3 Paraphrasing Tools To Improve Your Content Quality

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Writing the same idea repeatedly can raise the risks of plagiarism, ultimately affecting the quality of your written content. Even if you know what to write, creating a unique set of words each time for the same topic is complex.

In this case, a paraphrasing tool can be helpful. Paraphrasing tools can come in handy for content writers. These tools are programmed to present your words uniquely by maintaining the original idea in a new set of words.

In this article, we have brought you three paraphrasing tools that can help to improve your writing skills. Whether you’re writing a college research paper, web content, or guidelines articles, these tools will help you produce plagiarism-free content.

Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools for Writing Quality Content

These paraphrasing tools are powered by AI-based NLP technology that exchanges a specific set of words with the relevant meanings.

Each tool has unique options and features that will hopefully help you achieve your domain’s content quality.

1. Editpad

An online tool should be versatile, easy to use, and responsive to bring the most accurate results. The editpad.org is an online writing kit that assists in improving the overall quality of your content with its built-in tools and features.

Among the features of editpad.org, the paraphrasing tool is the most efficient and responsive utility that helps create unique content with a good readability score.

This tool changes the content structure without affecting the actual meaning of the context.

Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Your Content Quality

Why Should You Choose This Tool?

  • This tool supports an extensive range of languages that breaks the linguistic barrier between the site’s niche or content.
  • The paraphrased content is highlighted in the output box, featured right next to the input box. It makes the comparison much more manageable for writers to compare synonyms.
  • It offers a one-button option to copy and download content instantly.
  • It includes options to summarize and check plagiarism from editpad.org utilities.
  • You can paraphrase up to 1000 words at a time without any registration or daily limitations.


  • No option for increasing the word count as this tool has no pricing options or subscription packages.
  • This tool paraphrases content accurately and gives it a unique look, but there is no option to choose a specific paraphrasing style.

2. Linguix

This web application is another practical toolkit loved by many web content writers and academic writers. Linguix.com offers simplicity and productivity with its online writing suite.

This website provides an all-in-one solution for improving the writing quality by resolving grammatical mistakes and rewriting content.

It will provide sentence-by-sentence suggestions for rewriting content. This way, you can choose the sentence that best fits your content’s niche.

Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Your Content Quality

Why Should You Choose This Tool?

  • No limitation on word count. You can paste as much text as you want and paraphrase it.
  • An integrated grammar checker includes which highlights the mistakes for improving content quality.
  • Provides multiple suggestions for each sentence to select the best-paraphrased sentence.
  • You can choose to paraphrase sentence by sentence with multiple suggestions.


  • Requires signup for increasing the paraphrasing sentence limit. But still, under the free registration, the paraphrasing is not unlimited, so you’ll have to avail paid subscription.
  • You must paraphrase the whole content sentence by sentence from the provided suggestions, which is time-consuming.
  • No option to download text in the form of PDF.
  • No option to select a language.

3. Rephrase

The service of this website says it pretty much in the name. The rephrase.info is a specified paraphrasing website that covers all your needs for unique writing. This online tool has brought an interactive, yet easy user experience by identifying the paraphrased content from the original input.

The prominent feature of this tool is that it provides different paraphrasing options, each with a unique set of synonyms. Rephrase.info has an efficient algorithm that brings results in less than a minute.

Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Your Content Quality

Why Should You Choose This Tool?

  • It provides an option to choose between three different paraphrasing styles. You can select between fluent, standard, and creative paraphrasing styles.
  • Highlights the paraphrased text in the output box for a head-to-head comparison.
  • You can check up to 500 words simultaneously without any daily limitations or registration.
  • Extensive language selection to paraphrase text without translating it to English.
  • You can download the paraphrased text in the form of a text file.


  • You’ll have to purchase a payment plan to increase the word limit.
  • Even under the monthly or yearly plan, the word limit is 1500 words maximum per usage.
  • Creative mode is not available for free.


The need for paraphrasing tools is drastically increasing to assist professional and beginner writers. These tools are applauded by students, bloggers, and even digital marketers.

The purpose of a paraphrasing tool is not only to make it unique but also to improve the readability score. With the advancement of technology, paraphrasing tools are constantly upgrading to bring well-written and well-optimized content.

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