How To Unfreeze a Jitterbug Flip Phone?

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If you face any issue with your Phone, then resetting might be a good idea because sometimes it takes to fix an issue to start fresh. But what to do if you need to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone? Well, if you are wondering to know “how to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone”.

Through this post, you will about the simple process of unfreezing a jitterbug flip phone. While there are a lot of things that can contribute to your phone freezing, well, you can usually resolve the issue by restarting it. If restarting doesn’t work then, you may need to do a force-restart, or possibly you can use recovery mode to restore it to its original factory settings.

Well, we will mention different methods to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone. So, let’s get started for more detail!

What is a jitterbug flip phone?

Jitterbug is an iconic design from the ’60s, which is classic for its inimitable appearance and functionality. It was originally intended as a lightweight and portable device that is suitable for travel. However, it comes with amazing features like caller ID capability, which is more popular even today.

Well, Jitterbugs flip phones are the most recognizable phones of their era. It is an amazing model that exemplifies these featuring an orange-accented dial surrounded by curved edges. Well, it is an ideal travel-friendly device which is beneficial.

How to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone?

The big quandary with purchasing a Jitterbug flip phone is whether or not it can be unfrozen. But it is good news, for many models, this task is relatively straightforward. Well, a jitterbug flip phone also needs some preliminary work before it resumes its functional life; so, let’s talk about some options on how to unfreeze them!

  • If you want to try an easy way to revive your old-school handset, then you can try this process! You can easily utilize heat from a hair dryer in conjunction with the help of a temporary glue. Well, it helps get your phone back up and running again properly.
  • If we talk about other processes of unfreezing your jitterbug flip phone then it is time-consuming. Well, there are a few tips that may help expedite the process. If you want to restore your phone’s functionality, then you have to give it some time to sit on a hard surface for about an hour before trying further steps. After that, you have to leave it undisturbed as a precautionary measure to check out that no progress has been made in this endeavor yet – this could result in success. Next, you need to remove your battery. Well, after removing it from the device and placing it into another cellphone like an old-school style phone or a clamshell design cell phone case, and here you have to leave it there overnight. It does work.
  • You can also plug your phone into a charger if it won’t turn on. It is also possible that it may have run out of batteries. Then it would help if you tried restarting your phone. Here you make sure that plugging it in works or not. Well, if it doesn’t work, or it is frozen while on, then you can try restarting the phone to resolve your issue. Well, if restarting doesn’t work, then you must have to perform a factory reset or restore your phone. In this way, you can easily unfreeze your jittered flip phone.
  • You can also try this easy process to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone. Well, you just have to plug your phone into a charger. If the jitterbug flip phone won’t turn on then it may have run out of batteries. So, you can Plug your phone into a wall charger or USB port in a computer or laptop that isn’t asleep, and after that allow it to charge for a few minutes. If your phone does not indicate charging after several minutes, then you can try a different charger or wall outlet.
  • Well, this process is also useful. You can also close a frozen app to resolve the issue. If any particular app is frozen then you can still use your jitterbug flip phone, which makes it easy to force the app to close. You just have to open apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you can hold your finger, and then let it go. In this way, a list of currently open apps. Now you can Swipe through the apps to see the one that’s frozen.
  • Next, you can Swipe it off the screen.
  • Alternatively, you can open your phone Settings, then select Apps or Apps, tap the app you need to close, and select Force Stop. Then Tap OK to confirm.

Basic reasons for freezing Jitterbug flip phone:

There might be some basic reasons behind freezing the Jitterbug flip phone. Well, with the spending time, the Jitterbug flip phone could freeze simply due to lack of battery power. Your phone can also freeze due to an accidental drop.

It might happen due to mishap and your phone still succumb to certain forms of mishap. Eventually, the mishap might occur during transportation and it can easily leave your jitterbug flip phone damaged beyond recognition or freezing.


There is no doubt that the Jitterbug was an innovative product. Well, sometimes you have to face some issues like freezing. If you want to resolve the issue then you can easily access the “unfreeze” feature by pressing both the keys located on the outside of your jitterbug flip phone. 

Well, we have mentioned many useful and easy processes. Now you can try one of them to resolve the issue of unfreezing a jitterbug flip phone. Well, that is all, you need to know about “how to unfreeze a jitterbug flip phone”. We hope this article will help you a lot, Happy unfreezing!

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