How To Remove The Tint On A TV Screen?

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Basically, the blue-tinted TV issue is due to a lack of red or green primary colors. When the red is missing, then it leads to a blue-tinted picture. While it could be the green that is missing, and again we see a blue-tinted screen. Regardless of why your TV is tinged with blue, and how to remove the tint on the TV screen.

You can become so panicked when your TV screen abruptly turns blue while watching TV and it is possibly a sign of irreparable damage. However, a blue screen could mean a cabling issue or an improper source device.

Don’t be so upset because you are not alone who is facing the issue, there are A lot of TVs, which have a blue tint to them. Sometimes to resolve the issue of the blue tint on a TV screen, will just take nothing more than adjusting the settings on your TV.

If you cannot do it by adjusting the setting then this is a good thing that there are some easy fixes you can try to resolve this issue on your TV. But always keep in mind that it totally depends on your TV model and age, because some of these solutions may not apply to your TV’s model. Let’s go into a little bit of depth on this topic “how to remove the tint on the TV screen”.

Why Does Your TV Have a Blue Tint?

Before starting your fixing process you must learn about the reasons, why does it happening so that you can easily understand the exact reason and its compatible fix. So we must say, there are some basic reasons your TV may have a blue tint issue. Some of the possible reasons are given below:

  • The most common reason your TV might look blue is the improper setting. So the incorrect setting on an attached device might be the main culprit.
  • Faulty cables
  • Loose cable connections.
  • A defective backlight on the LCD television with an LED backlight could be the reason. Because the light helps the image on your TV look bright and colorful.
  • Without an LED backlight, your TV screen could look exceedingly dark.
  • The LED backlight has a cool color to it. When you turn on your TV, this backlight can add a hint of blue to the TV screen.
  • In some cases, the LED backlight may be broken then you can see a blue tint appear everywhere on your screen.
  • Video-Input Issues can also be the reason behind the issue.
  • T-Con board issues might be the exact reason.

How to fix The Blue Tint on a TV Screen?

So, let’s fix that problem. There are some things that you can try to get rid of the blue tint on your TV screen.

1. Soft Reset Your TV

This is the easiest way that you can try it out first. Here is how to do this:

  • First of all, you need to disconnect your TV from the power supply.
  • Now you have to wait for 2 minutes,
  • Next, you have to plug the power cable back in.
  • After replugging, now you should turn your TV on,
  • Must see that you chose the correct input mode, and check if the blue tint is gone.

If this works, that means your TV could have some sort of software glitch that caused the screen to look blue. But if this didn’t work, then just jump to the next step.

2. Swap out The HDMI Cable

  • Sometimes, you won’t even have to swap the HDMI cables.
  • So you have to start by simply unplugging all the cables that are connecting to your TV
  • Now, check if there are any signs of dirt or damage.
  • Must check that all the cables are firmly plugged in.
  • Make sure to see the cables of the cable box or any other device that is connected to your TV.
  • If you see any loosely connected wire then you need to plug it properly.
  • If there are Faulty cables that mean they are causing all sorts of image issues on your screen. So you need to replace them or try a different HDMI port to see if it makes any difference.

3. Change the Warmth Settings on Your TV

Sometimes the incorrect TV setting is the main culprit. Then you need to adjust the TV settings. But the setting depends on the TV model that you have. So you need to see the instruction manual that came with your TV.

  • In most cases, the TV settings could be found in the menu, normally under the “Color” or “Visuals” option.
  • If there is a blue tint to your TV, then you have to turn the warmth settings up. Because by this setting, it turns up the warmer colors, and the blue tint will reduce.

4. Factory Reset Your TV

If the setting doesn’t work, or you do not find out any warmth settings on your TV model, then you need to try a factory reset. Here, you should again consult the instruction manual.

  • So, you just need to press Settings on your TV,
  • Now, you have to scroll down to the option of Reset
  • Click on the reset option, then you see another option for initial settings/Factory reset.
  • So, you need to hit this button.

Note: keep in mind that after factory resetting, everything will literally reset on your TVs such as usernames, passwords, audio, and visual settings. This means you will lose everything.

5. Software Update

You can also try to install a software update to resolve the tint-on-screen issue. This could be new software that can easily fix the blue TV screen issue. You just need to install the latest software from your TV’ model’s official website and just update it.  Keep in mind that installing a software update on your old TV can damage your device. So, it might be risky to take it if you want to fix your blue-tinted TV problem. If your TV is too old, then you can’t find a software update. So the best option is to buy a new TV.

6. Replace Your TV

If the TV has too older a side of things then you need to purchase a new TV. So getting the replacement of TV is a better option. If none of the above fix work then you can get help from a professional or just learn to live with this blue tent if you can’t replace the TV.


So we have mentioned several easy ways to fix a blue-tinged TV. You just need to try adjusting the TV’s color settings, installing a software update, resetting the factory TV, etc.  You can also use an HDMI cable with a different output to resolve the issue of blue tints on a TV, these are all viable and super easy solutions. However, if your TV has some technical issue then don’t hesitate to get the help of a professional to fix your TV. So that is all, you should learn about why tints appear on your TV screen and also how to remove the tint on the TV screen.

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