Why Does Wifi Modem Makes A Buzzing Noise?

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If you hear a buzzing sound from your router, so don’t be so panic-it’s a common issue. But you should need to learn why the modem makes a buzzing noise and how to fix it before it’s going too late. So, today we are going to discuss this issue in detail in this helpful post.

We will cover some basic reasons and also their fixes. Many things may go wrong with the modem and the buzzing noise is also one of them, so don’t worry, you just have the knowledge to solve the issue. So stay here to learn about that.

WiFi Modem making Buzzing Noise

Wifi Modem Makes A Buzzing Noise

Basically, the WiFi modem is responsible for a source making some great times.  Anyone can imagine leaving without WiFi, in the digital age. That’s why for proper functioning, a modem becomes a necessity. Infect, a well-operating modem has not made any unusual sound.

A modem makes a buzzing noise because of some common reasons, there may be an AC power spike, and it may be bad or faulty electronic components, etc. A buzzing modem means it is giving you an alarm that there is something wrong and that you have to fix it immediately.

In this way, you need to get the modem checked and try to repair it on your own. However, to fix that, you need to find the exact reason first why your modem is making that noise. So, there are a few different reasons behind it. So let’s talk about them first one by one.

Reasons for high-pitched buzzing noise

1. Internal failure

The internal failure of its components may be the reason for this issue. There might be circuitry, a bad connection or weak connections, a faulty solder joint, etc. The noise may start as continuous bouts of low-pitch sounds, and after some time this sound becomes loud buzzing sounds.

2. AC power spike

The power connection may burn and the Power spikes break the connections within a modem. Power spikes that come through the power cord fries the connections in the modem’s different circuitry.

Reasons for modem clicking noise

When the modem is making any abnormal noise, so, it points to an underlying problem. But if the modem is making a clicking noise, then you need to get the help of a professional to look at it.

Wifi Modem Makes A Buzzing Noise

However, if you have much knowledge about it then you can try to repair your modem yourself. But before starting this repair work, you need to understand the main cause of the sound problem. The simplest reason for your modem making clicking noises at because of an out of working condition modem. Your modem just stop working because of these reasons such as:

  1. Faulty or fried connections
  2. Bad or loose wires connections
  3. Worn out cables
  4. Power spikes
  5. Faulty solder joints

Why is my modem making a beeping noise?

Are you concerned about the noisy sounds of your modem? Are you noticing that your modem is making these beeping noises continuously?  And you have no idea about the exact reason behind your modem’s noise? Read below to learn why the modem is making a beeping noise. There is some basic reason behind the beeping sound issue.

1. Faulty battery components

First of all, you need to look into the modem battery components if it has been making beeping noises or loud pitches recently. When the battery components are in the model gateway then the beeping sounds of your modem occurs. Make sure that the model gateway is not fried out or has not worn out batteries, if it is happing then that needs to be repaired.

2. Dying battery

Another basic reason why the modem is making beeping noises is the dying battery that is placed in your modem.

3. VoIP

The VoIP of the modem may also be the reason why the modem makes beeping noises. But it depends upon the condition of the VoIP. So you need to check its condition and whether it needs repairing or replacing.

How to fix a buzzing noise?

The beeping noises of your modem may cause irritation and frustration. In this case, you have to fix it, but it depends on the extent of the issue. Here are a few simple fixes that you need to try:

Method 1: Reset the modem to stop the sounds

The simple way to fix a modem that is making high-pitched beeping sounds is to reset it. The reset button redefines the default settings and revamps them. This works when the issue of beeping noises is occur due to an internal failure.

So, the modem makes buzzing sounds because of the internal failure of its components. The different kinds of Complications in the circuitry, bad or loose connections, and faulty solder joints are also some reasons.-

  1. So you need to reset the modem. So, here is how to do this:
  2. Find the reset button’s position and press it
  3. Once you reenter the credentials
  4. Check that the problem is resolved
  5. If the problem still persists, then call a professional for help.

Method 2: Reboot the Modem

Many times the modem does not work properly and starts to make noise. You can resolve the issue by rebooting the modem. In order to restart the modem by following the steps below.

  1. First of all, unplug the power cable from your modem.
  2. Now, you have to Power off the router.
  3. Next, you need to connect the power wire back to the modem
  4. Wait for 2 minutes to boot up.
  5. Next, Turn on the router again
  6. Here you have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to establish an internet connection.
  7. Finally, the modem restarted.

Method 3: Replace the internal components of the modem

  1. You can also replace the power cable or the other internal component or parts of your modem.
  2. You can also take your modem to a technician and say him to replace the old faulty parts.
  3. After replacing it, check whether the problem still exists it not.


Well, if you are experiencing the issue of the modem making a buzzing noise, then you can take advantage of our amazing article. We have explained all the basic reasons in detail and also how to fix it properly. Hopefully, all these helpful tips or fixes helped you to solve the beeping noise issue. If the above fix does not work then you can easily contact to professional to know what goes wrong with your modem and why it is making a beeping sound. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case. Happy fixing!

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