What Does The Service Tire Monitor System Mean?

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Do you know what the service tire monitor system means? So, we are going to tell so some things about the service tire monitor system. Modern cars come with monitors that show you the exact problem in your car. These cars are completely equipped with all the systems and sensors, if any problem occurs in your car, the monitoring function tells you about it.

This system is designed for life-saving technology.  The warning comes on the dashboard of your cars. Sometimes we don’t understand the message properly. You just need to understand what you should do if you see the warning lights on the dashboard.

There will also display a message “service tire monitor system” what does it mean? Now it’s time to change the tires or you need new monitors. Many questions come in the mind. So you do not need to worry about that just read the whole article so that you will completely understand the service tire monitor system.

What is a service tire monitor system?

Whenever the tire is low, this device’s tire monitor system will tell you about this. The warning light will appear in the message center on your dashboard which means your tire is low. Some modern cars also have a function that will also tell you about the pressure or how much pressure you have on each tire or your car. This system is called “TPMS” which means tire pressure monitoring system. That is designed to gather data on your tire’s air pressure.

Both the system are situated with the tires of your vehicles. They will fail if you go over a rough ride then the sensor has worn out. So it is a sign of an issue if the light turns on that means the tire is low after the warning the light will go off. But if the light is still on that means there is a serious problem and you cannot ignore it. You just need to replace the faulty system components so that you may not see any serious issues.

Causes of service tire monitoring system warning light

There are some basic reasons for service tire monitoring system warning lights. You just need to understand the real reason and try to fix this issue. These basic causes are mentioned below:

  • Faulty sensors
  • Aggressive potholes
  • Battery issues
  • Deflated tires

Faulty sensors

TPMS sensors will fail if you constantly operate under stress and if you always rough ride. Because these sensors are situated inside the tires and rough rides will increase the levels of vibrations. It will cause the reason for faulty sensors.

Aggressive potholes

Being so close to the ground, they keep shaking while driving the vehicles. That’s why they misread the data just because of the aggressive pothole. That will also become the reason for the warning light.

Battery issues

The TPMS is found within the rim. So, there is no other way how one can connect the battery to the system. All electronic cars are powered by a strong battery that works in conjunction. The TPMS sensor includes a small battery that is independent of the main battery of your vehicle. So we can say that it may be the reason of TPMS light occurred on the dashboard as a warning for you.

Deflated tires

Deflated tires are the main reason for warning lights. Tires can lose air pressure with time so the system is introduced to tell you about this issue. So that you can easily fix the low air pressure issue by airing up your faulty tire and then restarting your car.

Tire inflation matters

When the monitor’s warning lights are on, then you need to check the inflation on the tires of your vehicles. Don’t forget to keep a tire gauge in your car so then you can check the inflation of the tire instantly. As we all know that all the tires have writing on the sides to tell you what their inflation should be. So you must check the tires first if the proper inflation.  If the tires are not inflated then your tires are faulty, if the tires are completely inflated that means there is a problem with the monitor not with the tires.

Inflated tires can lead to the issue

Improperly inflated tires will cause all kinds of problems like:

  • A blowout
  • low load carrying ability
  • A flat tire
  • decrease traction
  • poor fuel economy

You have to be so careful about this issue because it can be extremely dangerous.


The service tire monitor system means that the tire pressure monitor system is not working properly. There are a lot of reasons ranging from the deflated tire, dead sensor battery, and faulty sensors just because of your aggressive drive. The TPMS sensor is known to fail which means replacing them. But the important thing is that the cost will come on replacing them depends on the model year of the car. So keeping the tires properly inflated is so important. We have covered almost all the basic facts about the service tire monitor system.

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