7 Tips For Designing An International Website

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You don’t need to be a programmer to create a good international website. However, it should be remembered that the relevance of the site depends on many technical and web administrative factors. Successful web design and UX are half the success of a commercial resource. Often buyers choose to use a certain site because it is convenient, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye, which gives them a better experience with the seller. Today we will discuss the best advice for designing a good international website.

What Do You Need to Create an International Site?

Once you understand where to start, making a website is easy. If you already have graphic and textual content, the site creation will take from two days to a week. But at the same time, it should be beautifully designed and convenient for a good user experience (UX). It must also have good search engine optimization (SEO), otherwise, Google will simply ignore your resource.

  1. Knowledge of HTML markup language (quite, by the way, simple) or PHP programming language will allow you to create a site yourself, using and upgrading ready-made templates. In this case, you can create quality, unique website pages.
  2. Find design and functional ideas for the site. To do this, plan and consider ideas from different angles. This helps you decide which areas, segments, and visitors you need. If you plan a global resource, you should make sure that all your legal pages like “terms of use” and “privacy policy” are translated. If you need translation of legal documents for your site, it is a good idea to find trustworthy translation services.
  3. It is worth thinking about the domain – it is the Internet address at which your homepage will be available on the Internet. Some ISPs provide one or two domain names as a gift to the hosting, and when using site builders, the domain name often carries a common provider prefix. You can only buy a unique domain name. If you come up with a name, you should go to one of the registration services and pay for the period of use. When registering a name, you need to consider its word length and the total number of characters, ease of reading, writing, and memorization of your domain name, as well as its association with your brand.
  4. The simplest option for creating a site is a network service designer. Such services provide comprehensive packages, both paid and free. Design, editors, hosting, domains (such as WordPress) is serviced by a single provider. Support is also usually provided, but not website translation.

For international websites, translation is crucial. It is especially important for some rare languages. You may need to find the best Karenni language translator and other help for your site. The vendor takes care of complex technical tasks, and you take care of interesting and useful content and website localization for your foreign audience.

  • Buying personal or free web hosting is a very serious matter. This choice can significantly affect the first months of the site’s life and your income.

For free hosting:

  • sites with less frequent content updates are processed later;
  • sites with heavy graphics or files are processed later;
  • sites with a few visitors are processed later.
  • The development of any site, especially international, requires a continuous analysis of its interaction with users. Once the site is up and running, you should monitor the results of its operation. Determine the analysis of speed, geolocation, and conversion calculation.
  • A long-term project should consider better security and the use of secure data protocols. It is worth using HTTPS. It is not the opposite of HTTP, they are the same because they both use the same “hypertext transfer protocol”. This protocol allows you to display the requested web data on your screen. But HTTPS is more advanced and secure. “S” stands for “Secure” and is supported by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

If your online business is represented internationally, the connection time can vary greatly depending on where the website is accessed from. CDN can help here. It ensures that your site is cached on a global server network and that there is always the least number of nodes between the user’s computer and the next server in the CDN.

Creating a Successful Site

7 Tips For Designing An International Website

Creating international sites is now available to everyone. However, only a systematic approach to its development will ensure long-term success, good income, and respect for users. If you want to create a site, you need to understand why you will need it in six months or a year and only then begin to implement your idea. Also, you can use different website builder that build amazing websites for you.

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