hand. Now you have to agree that the combination of wireless connectivity, lightweight and neutral shape does not make the mouse feel “amazing” as “non-existent” in the game. I like the G403 feel, but the performance of the game on GPV was very good and it was good. First I played with a wired and then wireless mouse to see if I could see the difference. The difference was visible, and the cable and wireless experience was great for the user.


  • GPV is a little difficult with the introduction of the Power play module. We recommend using Power play mats and only if you can save 3 grams.
  • Cost. It’s just a way to get around the shock sticker.

You may see the difference between the HERO 3 and the 3360 if you don’t want to spend money on a lightweight, well-designed environmental mouse, Revel is a much better option for money without harming your game.

Logitech G Pro, Advanced Sensor Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro teamed up with esports athletes to create the Pro Gaming Mouse. This Logitech G Pro mouse is inspired by the simple classics of the Logitech G100 and G100, which are popular with leading esports professionals.

Our primary optical sensor, PMV3366, provides outstanding tracking accuracy. The metal spring tension system offers the unfailing click act required for high-level competitive gaming.

Logitech G Pro supports up to 16.8 million color backlights, six programmable buttons, and built-in memory so you can set and save custom commands for your favorite mouse games.

With over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and testing Logitech mice, Pro is designed for high performance gaming.

  • The Logitech G Pro Gaming mouse is designed for high-performance gaming by Logitech G Pro and leading esports professionals. Weight: 3.00 oz.
  • The advanced optical game sensor PMV3366 provides outstanding tracking accuracy at any hand speed for fast and accurate focusing and operation in the range of 200-12000 DPI.
  • The metal spring button system is designed for highly consistent and reliable click performance at the highest competitive levels. 6 programmable buttons.
  • Match up to 16.8 million RGB lighting colors to match your style, team color and configuration, and sync with Logitech G gaming equipment.
  • Six programmable keys and built-in memory make it easy to set and save single-shot commands for your favorite games. Physical properties: Height: 4591 mm, Width: 2447 mm, Depth: 150 mm.
Logitech G Pro

Classic eSports Shape:

The Logitech G Pro model is inspired by the classic lines and simple design of the Logitech G100 and G100, which have become renowned as the best experts in competitive esports. Consistency and comfort are essential for optimal performance. The Logitech G Pro mouse does both.


Constantly changing response and precision are critical in high-level sporting events. PMV3366 Display PMV3366 provides smooth precision with sharpness, refinement or acceleration across the entire DPI (200 to 12000 DPI). PRO works with precise pixel removal at any speed. Change DPI settings using Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).


Mouse PRO comes with around 16.8 million colors to represent your team’s colors, customize them or sync them with more and more. Use LGS for anything.

Mechanical Button:

Mechanically pressing the buttons on the PRO Gaming Mouse improves the stability of the left and right buttons and reduces the force required to click. This gives you clearer and more reliable click performance and allows you to rely on a higher level of competition.

Built To Last:

The PRO Gaming Mouse is built with over 30 years of Logitech experience developing, designing and testing to withstand the most challenging esports games in training and competition. PRO surfaces are coated for strength and adhesion. The legs have been tested to work over 250 km. The number of left and right button presses exceeds 20 million. This equates to 10 hours of daily exercise over 2 years.

Onboard Memory:

Thanks to the internal memory, you can save your settings directly on the mouse for use in competing systems without the need to install special software or reset the settings.

Play Like Pros:

The Pro Gaming Mouse is inspired by the classic Logitech G100 and G100 chassis lines, which are popular with top e-sports professionals. Its lightweight body and optical gaming sensor deliver the unprecedented target speed and accuracy needed for the highest levels of e-sports competition.


The comfort of the G Pro is comparable to the Razer Death adder (although it’s a bit shorter and requires more claws to hold it in place). This was my mouse for years until it was permanently disabled. Click to make the mouse feel better, make the RGB elements look more beautiful and brighter, and make the entire mouse look thinner than the Death adder. We recommend G Pro to everyone as our new favorite mouse.

I encountered a lot of rats during my game. I’ve tried several different mice, but as a claw user, I like the minimalist mouse with the buttons I need. When I purchased the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse, I was sure I would find a suitable mouse. As I said, it’s lightweight, well designed and has side buttons that I like to use for browsing the web and some games.


  • Premium optical sensor (3366)
  • Small bi-directional design (with buttons on the left)
  •  Omron switch (backlight button) – Weight 85 g (without cable)
  •  Logitech software and overall quality
  •  RGB backlight
  •  Step touch but smooth screwed wheel
  •  Even if you are not using the G100, try again if you like mice.


  • For some people, it is possible to use a mouse3. I found that my copy was not being clicked directly, so it would be difficult to click quickly.
Logitech G Pro

Compared to the wiper, the side buttons are thin and a bit hard to touch-this is the only negative comparison I have.

