How to Take Apart Turtle Beach Recon 70?

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The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is a gaming headset that is solidly executed and is garden variety. We can say about it that it can handle the basics very well and even it doesn’t offer any frills for very little money.

When we go to buy a gaming headset, then most of us really want something simple, cheap, and ready to use, it’s our first priority. Something that is good as well as cheap in price. So, Turtle Beach 70 is good in this situation.

We can confidently say that overall, Turtle Beach gaming headphones are very decent, easy to use, and often have unique features, and combining all of that makes them a bit more versatile.

How to Take Apart Turtle Beach Recon 70

In many of their headsets, they include Bluetooth and this inclusion of Bluetooth makes them more convenient for you to your casual use, so you can use your Turtle Beach gaming headset as your daily driver headphones easily, when on the go.

Features & Benefits

TURTLE BEACH RECON 70 gaming headset is for PS4 Pro and PS4. If we talk about features then Turtle Beach is the latest lightweight and has a comfortable headset design for hours of play, with high-quality 40mm speakers and also has over-ear premium synthetic leather cushions that let you be able to hear every crisp high and thundering low while blocking noise.

Turtle Beach has a renowned and high-sensitivity mic and ensures that you are heard clearly flips up to mute. Finally, It has a versatile 3.5mm connection and this feature or connection ability makes it perfect for swapping between PS4 and Xbox One controllers, Nintendo Switch as well as PC, and it is also compatible with mobile devices.

Here are concerns related to knowing why our Turtle Beach 70 is not working and how to take apart Turtle recon 70?

If you connected it to a mobile device but you’re unable to hear sound through your headset then there may be an issue with your headset itself. In that case, you have to contact support.

How to take Apart Turtle Recon 70?

Following is the process through which you can fix your Turtle Beach Recon 70 mic or How to take apart it:

Try these to fix your issue…

  1. First of all, enable your headset mic for recording.
  2. After that set your headset as the input device.
  3. Now you have to update your audio driver.
  4. After that, you have to turn on microphone access on your PC.
  5. Finally re-enable your headset via Device Manager.

Why is your mic not working on your Turtle Beach headset?

If your Turtle Beach headphones not working, because of several issues with the microphone, there are a few causes. In which the most common reasons are microphone settings, sound settings, or audio drivers being out of date, failing, or just corrupt, all these possible.

How can you make your recon 70 mic louder?

For this, you have to set up the volume. First of all, you have to scroll down to the buttons on the bottom of the left sidebar and after that select the Speaker icon (Audio) here. Now you have to set Headset Volume to the maximum. Here, you will set Headset Chat Mixer to the middle setting. After that set Mic Monitoring to your preferred level.

How can you fix a broken Turtle Beach headset mic?

Firstly check whether your mic boom is not loose. Now unplug your headset from your PS4 controller carefully, after that you have to disconnect the mic boom by pulling it straight out of the headset and plugging your mic boom back in. Here you have to re-plug your headset into your PS4 controller again. … Then Try your PS4 mic again and see if it works or not.

How can you remove Turtle Beach Earpads?

If you want to remove an ear pad, then you have to start by pulling the earpad straight up using your thumb. Here, once you’ve released the cloth from the lip on top, you will pull the earpad straight back and it should slip right off properly.

How can you clean turtle beaches?

If you want to clean your Turtle Beach headset, you should only use a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth. Keep in mind cleaning solutions may damage your headset, so try to avoid them. To remove dust carefully, which may cause mainly poor connections, static, etc.

Are all recon 70 headsets the same, it’s right or not?

We can surely say that other than the color scheme, all of the Recon 70 models of headsets are the same. The recon 70 headset connects via a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so you can use it easily with a console, PC, laptop, tablet, or phone without any tension – correctly anything with a standard audio plug.

What’s the difference between Recon 70 and 200?

To describe the difference between them here is a Side-by-Side Comparison Also, we can see that the Recon 70’s mic offers superior recording quality. On the other hand, we see that the Recon 200 headsets are slightly better-built thanks to a metal-reinforced headband, and we can also say that these headsets have more controls on their ear cups just like microphone levels and presets.


To conclude we can say that if you’re having problems with your Turtle Beach microphone, the reason for that could be that your mic is not enabled for recording, or because of that, there’s a problem with your headset jack itself.

To test, you can try another headset, If another set of headphones works and are also certain that the set of headphones is connected to the computer properly, then this may directly point towards a failure or problem on behalf of your own Turtle Springs headset. If all the efforts fail, then you should try to consider purchasing a new good quilty pair of gaming headphones.

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