Turn Your iPhone Pictures into Stunning Drawings with These Great Apps

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There are many situations when we want to make our images shine and bring a new perspective or look to them. If you’re looking for something like that, turning your pics into drawings can be a great idea. Not only is that fun, but it allows you to show off your images in an engaging and empowering way, while still adding plenty of value. Here are some apps that might come in handy if you want to turn your pics into drawings.

Photo Lab

One of the great perks of Photo Lab is that it helps create amazing ink, charcoal or realistic pencil drawings. You have a classic approach to drawings, while still maintaining the appeal and look of the picture. The main focus is on quality and on delivering the best experience. Yet at the same time, you can also add frames, collage layouts, and so on. It gives you access to all kinds of artistic styles, but you can still maintain a great sense of originality.


Painnt has over 2000 different filters that make it easy to create pretty much any drawing you want. The customizable filters and effects add up to create a very impressive visual style. That way, every image can be unique, since you can play around with sketch and artistic filters. Like most of the other apps featured here and on Backlightblog.com, getting the Premium version will give you access to new filters, filters and extra features.


Photoleap is a great app for those who want to edit current pictures and add in a great sense of style. What’s great about this app is that it allows you to add effects only to certain parts of the photos. They also make it easy to use layers so you can perform a double-exposure effect. Every effect is adjustable and modifiable, so you can express your ideas and ensure that your images look like amazing drawings.


In case you’re looking to add more of a cartoony drawing style to your images, then Clip2Comic is a great option. The app has a live preview so you can see how your image would look as a cartoon. It can turn both videos and images into drawings, something we found to be very original and creative. In addition, they did an excellent job with the interface, and the numerous styles they offer are very good.


Prisma is one of the top tier apps for those that want to add paint and sketch effects. The advantage of Prisma is that you can make the filters as strong or as simple as you want. Fine-tuning comes easy with this app, and they also add a new art filter every day. There are hundreds of filters to choose from, and each one is very easy to customize.

As a whole, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to turning your images into drawings. It all comes down to the style you want and what app you want to use. All these apps are great, and you will find them to deliver exceptional value. Most of them are free to use, although you can unlock extra features within the app if you want!

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