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Motorola Bluetooth Headset is the best choice now a day. if you are looking for a new headset then go for Motorola Bluetooth Headset without any hesitation. It has features of voice control so that you can control it with voice command. It has soft cushions that allow you to wear all day without any strain.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset Escape 800

Motorola Bluetooth Headset new Escape series over-ear wireless headphones will be available at home or on the move. Together with Alexa, Siri & Google voice manipulation, top of the line ANC and 12 hours of play time the Motorola Escape provides only that in work, on the move, or at home, escape from distractions and noise and just enjoy the high excellent sound from any BT enabled device.

Bluetooth Headset Escape 800 ANC. Motorola Bluetooth Headset 800 Answerless Advanced active Noise-Cancelling Headphones In accordance with 12 Hours Playtime 112h Features Up into 20m Range20mI PX4 Splash proof Advanced Active noise cancellation.

HUNGRY FOR AN ESCAPE FROM THE UNCEASING NOISE OF THE MODERN WORLD? From the incessant pinging of smartphone notification into the bleeping of doors, it seems there is no escaping the noise which bombards us from all directions.

It is no wonder you are filled with the longing to escape into a quiet beach or even the peaceful mountains. A true getaway isn’t always possible, but the modern world does supply a digital escape.

The Motorola Bluetooth Headset Escape 800 ANC provides a reprieve in the noisy modern world.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

A MUCH-NEEDED REPRIEVE: True to its title, the Escape 800 ANC provides a respite in the noisy world. It taps into the most recent Active noise cancellation technology to stop unwanted background sound from interrupting your listening experience.

Now, focusing in your podcast and audiobook will be easier. It is ideal for knowledge-hungry lifelong students! It is also possible to use these headsets to meditate in peace.

HERE TO KEEP YOU COMPANY: Long-haul flights, traffic congestion, and busy trains will not feel as bad with fantastic music keeping your company.

These headsets boast a battery power that lasts around 12 hours, which means you know that you can depend on them. The added aux cable allows you utilize the headset when it runs out of energy.

Our headsets Bluetooth 4.0 features offer stable connectivity, ensuring you will have always high-quality music while you’re out and around.

ULTIMATE COMFORT & CONVENIENCE: Our ergonomic headsets have soft ear cushions for additional comfort. Available buttons allow you to play, pause, and skip tracks, in addition to control the volume.

They lessen the requirement to whip your smart phone or multimedia player while outside.

MUSIC NIRVANA: Take your audio experience to a completely new level. Our Escape 800 ANC headphones song out unwanted ambient sound, making the exceptional HD sound quality much more distinctive.

A genuine gift of modern times! Tapping into the power of 40mm drivers and deep bass, our headsets makes listening to your favorite tracks a whole lot more gratifying. The most discerning audiophiles will give it a nod.

WIRELESS FREEDOM: Wireless headphones offer the freedom you have been needing! Finally, you get a rest from annoying cords and nasty tangles.

You will not need to worry about the earpiece falling off or the cable tugging at your clothes or at parts of furniture.

These headsets IPX4 waterproof feature offers protection which affords even more liberty for you. Go right ahead and break a sweat, or dance in the rain.

AN ON-THE-GO ASSISTANT: Stay productive even as you are on the move! Linking our headphones with Alexa enables you to add items to a shopping cart, order take out, and ask for information.

You might also tap the help of Google Assistant to find the closest ATM or assess on the weather conditions. How about turning to Siri for help with assessing your messages, creating a phone, and locating the best path? Our headphones have an integrated mic that lets you take calls!

You may download the Hubble Link for Verve Life app to track your final location while attached to the headsets. This gives you to track the device if case you to lose it.

Superior sound quality – with 40mm drivers and improved bass output, Our Bluetooth headphones provide superb Audio. Their HD audio quality offers an immersive listening experience.

Cutting edge noise cancellation technology – our wireless headsets tap in the top ANC invention to block undesirable sound. Concentrate and tune out the tumult in college, work, or traveling.

Extended playtime – like wireless listening to up to 12 hours, Together with the ANC on. This wireless headset includes an aux cable which allows you stretch playtime even if the battery drained.

Available voice assistant – these smart headphones work with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. You receive easy access to useful voice commands even as you are on the move. You just have to say the word.

Withstands splashes – boasting IPX4 waterproof Attributes, our headsets can endure moderate sprays of water. You don’t have to worry about sweating at the gym or even a sudden downpour during the time that you’re wearing it.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Bluetooth Headset 53725 

Talk and listen conveniently and clearly with Motorola Bluetooth Headset. Enjoy hands-free communicating whenever the Motorola Talk about Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone can be used with Voice Activated Transmission (VOX) capable Motorola Talk about radios.

The Motorola Bluetooth Headset permits you to listen to messages clearly in high noise areas or in quiet environments without disturbing others. The boom mic rejects most street noise and shortly becomes forgotten in the course of routine usage.

You will have the flexibility to carry messages without removing the radio from the belt or carrying case. Fantastic news cyclist – the band actually fits OVER a helmet. The closed-foam-cell rubber pad grips the plastic casing firmly.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

 It does not use batteries and it does not cost a good deal. Compatible with MS, EM, FV500, FV600, FV700, FV800, MH, MJ, MR, SX500, SX600, SX700, SX800, SX900, T5420, T5500, T5710, T5720, T5800, T5900, T6200, T6300, T6400, T6500, T7100, T7200, T7400, T8500, T9500, T9600 series.

 Talk about SX900R T9680RSAME MH230R T9650RCAMO T9580RSAME FV750RCamo MC225R FV700R EM1000 T8500R T9500XLR MJ270R T9550XLRCAMO MR355R SX600R T8550RCAMO MR356R MC220R MR350RVP MR350R Portable Radios.

Convenient way to speak and listen without holding your Talk about 2-Way radio. It could be utilized hands-free with VOX Competent Talk about 2-Way radio. These headsets Makes it easier to hear in Silent or Noisy environments.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset MT-SH012-BK

Motorola Bluetooth Headset pulse Escape provides studio-quality functionality and wireless freedom. All these over-ear headsets are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technologies, letting you listen to podcasts or music wire-free.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset has Strong 40-mm drivers and sound isolation supply excellent sound, while the 10 hours of playtime and foldable ear cups to get you throughout day.

Additionally, Motorola Bluetooth Headset has a built-in microphone that permits you to make and take calls making heartbeat Escape ideal for regular use.

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

Listen like a pro with Motorola Bluetooth Headset: Noise isolation helps block out the world around you so that you may listen to your songs clearly, while the large 40mm drivers pack a punch.

Take calls your own way with Motorola Bluetooth Headset: Never miss a call while you’re rocking out. The in-line mic enables you to switch into some call mid-song so that you can remain in touch through the day.

Comfort wherever you roam: Motorola Bluetooth Headset Pulse Escape was designed to travel. Motorola Bluetooth Headset has Soft ear cushions that provide hours of relaxation, along with the rechargeable battery provides you up to ten hours of playtime. And when you’re finished, the rotating ear cups fold flat for storage.

• Bluetooth 4.
• 1 technologies
• Noise isolation blocks out unwanted background sound
• Powerful, oversized 40mm drivers give excellent bass-driven sound.
• Up to 10 hours playtime
• Built-in mic for hands-free phoning
• Connectivity Technology: Computer

Motorola Bluetooth Headset

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