Logitech G PRO Hero Gaming Mouse

Logitech G has worked with many of the world’s leading sports players to create PRO cables to create high-quality technology that allows professionals to reach their full potential.

The latest Logitech G PRO HERO mouse is equipped with a new HERO 25K sensor and low resistance flex cord. The HERO 25K Optical Sensor is Logitech’s most powerful and efficient game controller ever built.

The new lens and optimized tracking algorithm provide the most accurate simulation without speeding up, antialiasing, or filtering in the DPI range.

The mechanical switch and spring-loaded button tensioning system provide the almost instant pressure required by the experienced player.

With Logitech LIGHTSYNC technology, you can customize the vivid RGB lighting from approximately 16.8 million colors and store six organized buttons with dedicated controls for your favorite games.

The most stable and powerful PRO HERO gaming mouse designed and tested to work with an incredible 50 million keys. It’s like being able to coach a player 10 times a day for five years.

  • Hero25K sensor with GHUB software update, this update is free for all players – state-of-the-art, 1: 1 monitoring, over 400 IPs, max fluidity, filters or 100-25,600 dpi plus acceleration
  •  Mechanical Switch and Button Spring Tension System: Meet the demands of professional athletes with extreme performance, consistent feel at any hand speed and almost instantaneous action with every click.
  •  Programmable RGB Lighting and LIGHTSINC Technology: Adjust exposure to approximately 16.8 million colors to match device colors, display colors, and sync with other Logitech G.
  • 6 custom buttons and reminders inside: bring command buttons and save directly to your mouse for use in competition settings without resetting settings.
  •  Very stylish and well-designed – ideal mouse for weight loss, comfort, durability and responsiveness.
  • The power on the left and right button is restored at 50 million clicks.
Logitech G Pro

Hero 25K Sensor:

The HERO 25K is the most accurate and innovative sports car for the next generation. HERO can provide 25K 400+ IPS, 100-25600 DPI without filtering, cleaning, or accelerating the DPI path.

HERO 25K today offers industry-standard performance and more consistent response. Be sure to use Logitech GHUB to configure and connect DPI devices.

Classic eSports Shape:

The Pro is inspired by the classic lines and simple design of the Logitech G100 and G100 frames, presented by the best sports experts. Stability and comfort are essential for maximum performance. Mouse Pro offers both.

Mechanical Button System:

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Mouse Button Tension System for Gaming Mice helps increase the stability of the left / right buttons and reduces the pressure required to press them. This provides a clear, clear and reliable click for the highest level of competition.


The PRO mouse has approximately 16.8 million color settings that are ideal for viewing, customizing, or synchronizing team colors with other G products.

LIGHTSYNC for in-game action, sound visualization and color sampling. There are also lighting effects in the game. Screen etc. Record everything with GHUB.

5 Onboard Memory Profiles:

Multiple programmable memory profiles allow professionals to save various settings directly to PRO using GHUB. Skip the installation of certain software or reconfigure conflicting system settings. Jump to the game.


The PRO is built on Logitech’s over 30 years of experience in mice, construction and experimentation, and is designed to withstand rigorous professional training and travel time. The PRO surface is coated for strength and adhesion. The foot has been tested to provide over 250km of use.


I love this custom mouse. My hands are a little small, so I’m fine with it, but the mouse isn’t that small. I want a mouse that works well with RTS and FPS. In RTS, StarCraft 2 is played fairly competitively, and sometimes plays the role of CSGO and Rainbow Sick Siege (a former CSGO veteran). I have to say they both did a good job.

At the time, I had a larger range of mice, including the G403 and G703 (basically the same G403, wireless only). Pro mouse * pushes them *.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “upgraded” my technology, just to come to terms with that nothing new is better, and sometimes worse. But with this Pro mouse, it was an immediately significant step forward.

It really surprised me how much more natural and comfortable I felt than any other mouse I have used. I thought it might feel too small for my hands, as I was used to the vibrating mice catching my palms, but I immediately felt comfortable switching to a larger claw grip with this smaller mouse. I think its biggest advantage is that it’s so * light *.

Logitech G Pro


  • Good Weight: It’s heavy enough to make you feel like you’re using something real, and light to medium weights help control it, so don’t feel like you have a light plastic Hmm.
  • Good shape and size: symmetrical shape, suitable size for RTS and FPS.
  • Good clicks: Clicks are about as obvious as deadly clicks and appear to have a certain weight, which is normal. Scroll buttons (also known as Mouse 3) are easy. I don’t care, but I will continue testing.
  • Appearance: looks good. The two controls on the left side of the mouse took a little more power than Death adder.
  • Other: There is a button to switch between different dpi. This is good.
  • All new gaming mice need it with two side buttons. Use the side buttons to communicate in game. One for typing and one for microphone.
  • The lighting is good and works well with an RGB gaming keyboard.

CONS: None so far except for the fact that I should have gotten this mouse sooner.

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