5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Coding

5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Coding

For some of us, learning how to code is already difficult. What more if we have to teach it to our kids? Thankfully, several developers, programmers, and even educators have come up with different ways on how we can make coding fun for our kids. So with that in mind, we have listed some of the ways on how you can make learning how to code fun and exciting for your kids.

Tap on Their Interest

If you simply Google search coding for kids, you would be amazed that there are several ways on how you can encourage your kids to learn how to code.

Websites like CodaKid and Code Avengers have seamlessly entwined games to their learning curriculum. Rather than just simply handing out reading materials and teaching kids how to code, they instead let their students learn and explore the basics of programming through immersive projects and coding games.

Likewise, you can also use this technique with your kids. For instance, if your kids like to play Minecraft, then you can spark their interest in coding by teaching them how to create mods.

Since kids are more inclined to learn when they are interested in the subject, they would eventually learn the basics of programming and even some coding languages in no time. 

Do Immersive Learning Activities

Immersive learning activities are just easy-to-follow learning materials. By providing them with learning tools like Scratch, they can easily pick up the basics of programming without the need of reading lengthy textbook definitions of coding, programming, and so on.

Scratch is developed by MIT and it is widely used by educators around the world. You can use this programming language to teach your kids the fundamentals and basics.

It is widely popular among kids because of its game-like features. Having said that, your kids would surely be motivated to learn more about coding because they can do animations, create stories, and even build their own app using Scratch.

Break Complex Information into Digestible Pieces

The best way to introduce new information to your kids is to break it into small digestible pieces. This way, they can easily absorb and understand the new information you will present to them. Back in the day, teaching kids how to code can be quite difficult. But nowadays, you can just easily download learning materials from the internet.

There are several nonprofit organizations and even ivy league universities that make their course content and learning materials free for download. You can use these as materials as it is or you can get inspiration from them the next time you create learning materials for your kids.

Aside from textbooks and other traditional reading materials, you can also use educational videos, infographics, mobile apps, and even games to teach your kids other coding languages. By simply having the right learning materials, your kid would be able to understand programming concepts and solve complex coding problems in no time.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Since experience is always the best teacher, letting your kids hit a roadblock is a part of the learning process. As we all know, learning how to code is more of a trial and error at the beginning. The more problems your kids face; the more learning experience they will have. And as time progressed, they would eventually shift from trial and error to planning and organization.

Your kid would be able to locate and fix coding problems easily, and at the same time, they would learn how to plan ahead and make better decisions in the future since they already know the things that they should not do. One of the ways that you can do this is by assigning projects to them. By doing this, they can learn how to do things and fix problems on their own

Allow them to share their projects online

For kids, studying and learning with friends might be the best way to learn how to code. Letting your kids share their project online is one of the best ways to let them know that there are other kids out there who also share their same interest in coding.

There are online communities in Scratch that allow kids to learn by sharing and interacting with other projects made by kids as well. A strong learning community like these sets an uplifting experience for your kids since they have an outlet where they can share their experiences and problems that are related to their coding projects.

Apart from that, they would enjoy learning how to code because they would feel a sense of community among other kids and they can also share their learnings with other kids as well. And as cliché, as it is, all of us, especially kids, need help from others in order to succeed and become a better coder.

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