An Outline Of Cloud Computing Courses And Certifications

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Choosing which courses and certificates to pursue can be challenging when learning about cloud computing. This article summarises all.

While learning about the different uses and possibilities is crucial, it may be challenging to pick which courses and certificates to pursue cloud computing. This article summarises the numerous kinds of cloud computing courses available and their advantages to prospective employers.

A few of the best cloud computing courses programs will provide you with the essential skills you need to know. You’ll learn from industry-leading instructors and complete hands-on projects. The courses will also give you a foundation in cloud computing. 

The classes are offered online in either the Eastern or Pacific time zone. You can even take a class in person in a classroom. You will receive several hours of quality instruction, and you’ll be prepared for a career in cloud computing. You will need no prior experience to qualify for any of the programs listed.

In addition to cloud training courses, you can also pursue cloud credentials and courses. 

  • Taking the CompTIA Cloud exam is an excellent way to validate your knowledge of cloud computing. The exam is vendor-neutral but covers several relevant vendors. The course covers the configuration and management of cloud resources, security, and maintenance. 
  • To obtain the CloudMASTER certification on cloud computing, you’ll need to have at least two to three years of system administration experience and be familiar with various software and hardware technologies.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, particularly data storage and computing power, without active management by the user. Large clouds often distribute these functions across several locations, serving as a data center. This makes cloud-based services more efficient and flexible than traditional on-premises solutions. In this way, the cost of running a cloud-based business can be kept to a minimum. But with the growing popularity of the technology, it is essential to understand how cloud-based services work.

Startups and small businesses often use cloud services to test ideas and concepts with minimal investment and hassle. These services also allow companies to use them without requiring significant upfront costs or lengthy procurement processes. Instead, users only pay for the resources they use. The business agility of cloud computing is one of its most significant selling points, allowing businesses to scale up or down quickly without investing in new hardware.

  • To benefit from cloud services, organizations must access the Internet and data sync. 
  • In addition to minimizing costs, the cloud also provides an easy and affordable disaster recovery option. 
  • All major public cloud providers offer Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). 

As a result, the benefits of cloud computing go beyond lower costs. With integrated cloud architecture, you can take advantage of advanced technology and innovate more quickly and effectively.

Significance of a Cloud Computing course

A recent survey found that cloud skills are the number one barrier to adoption. The rising scope of cloud technologies makes a Cloud Computing course essential for career advancement. The growing importance of cloud-based technology is evident in the increasing demand for certified professionals. 

Moreover, cloud computing courses enhance the marketability of IT professionals and help them land the best jobs in the industry. A Cloud Computing course can help you gain this knowledge and improve your marketability.

The demand for qualified cloud experts continues to grow. The global expenditure on cloud-based services and solutions has increased. The benefits of cloud computing have increased rapidly, and organizations recognize the importance of skilled individuals. 

Therefore, the need for qualified and experienced professionals has never been higher. In addition, a cloud-based certification will enhance your marketability and improve your career prospects.

Best cloud computing courses to learn in 2022

Here are some best Cloud Computing courses to learn in 2022. Each lesson covers various topics, including distributed computing and the cloud. Students can learn about MapReduce, NoSQL, scalability, and trending areas. Depending on your learning style, you may also want to consider taking a tutorial course. These can provide the basics, as well as advanced topics and configurations. A few of the most popular certifications are the –

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification
  • Cloud Security Practitioner 
  • AWS Developer Associate.

A cloud computing course is essential as it teaches the fundamentals of cloud computing and helps people implement it in their businesses. It covers 90 cloud services, tools, and platforms. The course is designed to help students apply their newfound knowledge in industry projects. Great Learning’s cloud computing course is entirely online and includes hands-on labs that demonstrate how to implement the techniques learned in the course.

This course will teach you all about cloud infrastructure and how to design it to meet your company’s needs. It is designed to train complete beginners in the field and includes all of the necessary tools to develop a career in the cloud. Its flexible schedule and affordable tuition make it a good choice for people with little or no prior experience. The course is taught by industry experts who are highly qualified in their specialization. It is structured and concept-based, which requires patience and real-time practice. Topics organized by Great Learning courses are easy to follow. 

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